The bRuthers LIVE for this type of thing:

You or a bruther you know can pick one up on Amazon for $99.  Naturally, it’s patent pending, and the base is made out of rich mahogany.

It would drive me nuts that it’s not an actual copy of any particular gun.  It sort of resembles an AK I guess… still, not a fan of the execution.

Gat tip: Luis

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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*smh* EVERYTHING must be gun related:

Tru sommeliers kno.  So cringy.

0:22 – “Be a boss at your next gathering”.  LOL whose cool mom wrote this?

Fail that there IS NOT a massive spring or a powder charge that lets you fire the cork out at high speed.

$40 on Amazon… oh and you can add a leather fudd looking OWB holster for $30.



Because only single ladies and gay dudes keep Franzia boxes in the fridge:

Holds 3 litres.  You can buy it with or without wine in it from The20Wines.  The box itself is $40, and with some wine it’s $100.

If drinking wine out of an ammo box isn’t far more sophisticated than drinking it out of a cardboard box , I don’t know what is. :P

It would have been more interesting if they would have made the wine inside the actual ammo can to soak up it’s flavors haha. *swirl swirl .. sniff* An aggressive gun oil boquet, with a strong gunpowder palate.

Even at $40 for the box it seems pricey… If I didn’t manly drink champagne and beer i’d probably head down to Fleet Farm and pick up a couple .50 caliber ammo cans for ~$12 and make a DIY project out of it.


Hat tip: Kevin