weapon retention

The Funker Tactical marking machine is red lining again.  Grabbing the muzzle of your own gun in a life or death CQC scenario:

LOL that intro with the train and the zooming… I’m hooked. hahhahaha

Oh this guy is a cop?  I never would have guessed by the haircut 😂.

This video really didn’t need to be 13 minutes… but you know YouTubes algorithms and all that I hear don’t favor shorter videos, so naturally here we are staring at this dude for almost a quarter of an hour.

I never pretend to know what good tactics are for cops or anyone else.  I just post videos, make a few witty (mostly dumb) comments and move on with my day.  I know I’d probably shoot myself in the hand “pressure testing” this, but I’m also lower speed than these guys and most of you.  There seems like a lot of things that could go wrong with this, like around the 8:50 mark he does touch on the fact that if you push the slide reward at all it’s going to take the gun out of battery.  That to me seems like a good reason not to do this method… sure I guess the “pulling with the lead hand” can eliminate this as they mention, but is that a sure thing that under stress people will remember to do that? *shrug*

It seems like grabbing your muzzle surfaces every year or two worked into some type of keeping-you-alive technique.


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