hahha this guy I’ve never heard of did a parody video, and it’s VERY accurate:

Normally I feel like I’m pretty up on whose popular on YouTube… this Texas Plinking guy in the video has 631k subscribers.  I might be slipping, because that’s. A LOT of subscribers.  I’m going to give myself a pass though it looks like the rest of his videos are not funny, so I didn’t miss anything to blog about.

Holy, the accuracy of those parodies… amirite fellas?


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I know some of you guys aren’t going to watch it just because it’s VICE.  Oh well haha.

21:08 – “Like how much money were you making?”.  Ugh, that’s the second question you’re going ask these guys William?  Not classy at all.

22:38 – I’m surprised to see a channel like InRangeTV use an old iPhone to record the vids.  I would have assumed something way more expensive / necessarily complicated.

23:29 – Drinking turpentine for better health?! WHUT IN TARNATION?  Now I have to look that up.

It’s shitty YouTube is restricting content that I want to watch, however if YouTube were my own company and people were trying to tell me what to do with it I would be like “Uh, how about I do whatever I feel like doing because it’s mine, ok bRah?”.



Instructor Zero threw on a gas mask so we could watch him do some drills, and the internet loves him again:

Instructor-ZeroGod the comments on those videos make me facepalm.  Like, do YouTubers want to know what type of shampoo, and toilet paper he uses as well?  Sweet mother of god…

I wish the Funker Tactical Instructor Zero marketing engine didn’t redline and explode in such glory so soon… I fear that the best from both of them is over sadly.  I really hope I’m wrong, but they have put out nothing epic troll worthy in a long time.   The least Zero could have done for us this time was also suffocated himself with a plastic bag while shooting with the gas mask on… I mean like come on be realistic and train like you fight.



A really relaxed interview.  Glenn Beck seems like a cool guy:

Every time I see MrColionNoir without a hat on I always am like “Oh yea, he’s not bald!”. That’s a tight fade too, I’m not mad at it. I’m rocking a fade now too as some of you might have read on Twitter, so I recognize.  I actually like the look better without the hat, more professional and just looks more honest because there’s not something looming right above his eyes.

MrColionNoir-ENDO-Keep-CalmWow passed the Texas bar exam yesterday too!@#$!@$#!@$%@#$ Congrats buddy!  Things are really coming together for him, that’s awesome to see; he earned it!

When is he going to get on Piers Morgan and destroy that man’s world?  That’s still what I’m waiting on most of all.



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As of today, all Marines can now access popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at work, and they don’t even have to apply for a waiver to do so.

Source –  MarineCorpsTimes

Sounds like a terrible idea.  The USMC must be incredibly confident in the security of their networks, and the integrity of their employees. Either that, or the Sergent Majors now think they need social networking access, so in turn everyone gets it.

I feel for those men and women, who before today were disconnected from the world as the rest of us know it… but knowing the nature of the internet and the risks that come with it, I think everyone would be a lot safer with the old rules.

I foresee a shitstorm very soon when OPSEC is compromised on a regular basis because of this new loose policy.