And try’s to sell it in an even lamer commercial:


I bet that guy really operates like a boss… he’s probably fresh back on leave from the theater. :roll:

The lame thing about this controller is that you are basically just holding an over sized bulky PS3 dualshock 3 wireless controller in the shape of a gun, with a trigger to pull to “shoot” instead of pushing a button.

If my commentary didn’t discourage you from this weak excuse for a game gun, you can pre-order it on Amazon for $65 – HERE


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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A patent application from Apple, entitled “System and Method for Authentication Based on Particle Gun Emissions,” was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week. It states that current DRM methods for authentication, but by their nature they can lack security.

Apple’s solution would employ a particle gun, which would send an emission with unique physical properties to a receiver which would be able to verify the authenticity. The receiver would then generate a second value, and compare it with the first.

More Info – HERE

Pretty interesting idea. For consumers though, it sounds expensive.  Yea its no i1911 (pictured) but it will have to do.

On a similar note… this youtube parody video makes me cringe:


Pointing a gun at a camera or computer screen is one thing, but putting it against your head and putting the trigger is a whole other level of stupidity.


For those of you that don’t follow new technology, the Amazon Kindle DX wireless reading device was released today!

I made my blog available on the Kindle.  If you buy one of these new Kindle DX models, or even if own the older Kindle you can sign up to receive my blog on a free 14 day trial.

If I had my way I would make it free forever, but Amazon has a fancy 3G network they use to deliver the information for free to your Kindle… So I guess they need to pay for it somehow.

Currently, blogs are priced at $0.99 to $2 per month.  Amazon decides on the price, the blog owner has no input.

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