If you are on youtube ever and have searched for gun related videos you must have come across Nutnfancy

It seems like people either love him or hate him.  I enjoy a majority of his videos, but they are INCREDIBLY long and verbose so I usually end up skipping through them.

People love to give him a rough time for a lot of different reasons which I won’t get into, but if you watch his videos you will likely find the pics below hilarious:

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The anti gun people are gonna love this.  Every stereotype in the book is brought out on this one.


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Awesome beer commercial for Carlton Dry


Looks like this movie has potential!

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Now Playing in Theaters.



Also known in Japan as “Cat Shit One”, this animated series is scheduled for release in early 2010 … It looks pretty awesome


The series follows three American soldiers (Rabbits) in the Vietnam War named Bota, Perky and Rats. All three are in the recon team called Cat Shit One. Each mission shows the daily activities of the reconnaissance group in Vietnam

The American Rabbits in this are a wordplay on the Japanese word “Usagi”, which also means Rabbit. Another way to look at it is the word as an acronym – U.S.A. G.I.

Pretty neat!

Other animals in this series according to their nationality are:

  • American – Rabbit
  • Vietnamese – Cat
  • French – Pig
  • Chinese – Panda
  • Japanese – Monkey and Gorilla
  • Russian – Bear
  • Korean – Dog
  • British – Rat
  • Australian – Kangaroo
  • German – Fox
  • Middle Eastern – Camel, Goat and Sheep
  • Argentines – Cow


Awesome youtube compilation video from tnoutdoors9 featuring the Glock 19, which  He has 6 of!

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