If you’re not training for this my dude, you’re jus not training hard enough:

bee-operatorAK guys bee like “LOL, wouldn’t jam mine.  ARs, heh.”.

I put the speed at 0.25x hit my ENHANCE button and tried to pinpoint the exact time stamp which the bee flew in.  Couldn’t see it.  I’ll send it to the lab and get them to enhance it even more, and report back if I find anything.

Mattv2099 needs to do a bee hive trollture test to debunk if this was a perfect storm type scenario or something that would cause a FTF time and time again.



They nuke their nests with flamethrowers of course:

Why not right?  Any opportunity to use a flamethrower is a good one in my opinion.

I wouldn’t have been the guy steadying the barrel though… probably safe enough, but that doesn’t sit well with me.


Hat tip: Kyle