This video company set this all up then left it up to unsuspecting people on chatroulette, omeagle, and skype to take control:

Behind the scenes worth watching if you like the video:

pew-pew-pew-video-gameGood stuff!  They did a nice job.  I had no idea that chatroulette and omeagle still exist.

Nice to see people coming up with unique things like this. Technology is crazy.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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An interactive movie from Casio brand G-Shock about zombies is very dark:


Play it over at the G-Shock microsite – fiveminutes.gs

Because I don’t mess around, I started off on difficulty level “hell”.  I didn’t make it far before I messed up on too many of the mouse patterns, and the dad (pictured above) revolver’d himself in the head all over the family pictures.  Not really what I was expecting from a company that makes watches.  Will Moms demand action on G-Shock now?  Will they demand action on Google for Chrome supporting HTML5?  With They demand action on all touchscreen and computer mice manufacturers?

I really don’t have the patience to keep playing the game and finding out what happens, but I have to say they definitely did a impressive job on the execution of this.  Product placement is obvious, but mainly because you knew in advance.  If you weren’t explicitly told it was a G-Shock promo, it’s not any more in your face than movies or TV shows are now.

Just when I thought zombies were done with…

Thoughts?  Anyone make it to the end?


Jerry has some fun with zombie and creepy clown targets:

History-Channel-ZombiesAt the time of writing this post I haven’t watched episode 1 of season 5, but I plan on doing that soon.

Looks like that derpy zombie target company still makes the Obama one *face palm*.


ZERT has a 45 minute special on the national geographic channel:

45 minutes of my life is just far too valuable to watch this.  I got about 1.5 minutes in and I could tell I was getting close to bruising the skin on my face from repeated facepalms.  I even tried to look past the fact ZERT is an acronym for “Zombie Eradication Response Team“.

Against my better judgement I skipped around the show a bit more.  Looks like they have a lot of money to play with wow.  Good for them for exploiting the network’s lust for stuff like this, I hope their taking home a huge paycheck if people are watching.

40:06 – Drinking pee hahahha classic.


Hat tip: GearWhoresAnon


KA-BAR… it’s 2013.  Have some dignity:

I got emailed this in one of those mass unpersonalized type blasts from a KA-BAR marketing guy… I saw the word “zombie” and thought he was shitting me.  Apparently they didn’t get the memo – the one I got read:

ALL zombie related products must be destroyed by January 10th, 2013.  This is including weak bullshit such as fluorescent handled knives.

KA-BAR-Zombie-KnivesTo get back the warm fuzzy feeling I had for KA-BAR before this video, I went back and re-watched The Making Of KA-BAR Knives.  Ahhhh yea… that’s better.



OMG this looks worse than I thought:

I speculated on how bad this series would be in a past post.  After watching this little preview, all my fears were confirmed.  Wow… just wow.

One of my readers has up a review, and he tears it to bits too.

You can purchase this load of derp over at Amazon for $15 if you need an ironic Christmas gift.  Volume 2 is out now too, which I’m assuming is also garbage, but who knows.

Screw this tactical magical arm tape and zombie bullshit… when are some more real “Art of the…” style videos coming out?