white guilt

Jones College Prep — a Chicago Public Schools “selective enrollment” school — recently held “Social Justice Week” in March, a collection of events geared towards turning students into activists.

A few things on my mind while watching the video:

  • I love how the kid near the beginning of the video (0:30) speaks his mind
  • 1:40 – Her paraphrasing of what she thinks the NRA said made me laugh “So what you have so many children dying on your streets, that’s ya’ll problem.  We just makin’ money.”
  • Where are people buying these guns with a mind of their own, that kill people?  All mine just sit here and do nothing.
  • Why are these kids at school at 4:35?
  • 4:48 – ah the old “number of black men in college compared to the number of black men in jail” statistic.  I suppose I should have some white guilt right about now? *eye roll*


Hat tip: Phil C.


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