Probably one of the funniest training videos I’ve posted to date:

As a global leader of Tactical Training, Xia Tactical offers a unique brand of training to warrior minded individuals throughout the U.S. and South America.

Uh.. how about we keep it short and sweet – “The leading training school for tactical bamboo / lawn chair operations.”

My Commentary:

  • 0:04 – Lets get started with a 7 foot bamboo log to the face.  How you like that beeOtch?  Now try to stay on target.
  • 0:07 – Disregard bamboo logs, acquire sight picture.  Someone yells “Lets go playa!”
  • 0:16 – 12 dudes, 1 mime.
  • 0:18 – Nothing like throwing a 7ft bamboo log at someones stomach in order to simulate real life.  If I never trained for such a thing I wouldn’t be half the man I am today.
  • 0:24 – Hand to hand a bamboo log then gangster shoot like no ones business.
  • 0:31 – Oh look more bamboo log deflection training.  Wtf is this? Donkey Kong?  The target charge while shooting was a nice touch.
  • 0:33 – I often find I’m engaging targets while balancing on logs, greased up slides, you name it.  Glad to see a training school catering to the problems operators face.
  • 0:39 – Ah the good old log to log walking while shooting drill.  One of the most practical drills in existence.
  • 0:41 – Dramatic point…. and hand to hand bamboo skills demonstration.
  • 0:50 – Take a knee with your bamboo log gentlemen, and point your gun at the target like you mean it.
  • 0:51 – Here take another bamboo log to the stomach and charge the target while shooting.
  • 0:58 – Getting ripped off the back of a lawn chair then returning fire.  Such a valuable skill if you go to a lot of cookouts in the hood.
  • 1:08 – Shooting from lawn chairs.  In case you catch those east side fools in your beer cooler.
  • 1:10 – Punching and cutting targets after you shot them.  Good way to make someone you killed more dead.
  • The music speeds up and it gets more retarded… but first some repetition of what I mentioned above.
  • 1:44 – Engaging targets while douchebag instructor jiggles the logs under your feet to try to make you fall.
  • 1:48 – Screw the limbo, i’m jumping over this shit.

Some more of the same stuff as above and instructors pushing students asshattery, peppered with the guys playing with moving boxes like they are cover.

I know you guys are going to have a lot to say about this.  Thoughts?

Hat tip: Mark W.


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