Cold as ice:

0:35 – WHOA.  Ok, he has my attention.

2:00 – 15 in the clip and one in the hole.  Mark Rober is about to make some bodies turn cold (literally).  Now they droppin and yellin it’s a tad bit late.

Frozen-guns-Shooting2:02 – “Magazine and CLIP it on”. haha gold.

2:23 – That quiver full of magazines is ILL.  Nice work.

You can check out Mark’s DIY instructions PDF on his DropBox if you’re interested in making your own.

Thoughts?  Ban snowball assault weapons?

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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30kw laser weapon disabled a truck from more than a mile away in their recent tests:


Full story on the Lockheed Martin website.  I wish there was a video up of that… I’m sure it probably just looks like a cutting torch taken to the hood, but it still would have been cool to put into perspective.  I did look up other videos of the ADAM laser on YouTube, and yea it looks like someone is using a cutting torch on the item.

So now the question on everyone’s mind is, when are they going to use this to cut ISIS members in half from several miles away?  It if wasn’t stooping to their level, putting propaganda videos of that up on YouTube would definitely send a message.  Not like they would care anyway though.  Human lives (even members of their own group) are disposable to those guys.

I’m sure currently this laser gun, like all of LM’s other high powered laser guns and coil guns take up a fair amount of space.  Can you imagine once effective man-stopper hand held laser weapons no bigger than the size of a current handgun are available to the general public?  It’s going to be crazy.  I can see it now too – “The founding fathers never wrote the 2nd Amendment to include laser guns… it was only for hunting”.



OMG DERP DERP DERP the Army is looking at new handgun options… the streets will run red:


Full story at the Fiscal Times.

An actual quote from the beginning of the article:

There’s a new semi-automatic handgun on the horizon for the Army that U.S. consumers may have access to almost immediately. When that happens, America’s emergency rooms better be prepared for the carnage that’s likely to follow.

Get this lady a job in Hollywood, seriously.

Almost as good as the Derping Stone Magazine article about all types of guns being the top 5 most dangerous guns in America.

Thoughts?  Are you looking forward to this new (old but adopted probably) carnage gun as much as I am?

Hat tip: Vance


I can see this type of weapon technology going mainstream someday once the parts can be shrunk and made more efficient:

Gauss-GunAs you can see from the video, the gun is quite complicated and it’s not that powerful.  Cool DIY project though nevertheless.

OH NOES UNTRACEABLE MURDER BULLETS WHICH CAN BE MADE FROM HOUSEHOLD METALS!  That’s what news headlines will read when these become more powerful and mainstream and looking for a spot on the “ban” or “restricted” lists.  Hopefully we can ban spoons, forks, soup cans, and anything else that could be made into a deadly projectile for this high electrical capacity assault weapon.

You can check out more pictures and info over on the DIY guy’s website Delta-V Engineering.


Hat tip: Kevin, Alan, Scott


Thank god for those California laws.  This stock/grip setup would be unusable for a criminal… not to mention the fact that a criminal couldn’t just put a regular stock and grip on the gun if he wanted to:


Oh wait he could just do that, and I forgot, criminals don’t follow laws.  Anyway, this stock looks kind of stupid, but is probably fairly comfortable to shoot with if you’re looking for something for your California AR-15 that will make it not an “Assualt Rifle” according to the law there.  One real bonus is that apparently as long as you don’t have a flash hider on the end of your barrel, or a forward pistol grip you are allowed to shoot pre-ban regular capacity (30 rd) magazines, and you don’t need a retarded bullet button.

You can buy a “pre-production” model right now for $190.  Lots more pics also over at the link for you to check out.  Unless you’re in a big hurry, I’d probably wait until early 2013 when they have the production model ready for sale, because I am assuming it will be quite a bit cheaper.

Nothing warms my heart more than when people find new ways to legally circumvent stupid gun laws.



Made by some kids at the University of Nottingham in the UK:

Pretty risky move in the UK.  Observe at 1:47 when the crazed smoke ring gunman lets loose.

I purpose filling the box with a mixture of concentrated cigarette smoke and farts, and essentially firing cancer and stink directly at enemy lungs.

The University of Nottingham is in the hometown of Heckler & Koch.  If HK made a smoke ring vortex cannon they would only sell it to law enforcement for copious amounts of money, and scoff at the civilian market worldwide.

You can check out this bigger, more grown up version of the Cannon with a guy that’s just a bit more excited than he should be.


Hat tip: Stuart