This is awesome:

I thought I heard once that nice wheel chairs were very expensive.   The Action Trackchair is priced between $8800 – $9300 which seems like a bargain.  Depending on the particular accident, I really hope someones insurance would pay for something like this if that’s what they wanted.  It would really suck to go from walking everywhere you wanted, to being bound to one of those skinny hard wheeled wheelchairs that get hung up even on the littlest obstacles.   This thing seems to just plow through or over everything with ease.

Lots more pictures, videos and info over at ActionTrackChair.com

The small picture to the left is a Minigun Equipped Wheelchair I posted about awhile back.

My one criticism is the awkward wording of the motto “Helping the disabled to be enabled”.  Wouldn’t “Enabling The Disabled” be a better choice?


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Now that’s what I call OPEN CARRY!