I’m sure this is gripping:

The-Walking-Dead-Zombies-Maglite-Flashlight-Handgun-Silencer-SuppressorI’m almost a full season behind because I injured my eye by rolling it watching season 4. I didn’t watch this trailer because I don’t want to spoil the suspense, but I hear people are excited about season 5. You can watch the trailer at your own risk and form your own opinion.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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An animated Mattv2099 operates in food zombie operations:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelNot sure why “food zombies”… I felt like I was watching something fueled by some sort of crazy tactical drugs.

Matt is wearing the Pistol Whip t-shirt from ENDO Apparel at the end of the video.



I never was into Zombies, and now I’m really over them.  This will save you some time if you were thinking of watching the first 3 seasons:

I’d like to pretend I have way better things to do than waste my time watching anymore of The Walking Dead… but the truth is I really don’t so I’ll keep watching it no matter how many derpy plot twists, surprise new characters, loudeners they add to their firearms, etc…

The-Walking-Dead-AMC-ZombiesSeason 4 started up tonight on AMC in case you didn’t already know.

Thoughts?  Have you given up on this series yet or are you happy its back up and running?


The 2nd trailer for the quick-zombie movie World War Z:

Despite the confusing Chanel No. 5 ad he did (for without a doubt boat loads of cash) Brad Pitt is still on the top of my list of awesome Hollywood actors.  The guy is vocal about his support for firearms, and he built his wife Angelina Jolie a $400,000 shooting range as a wedding present.  Top that…

World-War-ZThe release date for World War Z is June 21st.  I am told the original Max Brooks book which the movie is based on is worth reading (the Amazon reviews back that up), so you might want to check it out.

If you missed the first trailer you can check it out here.



AMC apparently doesn’t play around when it comes to the boxing of their Walking Dead Blu-Ray Sets (after season 1 anyway):

This is what Season 2’s Blu-Ray set looks like:


Pretty cool right?  Well Season 3’s will blow your mind…


The set features a replica of the Govenors creepy-as-hell aquariums with walker heads in them.  You can even arrange the heads in any order you want and fill up the aquariums with water.  You’re going to have to hit up Craigslist though to get a moody black girl to break into your apartment with a sword to mess your tank up.  She’s probably going to want extra if you want her to stab you… I’ve heard that normally goes for extra anyway *shifty eyes*.  According to the AMC Walking Dead Blog they plan on releasing this 3rd season set later on in the year, presumably once the season is over.

I didn’t even realize The Walking Dead started up again!  “The Suicide King” was a new episode that aired this past Sunday, which you can watch on Amazon or on the AMC website for free.  I need to check that out soon.



Turning the store into a zombie-proof stronghold:

ACE Hardware didn’t know about this video, and unsurprisingly they shit a brick over it and allegedly fired the kids involved.

As you know I’m sick of zombies, and the video isn’t really that entertaining… but there’s no reason for anyone to lose their job over it.

A screenshot from ACE’s facebook page:


Zombie-at-Tiffanys-t-shirtLike people in the comments said, ACE could have embraced this and used it as free marketing rather than coming across as dicks and condemning it.