haha those guys.  Well at least no one (in frame) got hurt at that one.  If you check the wedding tag on this site, there are lots of similar videos including some where things go VERY bad.

Thoughts?  Would you be down to toss a few back and chill with these Pakistani good ole’ boys?  I like watching this type of stuff on video, but I’d keep my distance. Believe I’d Brass Bandit the shit out of the function after.

Here’s a couple more vids from the same guy:

0:33 – Dat trigger slap tho. It’s like someone full force slapping me across the face when I witness one that bad.

0:45 – This guy with the belt fed + ammo assistant. hah

1:49 – GUNSHOTS ON THE BEAT. What you know harder than that? Bursss burssss.

2:02 – Looks like a kid is getting in on the action too.

And another:

Christian-Bale-Pointing-Meme0:24 – Speaking of brass bandits haha.

Thoughts? Are these all done safely in the middle of the desert, with Pakistani Range Officers making sure safety is top priority? Do they all have custom fitted in-ear earpro and nextgen contact lens eye protection which we can’t see? Kidding.

Gat tip: Keith

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Toilet-seat-AK-47In my head I was going “ANYTHING to stop this terrible Kurdish rave music”…. that anything I didn’t want to be negligent gunfire.  Ugh, I know it’s a custom in a lot of countries to be a dipshit with guns at important events…. but for the love of whatever god figure they worship, can’t there be some safety ground rules laid down beforehand so stuff like this doesn’t happen?  I can’t even imagine how shitty such a celebration would be turned by such an event, not to mention how bad the person who negligently did the shooting must feel.  So easily avoidable too.  Well.. maybe once they have too much of that Kurdish LEAN in their cup who knows what their brain is doing?


This could have ended a lot worse:

This was shot using a DJI phantom and a gopro camera. This was two days before the wedding at their bridal shoot. This happened towards the beginning. I had done one successful fly by and i brought it around for another pass to make sure it was smooth. I underestimated the lift time and it hit the groom on the side of the face. He had a cut on his cheek and and the side of his head.

You can view the entire video which includes footage after the collision HERE.

Looks-Shopped-Tell-By-Pixelshahah wow, that would have been a pretty close fly-by.  I hope the photographer didn’t charge anything for the shoot.

Posted because of my love for quadcopters and drones, preferably weaponized.

Elaborate marketing scheme?  Real?  Shopped?  Can you tell by the pixels?


Joey did it right, bought all his guys ENDO Run Guns t-shirts and defended the meadow.  Priceless:





This what at some point in the bachelor party day.  So awesome, I’m always willing to consider helping out on the price when anyone has anything awesome like this planned and wants to deliver pics.  It’s unconfirmed whether strippers showed up at the meadow later that night.  If they did, I was told there are no pics of them in the shirts.

LOL @ the banjo even.

Congrats again Joey, have a long and happy marriage!  Thanks again for the pics.

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Military veteran proposes to his girlfriend at the range:

hahah I like how the “NO” target was much smaller than the yes target. It’s lucky the safety rules are instilled in Karina, because for a split second after that poster rolled down I thought she was going to swing around, muzzle sweep everyone with that loaded 1911, and give her boyfriend a hug/kiss.  Imagine if just to troll him she shot the “YES”, then proceeded to mag dump into the “NO” and then rip up the target stand?  Yea actually now that I typed that and read it over that would just be really mean, plus 1911s don’t exactly hold enough to be that dramatic.

Shooting-Range-ProposalWearing a Glock hat, and got a center of mass hit on that steel “YES” target… yea she’s a keeper. Congrats to both of them.

Any of you guys ever done, or been involved in a firearm or explosives related proposal?  Was the answer always “YES”?

Hat tip: Matt


Not a single f**k was given:

Safety is the last thing on their minds.   Lots of AKs… short barreled ones, underfolders etc… I even spot chrome and gold ones!  Nice looking place, and they keep their cars clean too.  It’s amazing no one died.  Can you imagine how much of a damper that would put on the celebration?

It’s a wedding right?  Where are the girls at?  Maybe they were smart and didn’t want anything to do with the shenanigans?

Hat tip: Krystian