Weapons used and kill counts compared:


2.5 seasons worth of kills, check out the full infographic over at the National Post.  Worth looking through if you watch the show.

If you need to get caught up, the episodes are up on Amazon for $2 each if you can’t get them for free anywhere.  It’s a good chance to get caught up considering the show is on a mid-season break until February 10th 2013.


Ricky is at it again:

hahah that’s pretty good.

You might remember Ricky from The Future Of Tactical Training.




“The gay mad scientist” is my new favorite MrColionNoir created nick name:

I wish the Walking Dead directors would hire MrColionNoir to do a commentary for the episodes on the DVD release.  That would be priceless.

This definitely seemed like a transitional episode.  I’m hoping the next one will be more action packed.

If you’re behind on Walking Dead episodes you can catch up at Amazon.



Brad Pitt vs Zombies:

Although the movie topic is zombies, I’ll definitely see because I think Brad Pitt is a great actor and an awesome human being (as long as you overlook his terrible Chanel No. 5 ad *smh*).

At least the zombies are the quick type!  That should make them more interesting.

Release Date: June 2013

Thoughts?  I see it’s based on a book by Max Brooks.  Is the book worth reading?

Hat tip: Jay, Eric


MrColionNoir touches on it at the beginning of the video, but wow is Michonne (a.k.a. Samurai sword black girl) grumpy/angry.

This episode pissed me off… I hope episode 4 goes back to the prison.  I can’t stand Merle (a.k.a. racist white guy on the roof who cut his own hand off)

You can watch Episode 3 of The Walking Dead on Amazon for 1.99.



At 14 minutes long, this review is nothing if not thorough:

I’ve got two questions:

  • What’s with the background music?  It’s incredibly distracting.
  • What’s the deal with the black nothingness for a few minutes at the end of this review and the one for S03E01?  Both times I thought there way maybe something hidden, but there wasn’t.

As much as I expressed my distaste for the zombie craze, I really do enjoy The Walking Dead.  If you need a place to watch this latest episode you can catch it on Amazon for $1.99.