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This again:

bruhI’m so sick about hearing about how effective background checks are, and how much more effective they would be if the system was improved.  Even if the system had 100% of every shitbag in the entire USA in it, nothing would change.  People would still get guns easily illegally via other methods (off the streets, a friend, straw purchase etc…) if they wanted them.  Again and again it’s so obvious you just can’t make up laws and expect criminals to follow them.


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Funny or Die:

Waynes-World-Get-A-Load-Of-This-Guy-CamHmmmm…. nooooo.  Wow that was terrible.  I take at by the overwhelming number of times people clicked “Funny”, this is the type of “humor” that the anti gun crowd finds amusing?  Saying this is funny to anyone I would have though would be a stretch.  It seems like something some school kids would do for improv.  Martin Sheen has had such an impressive career as an actor, I’m surprised he would stoop this low.  I highly doubt he needs the money / work.  We have known from the past Martin is anti-gun though, so maybe when he saw the opportunity to make an anti gun video he was automatically game.



Getting kids to read Wayne LaPierre quotes:

Everytown-for-gun-safety-logoOh so now facts are considered “fear mongering”? *smh* if it’s not one thing they are complaining about it’s another.

Some of these anti-gun groups briefly stepped up their game, but it looks like they are back to low budget garbage again.  Please do all of us a favor and come correct on the next one.  The effort is appreciated.



If Everytown (and all those other bozos did that), the world would be a better place.

This again.  Guns aren’t allowed in most schools and college campuses now, so that obviously means there are no guns, and nothing bad has ever at those places right?  OH WAIT A SECOND… *smh* I’m not going to pull up a list and copy pasta because I’m not about that negativity, and you guys know the locations and casualties in those particular “gun free zones” anyway.

NRA-LogoI’m not into politics, but in Wayne LaPierre’s defense a lot has changed a lot since ’99, and I’m NOT JUST TALKING HIS HAIRLINE.  *shots fired*.  After I wrote that just now, I was like “I wonder if WayLa has Twitter so I could get at him with that fire tweet about his hairline?”…. I hit up the search and the greatest parody account ever popped up “Lil Wayne LaPierre“, which basically has a lot of gun related rap tweets, some of which are extremely tongue-in-cheek.  My Thursday night = made.



Tune in LIVE here at 1:30pm CST:



What will he have in store for us?  Ghost guns? Connecticut talk?  High capacity assault clips? Shoulder things that go up? Maybe in an amazing twist he appoints me the new MFCEO? *Wildcard bitches YEEEEEHAW*

If you can’t tune in live, the video will be able to be played in full once his speech is over too.  Let me know what you think in the comments.



This made my day:

NBC contacted (the Metropolitan Police Department) inquiring if they could utilize a high capacity magazine for their segment. NBC was informed that possession of a high capacity magazine is not permissible and their request was denied. 

Full story – Fox News

LOL priceless… but he went and did it anyway.  What would be even more hilarious now would be if he doesn’t just get away with writing a $1000 check, and actually has to go to jail for a bit.

I cried “double standard” at first, even though I speculated that it may have been a prop or airsoft.  I’m curious to see where this goes now, because I’m thinking he still could just get a slap on the wrist.

If you missed the initial story and video you can check it out – HERE

Thoughts?  Do you want to see D-Greg out of that suit, into a jumpsuit and given three hots and a cot?

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