Xbox one

Richard Ryan for the Xbox One video game Sunset Overdrive:

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-Pistol-WhipWow that was almost definitely his biggest explosion yet.

Very fancy paint job on the interior and exterior just to destroy it all!  Oh well it’s not like Microsoft doesn’t have the cake.

P.S. RatedRR is now FullMag.  I’m astonished at all the people that are confused by that and just CAN’T EVEN wrap their minds around it by the look of the comments. lol



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Crafts and math with Richard Ryan:

Richard-Ryan-ENDONice work with the math for the timing, that looked amazing.  That has to be so rewarding to take that footage home and see that it all worked out.

The X he set up at the end blew my mind too.  Det cord sure looks dangerous / like a lot of fun.