The Warfighters are roasting guys again:

You could summarize the “warfighter” series of videos by – “If you haven’t had bullets wiz past your head / haven’t been in a real combat you’re basically just playing around trying to prepare for anything that might resemble it”.  It’s all about being in “the club” with these guys.   This is a standard thing with special groups though.  For instance I get together with all the gun bloggers on a monthly basis at a McDonalds in Manhattan and we sip orange drink with pinkies up and say stuff like “I see these dudes coming out daily who get a computer an an internet connection and think they can blog?  Cute.  Come talk to me when you’ve made a meme that got over 1000 likes on Instagram, ok?  *table erupts in laughter*


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These guys:

Every time I hear someone calling themselves a “Real instructor” when talking down on someone else all I can think of is “What are your qualifications?” *said in whiny basementdweller nerd voice* (see post pic).  

These guys in the video are getting the mega feels that their businesses are being threatened by others who they feel “are not as qualified” on social media.  Everyone and their aunt is taking classes now, and I’m guessing a high percentage of those customers aren’t specifically looking to get trained by the SF veteran who has operated in the blackest ops on the planet.  These guys in the video can’t stand that their credentials aren’t getting them the respect they think they deserve.

The free market will decide whether their particular style of training appealing enough to run a successful business off of.  It seems to me like success in this field is highly dependent on marketing too.  Just having a “background” isn’t going to do it.  I do agree that it’s weird if someone is training others on “what to do in a gunfight” when they haven’t ever been in a gunfight… but again that’s up to the customer to ask the correct questions and pick their instructors accordingly if “been shot at” is on their list of must haves.  Just because someone has been in a gunfight and lived, I hardly think that qualifies them as an expert on the topic either considering they are a lot of variables at play.  Sure if you’ve been in a gunfight or gunfights you can hopefully draw from those experiences and say some stuff which would benefit your students potentially more than someone who just read a book or a forum post.

Thoughts? This small excerpt doesn’t make me want to buy the whole thing from pantyOh.