*smh* EVERYTHING must be gun related:

Tru sommeliers kno.  So cringy.

0:22 – “Be a boss at your next gathering”.  LOL whose cool mom wrote this?

Fail that there IS NOT a massive spring or a powder charge that lets you fire the cork out at high speed.

$40 on Amazon… oh and you can add a leather fudd looking OWB holster for $30.



Because only single ladies and gay dudes keep Franzia boxes in the fridge:

Holds 3 litres.  You can buy it with or without wine in it from The20Wines.  The box itself is $40, and with some wine it’s $100.

If drinking wine out of an ammo box isn’t far more sophisticated than drinking it out of a cardboard box , I don’t know what is. :P

It would have been more interesting if they would have made the wine inside the actual ammo can to soak up it’s flavors haha. *swirl swirl .. sniff* An aggressive gun oil boquet, with a strong gunpowder palate.

Even at $40 for the box it seems pricey… If I didn’t manly drink champagne and beer i’d probably head down to Fleet Farm and pick up a couple .50 caliber ammo cans for ~$12 and make a DIY project out of it.


Hat tip: Kevin