zip gun

Mattv2099 cheats death:

I know he’s still alive after this because he Instagrammed a pic since then.

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelIf you have to constantly clear dangerous feeds, deal with surprise single shot mode, and hammer your gun with a KA-Bar to get it to work again… it’s probably best getting rid of and let it be someone else’s novelty problem.

Zip probably hates Matt so much.  Either that or they live by the “Any press is good press” motto.  I don’t see how terrible press 100% of the time could be good, but what do I know.

Like I said in the comments on his video just now – “You have the patience of an operational saint.”



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Mattv2099 gets operated on buy the ZiP .22LR:

You can check out more pictures and background info on the ZiP Modular Weapons System over at the linked post.

To call the method of loading a round into that gun “stupid” would be the biggest understatement of the decade.  It’s the most retarded thing I’ve literally ever witnessed.

Mattv2099-OperatorI don’t know how well that gun is selling, but I’ve read so many posts on how people think it’s a piece of garbage.  I’m sure the appeal is still pretty large from a gimmick standpoint though.

Thoughts? Do any of you guys own one of these?


An advanced new polymer .22 LR pistol that can be deployed a number of different ways:

Yea the video is long and drawn out, but it shows a bunch of cool renders as examples. And you thought the Glock was a “brick”? hahah:

What are those posts sticking out of the front of the gun by the barrel for?

I really like the idea, and the cool futuristic look.  I’ll reserve any other judgement for when I see a production model, or find out more details about it.  The ZiP factory website is useless right now, and shows a 28 day countdown.  I’m assuming there will be some useful info on there come launch date.  I still fail to see why companies do this so far in advance… but to each their own.

It doesn’t appear to take 10/22 mags, which isn’t the be all end all for me, but that would be nice.  Who knows though, ZiP could very well have figured out something way better?

Triggers like the one on the ZiP are normally horrendous, but we can wait and see.

Too much branding and other writing all over the gun… I really hope they lose that on the production model.

MSRP is $200 – $219!  I like that.  I want the survival rifle configuration.



Come for the DIY lesson, stay for the guitar riff:

This apparently is the trailer for a movie called “The Tramp”.  The YouTube description says:

A young woman from a small mining town turns into a cold blooded killer after being kidnapped by a gang of ruthless human traffickers.

Sounds like a good time, although I’m not holding my breath considering the website quality.

Ban pipes, matches, and wood!

Hat tip: Scott


Randy Smith of Fresno, CA was planning on wetting mofos up:

What? How? That is illegal in California!  How come Randy did that?  Oh wait… he’s a criminal and didn’t care.

Not the safest gun on earth obviously.. but i’m sure it might manage a couple shots before KB’ing.

I laughed at 2:01 when it said he was 54 years old.   I was expecting some 15 year old gang banger punk.   Yea, not heat at all Randy… a 54 year old man out for a stroll with a fluorescent kids toy, especially when cops are on the lookout for such a thing that’s converted.   Dumbass…

Not the first time we have seen a Super Soaker shotgun. That one from 2009 had a whole mossberg pump inside it though, so it would have been safer.


Hat tip: Hamilton


A .22 Short concept schematic:

Source – Pack Rat Workshop

A video of some guy shooting one of these types of guns:

Another design:


Although I find guns like this fascinating, I really am apprehensive of ever getting one due to how unsafe they look.

I’d probably accidentally blast a shot into my junk within an hour of having one.