Yeager rustles some jimmies:

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedSo many keyboard commandos Yeager has to deal with all the time.  He loves that shit though.

3:00 – Hahhah Mini-14… Whenever I hear that rifle’s name I always remember this Mini-14 shooters diagnostic chart.


Absuperman and FXhummel1 took Yeager’s fighting rifle class… he asks them some questions:

Damn Yeager is still likable.  I bet he doesn’t even put photographers down range anymore… *sulk*  I’ll have to ask FXhummel about that one. By the look of the video Cory07ink posted from that very same day of training, there definitely is some leisurely strolls in front of the muzzle area, not in a place I would consider safe (2:37)… really what do I know though?

FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-Freedom“The purpose of training is to teach you what and how to practice.” -James Yeager  <— Makes sense

FXhummel1 is wearing the Defend Freedom t-shirt by ENDO Apparel.


Nothing like videotaping yourself breaking the law and putting it up on YouTube:

That was the Adam Kokesh “March On DC”… yea notice all the people there.  What a huge success hahaha.  That guy gave Yeager such a rough time for not wanting to be involved in that derp-fest and look what happened.

Yeager has a really good video up on the topic:

James-Yeager-Quite-Formidable-ArmyI didn’t think an old guy could grow up… but Yeager really seems to be mature and rational now.  Good for him (bad for the blog :/ haha).

I wonder if the shells Kokesh was loading into the shotgun were even real?  Probably one less felony if they weren’t.  Although “trolling” is definitely a crime of some sort I imagine.


Hat tip: Walt


I’m slowly infiltrating every gun related organization with my t-shirts :P

Full Story – WBBJ

I agree with what is said in the video.  I think all kids should be taught how to use guns safely and properly, and have a healthy respect for them instilled from a very young age.  They are just far too dangerous to just have laying around and not educating your kids, but instead just telling them “Don’t touch it”;  Kids are naturally curious.

I know a lot of times I post the “James Yeager Approved” image in jest… this time it actually is for real though because he hired Reid Henrichs (the guy in the video).  Thanks for wearing the shirt Reid!

I’m still considering sending Yeager some shirts.  His sense of humor seems really good, especially in his current videos so I don’t know… he might just like them and wear them on camera.  Just to troll I should send smalls because I know he likes them tight LOL.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedSince I barely mention my clothing company here on the blog, if you want the RESTRICTED LAW ENFORCEMENT / GOVERNMENT USE ONLY shirt Reid is wearing head over to ENDO Apparel.


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I’m glad she came to her senses.  The article is hilarious, I pasted an excerpt below, but you should really read the whole thing:

And, contrary to popular belief, Tennessee isn’t going to sit back, sipping moonshine through the gap where their front teeth used to be, and let Uncle Jim get away with shooting someone for calling him a coward. If members of rival gangs make a contract to duel and one prevails, the clear result is that the winner gets to do time in prison for homicide or attempted homicide (depending on your definition of “winning”). Same deal with The Yeagermeister. To argue that the state is going to find itself in the harsh spotlight of internet scrutiny and do nothing about one of their residents shooting at an internet troll would be crazy. Especially a tactical law enforcement firearms trainer who has decided to respond to petty name-calling by murdering a civilian.

Read the whole article over at JD Oasis.  The author goes by @Spyarchive on twitter.

James-Yeager-Buck-YSL-ParodyIf you haven’t been keeping up with the whole Buck Yeager going off the deep end debacle, you can catch up HERE and HERE.  Make sure you read the comments, because they chronicle what was happening on YouTube at the time, and are pretty damn funny.

To date no one wants to sign Buck Yeager’s contract (not that I blame them).  I’ve been getting emails from a couple guys who have been exchanging emails with Yeager, and I can smell the testosterone through the screen… shit is going to get real if someone shows up and surprises him by the sound of it.


Hat tip: Walt


From the comments on the James Yeager Is A Coward video:

Well there you have it… Until now the threats were not so thinly veiled.   In his own words, he will flat out murder you if you call him a coward.

Like I said before this internet stuff is serious business.

I wonder if he knows he’s only going to get trolled 1000x harder than ever before since he’s acting like this?

If this nonsense is helping his business as much as he lets on that it is, then good for him.  As far as I’m concerned, if people think learning anything from this guy (besides how not to act) is a good idea, then they deserve him.

Make sure to check out the Duel Contract if you already haven’t.