Despite the fact I absolutely despise “clickbait” lists… here’s one in video form:

For those of you who are just spectators in this whole internet thing, you probably noticed that lists have been all the rage for a while now.  Well, that’s because apparently people love bullshit lists and they click on them so that’s why every lameass blogger under the sun is making them up all of the sudden.

oprah-derp-face3:17 – Carbon nanotubes do sound quite awesome.

If anything, this video reminded me I should see some of the movies I haven’t yet (such as John Wick), and possibly re-watch some old ones I haven’t seen in a while.

They used some of our boy Richard Ryan‘s footage in the vid!

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An interesting talk that is definitely worth watching:

Every time I see one of these types of scientific videos where they talk about wounds, I realize how bad I never want to be shot.

The rifle v.s. handgun pictures he shows are especially frightening.

LOL at the zombie target joke at around 13:12.


  • Handguns are not as deadly as most people think.  6 out of 7 people survive their injuries
  • It’s impossible to assess injury severity at scene properly
  • There are often no exit wounds
  • Handguns have a very low penetration depth
  • Be concerned about airways
  • The most likely death is due to hemorrhage
  • Quick transport to OR is key

Moral of the story is that if you’re going to get shot you better hope it’s with a handgun.  On the flip side of that Clint Smith’s saying  “The only purpose for a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never laid down.” definitely holds true, because you’re going to want a rifle (if you have the option) to stop the threat.


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Shrapnel that is.  It was only a matter of time:


Lucky that piece of shrapnel didn’t find its way to FPS’ designer sunglasses instead.  Although on the up side he would have transformed from a fake Russian to a real pirate in an instant.  I could see him embracing that…

Wear proper eye protection, and don’t stand too close to hard targets and exploding targets!


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New York City – Cops are livid over a legislative proposal that could handcuff the brave officers involved in life-and-death confrontations every day — requiring them to shoot gun-wielding suspects in the arm or leg rather than shoot to kill, The Post has learned.

Full Story – HERE

LOL when I read that I double checked that I was on a legitimate news site, not some satire website.

Vice President Joe Biden, who scoffed and suggested it be dubbed “The John Wayne Bill” because it demands sharp-shooting skills of the kind only seen in movies.

I don’t agree with Joe Biden often, but he is right on the money with that statement!

A big problem with laws like this is the fact that the court system is going to be even more clogged up with family’s trying to get rich off suing the police because their son etc… should have been shot in the arm or leg… he shouldn’t have had to die!

Also, It appears that no one that is proposing this new bill has any idea how the human body works. There are arteries all over the arms and legs, and if you get hit in any one of those you are on your way to dying very quickly.

Nothing like giving criminals more rights :roll:

If this passes, I bet lots of cops will decide to retire early.

(The picture I used in this article is the same one that the NYpost used.  Pretty interesting grip the guy is using,  the old “2nd hand holding the wrist” hahah nice.)



Two people that are very lucky.

1) This first example is from the Georgian Conflict:

*Click here for GRAPHIC PICTURE*

Since it was in a war zone, and judging by the size of the wound, I would guess the damage was done by either a 5.56mm or a 7.62mm.  It entered the middle of his neck, and then possibly came out about an inch later, then went back in, only to exit again creating the large wound channel.  The wound in the middle though might not be related.

Zooming in on the wound *Click Here GRAPHIC PICTURE* , it definitely looks like it opened up into his chest cavity.  It’s a miracle that his heart (considering it’s on the left side) or lungs were not damaged enough to kill him.

Picture Source – Theatrum Belli Flickr


2) Say Uncle posted an article today titled do not try to catch a dropped gun, where a guy got shot with a 45-70 and was apparently not in that bad of shape because it ended up being a really bad flesh wound.

This guy and a buddy were sighting their rifles in. One of the guns was leaned up against the 4 wheeler he was standing on. The gun started to fall and I’m not sure if his buddy grabbed it, or something on the bike caught the trigger. Either way, he caught a 325 grain .45-70 round right under the collar bone. I think it goes with out being said, how lucky he is to still be here.

The big hole around his shoulder blade is where the bullet entered and it traveled under his skin and exited right there on his neck, above his spinal cord!  –LINK

*Click here for GRAPHIC PICTURE*

Seems like the only thing these guys really have to worry about now is an infection.