These guys:

“Content”.  Getting sauced, talking their shit again.  I knew the direction this was going to go, before I even clicked play.  OUNCES EQUAL POUNDS, not that I disagree.  I mean I can’t directly relate, but I do know that eating cheesecakes that way a lot of ounces end up putting pounds on.

Thoughts? I feel like they filmed these episodes all in the same day… which is why I’m looking forward to about 10 episodes from now when they are like 15 drinks deep and Robert is puking into his GAMUT hat, and Kyle is doing shots out of Aaron’s bellybutton.


You can help the spiritually wounded find the savior:

3:12 – Those girls were all like “WHAT?! For realz John told on Kevin for fapping? That shit is priceless!”

3:17 – John: “LOL I totally busted you.  Good thing he’s not going to hell anymore though right?”

3:30 – Kevin *1000 yard stare*

fap-fap-fapDon’t be silent guys.  Don’t leave the wounded on the great battlefield of girls on the internet.  Rat out your friend / brother etc.. to someone today so he can get help!

Twisted stuff.  Thoughts?


A new song about a HSLD soldier who’s home and dealing with PTSD:

Because of my pessimistic nature when it comes to music my expectations were low. The song and video really impressed me.  Deep lyrics, I can’t imagine people living with thoughts and feelings like that on a daily basis when all I do is think about girls, guns, clothes, and food.

My boys Iraqveteran8888 got special behind the scenes access at the filming of the music video:




That guy isn’t into reenacting past battles.. he lives in the now.


An interesting sketch:

Anyone know the artist / origin?


Check out the full set of pictures – HERE

Very interesting idea.  Seems like it would be pretty tough to get the perspective perfect unless you could somehow hook your camera up to your computer and have some sort of “live view” and overlay the historical picture with lots of transparency. There must be some programs available to do that… trial and error would just be too tedious.