water gun

Don’t worry, only an airsoft gun and a water gun:


I’m sure some genius is going to eventually try something like this with an actual firearm, and cause some trouble.  Even with the airsoft or water gun just too much could potentially go wrong… like distracting a driver and causing them to get into an accident etc…

Matte black Honda Prelude != Bond’s Aston Marton DB5 and all the bells and whistles it had.


Hat tip: Highjak86


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Pretty neat idea:

I can see kids loving this sort of thing in the rain.  

My concern is that it would really need to downpour in order for there to be a consistent water supply.   It it was just spitting out your water gun would be useless.

Not sure if they’re for sale or not, but you can inquire over at Alex Woolley Design.


The color correction, Hawaiian shirt, and tweed jacket give it kinda a retro Scarface feel. 

From the guys that brought us Beatbox Gunfight.


Stupid looking designs, but cool idea:

The Xploderz website – HERE

Ahhhh the clipppppppppp….

The whole line of Xploderz guns can be purchased at Amazon – HERE

One of the comments I read, is that Deco Beads are the same as the H2O grow ammo these Xploderz use.  If so, you could pick the beads up for a fraction of the cost to refill your Xploderz guns.

Anyone tried these out yet, or heard about their performance?


Magazine fed water guns are nothing new, but now NERF has a couple:

  • The Thunderstorm pistol is decently priced at $16 on Amazon – HERE
  • The Tornado Strike model is $20 on Amazon – HERE
  • Make sure to order extra high capacity assault water clips so can keep on soaking mofos – HERE (haha they do actually call them “clips”)

You might want to check out some youtube videos on them first though (they look pretty weak). If there is no danger of injecting water into someones blood stream, or detaching their retina i’m pretty much not interested in the water gun.