If this is where the zombie craze is headed now, I’m on board:

The calendar is from everyone’s favorite morale patch mad scientist MIL-SPEC Monkey.

The calendar will be released early November. I wish I had a use for paper calendars, but sadly I do not.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Wow this is corny:

New episode of The Walking Dead tomorrow!  I’m hoping I’ll have time to watch it tomorrow night after it airs.

Hat tip: Lisa, Kyle

I’m a bit behind on emails right now, but i’ll get to them soon… thanks as always to everyone that sends stuff in.


A.K.A. “Art Of The Tactical Shark Jump”.  I’m embarrassed for him:

Operation Z is a comprehensive 12-part series and the ULTIMATE guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Seriously?  I thought this was for sure fake, and that someone just complied stock footage.   Nope…. StarNews online has the scoop… it’s the real deal.  From a SHTF perspective I’m sure there will be some good info to be gleaned from this series if you can get past the zombie theme.

Makes me wonder how well his training school Costa Lupus is doing.  I though he would be one of the few guys that would laugh at a sales pitch that involved zombies.  I wonder if he will wear his magical arm tape in any episodes?

What’s next for Costa?  He’s likely got arm tape money rolling in by the wheelbarrow…. now zombie money.  I’m thinking the next logical step is a line of beard care products strictly for the middle aged tactical operator.


Hat tip: Tim


*eye roll* what a surprise:

Anyone watch the full show last night?  Was it better than expected?

Fitting that the show would feature at least one bleeding zombie Obama shooting target, considering how much Ted doesn’t like Obama.  Stay classy Discovery Channel…

If you missed Episode #1 and want to see what Ted Nugent’s Gun Country is about you can check out the trailer.



Brownells beating an undead zombie horse:

DERP levels at maximum both in the video and over on the Zombie Elimination Crew website.  I tired of the zombie product/branding craze as soon as it began.  Not to say I won’t still watch The Walking Dead… I’m simply just sick of every company under the sun adding zombie crap into their lineup.

I bet whoever came up with this idea over at Brownells marketing dept was hailed a genius, when in my opinion they should have been laughed at and told to come up with something original.



These guys know how to have a good time:

If you work at a gun store, and you’re not cramming a maximum amount of accessories onto the picatinny rails of firearms you really should ask yourself what you’re doing with your life.

You might remember a similar joke they did with the AR-15 platform; the Tactical Zombie Destroyer AR-15.

I hate to think how many people call the shop up and are like “You know that video you did on the tactical zombie destroyer AK-47?  I want that setup!”

Thoughts? What would you pick, the zombie destroyer AK-47 or the AR-15?