zombie stopper

I present to you a great way to lose friends and alienate yourself at the range:

Save Your Brain with the New EOTech Zombie Stopper!  Use the awesome new biohazard reticle to sight them in and kill them dead (again).

All for a measly $559.  What makes this even more hilarious is that the regular non-DERPified XPS2 is only $519

Hopefully that inner circle of the biohazard symbol is still 65MOA like the rest of their sights.  That would make it slightly less useless.

Maybe if the Nazi product craze catches on once Iron Sky hits movie theaters, you’ll be able to buy a SS branded XPS2 with a swastika reticle to accurately send some Hornady Nazi ammo down range.   Hey.. they jumped on the Zombie bandwagon, who knows what they might pull next.

So who’s picking one of these up?

Hat tip: Jay


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