Inventing terms like “Inter-trainer” meaning “Internet Trainer”:

hahah at dudes doing press checks all the time.  That’s my favorite operator move… tactical jerking motion punch out and snatch back to T-REX position then rapid slide clicking to see what’s going on inside the chamber.  Oh and naturally that’s followed by a no-look speed re-holstering of the gun.


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SHOTS FIRED *wahhhhmbulance enroute*:

Yeager is referring to this video posted yesterday in particular I’m assuming. haha well angry “I’m going to start killing people” Yeager is still more fun than soft spoken shots fired Yeager… but this is a start on a long road back to where he once was.  Oh but Yeager isn’t here to entertain us.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedI use Instructor Zero as entertainment, but is he actually meant to be entertainment?  Like is it an actually an act, in which they carefully choreograph trolling?  I’m not convinced it is.  I really think Funker Tactical and Instructor Zero think they are changing the tactical world with their videos, and are getting high on their own supply.

<— Had to bring back Buck Yeager this post.  LOL remember when James actually signed it for a guy?  Call me easy to please, but that was a great point in my ENDO career.



42-17533707Tried to turn CC’s on, but it’s about a useless as turning them on when Instructor Zero is talking.  Skipping through the vid, the guy seems like he has potential.  Too bad there’s not a version spoken in English we could follow.


Gat tip: Matt


Yeager gonna Yeag’:

James-Yeager-Tactical-ResponseI don’t use the term “weapon system”, but I really don’t care if you want to.

Shout out to the body painter who did that Boondock Saints shirt *thumbs up*.



Yeager says the gun community is a bunch of punk bitches:

James-Yeager-Tactical-Responsehaha people love labels.   I don’t really care what you want to call yourself, if you’re reading the blog and have an interest in guns, that’s cool with me.  As far as I’m concerned you don’t have to agree with and support EVERYTHING gun related.  You’re allowed an opinion, and if your opinion is that something “hurts” the progress of gun rights then that’s fine.  Doesn’t mean someone should stop doing whatever that is, if it is within their rights… but I don’t think you having that opinion makes you a punk and I’m not ashamed of you.



If you didn’t know… know you know:

GunWebsites (maker of the video) is legit… I like that guy.

James-Yeager-TattoosIt’s a cool design for sure!  I want a real M249 to take advantage of these links… not some AR-15 upper conversion.

FACT: Yeager has these disintegrating links tattooed all over his arms.

FACT: Yeager has an IMDB Page.

FACT: Yeager trained Jeremy Renner for Hurt Locker and Borne. <– This is actually badass.

FACT: Yeager is briefly in tacti-bro Sonny “Shoothouse” Puzikas‘ zombie movie.  Here is a video of him gassed up like a 12 year old girl about it.  Honestly I’d be pretty amped if someone wanted to have me in a movie too.  Maybe not so much if Shoothouse wanted me in his though, because I’ve made enough fun of him to last a lifetime and I’d be afraid he’d have another “accident”.

And you guys say you never learn anything from ENDO *smh*. All I ever try to do is bestow knowledge on here haha