Even big time executives like him have to take a few hours off:

The comments on the video aren’t locked……. yet.  LOL

The video is very much as waste of time as expected, I just thought it was funny that he plays with toy guns but has such a problem with real guns and gun owners.  It’s pretty obvious he wants to have YouTuber Richard Ryan‘s baby.  He swoons over him multiple times.

If you’re wondering who the hell Seth Hendrix is, first watch this video.  And then if you still care, scan the comments on my Walmart Sells Machine Guns post, and Remember When Walmart Sold Machine Guns?.

If you only read one thing on the internet today, make sure you check out the hilarious How To Fail Like Seth Hendrix guide over at Jeremy’s House Of Funny. It’s priceless.

Oh and Seth… you’re welcome.   Maybe the views from my blog will generate you another $2.32 in advertising revenue so you can eat off the Wendy’s value menu tomorrow rather than having noodles and lukewarm water salted by your own tears again.



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Me either, but in reference to my original Walmart Sells Machine Guns post:

I had a laugh today when Steve emailed me and let me know that the self proclaimed Hollywood celebrity Seth Hendrix made his video private.

Awwwwwww Seth.  *hugz*  Did the big bad internet gun bullies make you cry?

I’ve seen countless movies and heard stories of this sort of thing before. Seth had fame, girls, money… he had it all.  OR DID HE?  What he didn’t have is self confidence and an immunity to internet trolling.  This Achilles heel would ultimately lead to his emotional collapse.

Don’t worry Seth… you’ll be on the Silver screen, and back to dating supermodels again in no time.  

If you want to send Seth an encouraging note make sure to drop by his facebook page, or even message him on Twitter.  I’m sure he would appreciate it in his time of sadness and vulnerability.

I’m thinking about starting a foundation to help people that get trolled deal with butthurt. :P

Oh one last thing… here’s a gem I found on his twitter page:

$75 off a few thousand views huh?  Wow you must have YouTube in your back pocket if they are paying you that much. *eye roll*

Quick question: If you were so happy we were making you rich and famous (ha!) off those views, why remove the video?



*Facepalm* I really hope this guy is trollin’:

Shoot.. can’t embed it, so here’s the link:

Oh noes.. machine gun ammunition and hollow point bullets too!  Ban Walmart!

This guy probably gets so frightened he calls the cops when his own shadow surprises him.


UPDATE: Blast this tool on his facebook page. he bans comments on there too.

My addition which got deleted 2 seconds after I put it up:

Commenter James posted this:


Yea this happened:

You can check it out – HERE

Extra points for calling it a “Modern repeating rifle”, not the default “Assault rifle” we are used to seeing.

I’m still waiting for Costco to bring in a Kirkland branded AR-15 for the Kirkland ammunition.


Walmart announced this week that it is bringing firearms back to hundreds of stores, meaning almost half of the retailer’s 3,600 locations will sell shotguns and rifles. These will be both in rural stores, but also in slightly more urban locations.

Full Story – HERE

I buy a lot of ammo from walmart because it’s the cheapest around.  I’d like to see them start carrying handguns in all the stores, I bet they could leverage a sick deal on Glocks.


El Mirage, AZ –  Police arrested a man on suspicion of endangerment when the gun he was carrying fired, launching a bullet into a store’s ceiling early Thursday morning, officials said.

At one point, a clerk working the electronics section told police that Walter took the gun out of its holster and then removed and replaced the gun’s magazine. The woman feared she was about to be robbed and notified the store manager.

Full Story – HERE

Damn I hate when guns decide to shoot by themselves when you’re handling them. :roll:

Who the hell handles their gun in public for no reason, and expects it not to cause alarm?

Video of the incident – HERE

Why does he try to force his way into the locked video game case, and then go behind the employee counter?  Pretty shady…

Doesn’t look like an accident to me,  I don’t foresee the judge taking any pity on him.