zero tolerance

Sad that someone could do a daily blog on school “zero tolerance” violations alone, and have lots of material:

ANAHEIM HILLS, CA – A student at a high school in Anaheim Hills said administrators ordered her to change out of a T-shirt that promoted the National Rifle Association.

Full Story – CBS LA

Two things are offensive here:

  1. The fact she was asked to remove a t-shirt that had nothing offensive even on it.  Oh the silhouette of the hunter and the word “rifle” is offensive? *yawn*
  2. Why is a girl her size wearing a shirt that looks like it’s a 5XL?

Haley-Bullwinkle-NRA-ShirtHaley Bullwinkle, contact me and I’ll send you an ENDO Apparel t-shirt of your choice… but you’re getting a size small, not a 2XL :P

How long until there are private schools people can send their kids to, which are not run by idiots?  Maybe the NRA should start these types of schools, with “tolerance” policies in each state.



Another day another “zero tolerance” suspension:

Full Story – The Blaze

Zero-Tolerance-GunI wonder what would happen if someone went into the school at night and stashed little tiny toy guns absolutely everywhere throughout one of these schools? I’m talking THOUSANDS of them, that would be epic.

Zero tolerance suspension trolling should be the new open carry police trolling.  You heard it here first! :P

<— Yes that is actually the gun pictured beside a quarter. *eye roll*  haha and not only is the kid suspended for 3 days, but he’s also getting blocked from going on a field trip.  Homie is in advanced math, how much of a risk could he be?  Oh but zero tolerance is zero tolerance.

Joseph Lyssikatos if you want an ENDO Apparel t-shirt to troll your school, I’ll send you one for free.  My email address is in the sidebar.