Two awesome slow motion videos.  First up a handgun and revolver:

I have seen tons of video and pictures of semi-autos fired underwater, so that was nothing new… a revolver though I had not seen fired underwater before, it was interesting!

Now the AK-47 and some science:

Monkey-AK47What the shit!? I don’t go to YouTube to learn!  I go to see guys fire .22LR through pancakes and to see people do unsafe things I can make fun of.  Just kidding… the info here is good and the video is worth watching.

I sure hope that’s not a pool someone normally swims in… that thing was filthy!


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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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High speed camera shows drag:

I wonder if that’s his kid’s fish tank?  I remember I had fish a few times… what a shitty pet.  I still would like to get rays and sharks someday in a massive baller-status wall tank.  I’d have people look after it though.

That looks pretty sweet when the glass spiderwebs and explodes.

AK-47-Kool-AidWATER = FASTER?! omg my entire world just came crashing down on me.  Damn you science *shakes fist into air and drops to knees*.  It does make perfect sense when he explained it thankfully.

Thoughts?  Oh and if you have a baller-status shark / ray tank please email me pics.

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Not a single shit was given by this guy:

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackShooting at water is never recommended because of ricochets.  Tracers shot blindly into the forest probably isn’t recommended either because of the fires they could start.  Who has time to worry about safety and things that “could” happen though?


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Ban water and balloons:

This just in… combining water and balloons creates an NFA item.  I heard a guy got busted last week for constructive intent just by having his kid’s birthday party balloons near the tap in the kitchen.  The ATF doesn’t play… except when they do, then they play hard.

That balloon on a stick assassination device is genius…. I love this guy.


I’m actually the most interested in seeing how it effects POI (point of impact), which he doesn’t show at all.  I’m sure it messes everything up, but I’d like to see the results regardless.  I imagine hollow points wouldn’t be ideal either because they would expand as they travelled through the water.


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High speed low drag… literally:

Pretty useless video without any info along with it, but impressive to see the bullet penetrate 13 water jugs, a black plate of some sort and then a 14th jug behind it.

I’m confident in it’s ability to slay Great Whites next time I roll backwards out of an airplane over the pacific to start off some OP.  As long as they make them in .45 i’ll be happy.

PNW Arms is the manufacturer.  Their website is made to look professional, but is actually incredibly shitty in function and useful content.  I guess we’re supposed to care enough about this bullet / cartridge after today in order to come back again and again until they post more info on it. *eye roll*



Try and put a negative spin on this one anti-gunners:

Shoot shotgun at water to make a rainbow + find leprechaun at end of created rainbow and steal his gold = PROFIT!

The girl in the video is Brandon401401’s girlfriend (wife?).  You might remember him from his Sterling 9mm POV or deadly shooting at 400 yards with the Ruger Mark III.

Dat Rainbow. Thoughts?