A lot of 282 Vietnam war era Zippo lighters was recently auctioned off for $35,250:

The lighters tell a story of the war that cannot be found anywhere else.  They are a record soldiers’ feelings not meant for anyone but themselves, printed on a throwaway tool, capturing the spirit of the war in a way more authentic than any film, more personal than any history book, and more representative than any single soldier’s account.

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LOL at “Let me win your heart and mind or I’ll burn your God damn hut down”

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A .22 Short concept schematic:

Source – Pack Rat Workshop

A video of some guy shooting one of these types of guns:

Another design:


Although I find guns like this fascinating, I really am apprehensive of ever getting one due to how unsafe they look.

I’d probably accidentally blast a shot into my junk within an hour of having one.


The Zippo lighter stopped the bullet, leaving Brad Cooper with just a bruise on his leg. He says, “we’ve started making jokes about it at work, They say wind proof…I say bullet proof.”

Full story – HERE

Pretty stupid to keep walking towards a guy with a gun after he already shot you once. If the guy aimed anywhere else this post would have been about a Darwin award winner rather than a lucky break.