These guys talk way too much:

Initially I thought it was kind of lame they were using a pellet gun, but then I saw the pellet bounce off the one balloon… nice. Still pretty lame though, but judging by the accents they probably don’t live in the US so real guns might be harder to come by.

The dive at 7500fps was pretty cool.  High speed cameras definitely seem like one of those things that can automatically make you money if you own or have access to one.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Pretty neat idea:

I can see kids loving this sort of thing in the rain.  

My concern is that it would really need to downpour in order for there to be a consistent water supply.   It it was just spitting out your water gun would be useless.

Not sure if they’re for sale or not, but you can inquire over at Alex Woolley Design.


Always be sure of your target, and what’s behind it:

Oh not? meh.  hahah whatever.

If he really is shooting from the left side, that is pretty interesting that the bullet is changing direction like that.  I don’t think i’ll ever be trying this though because it is inherently unsafe.

<– Angelina Jolie would be proud.


Approximately 340 in total. That would take up a lot of room!  I see a lot of them are out of the boxes… hopefully he had a good time and actually played with them.

Full resolution pictures – HERE


Invented by NASA Engineer Lonnie Johnson in 1989, reaping in more than $200 million in sales to date.

Full Story – HERE



More incredible shots on Dutch photographer Alexander Augusteijn’s website – HERE