Currently vaporware, and naturally going to be “crowd funded”:

Zore-Gun-LockPart of me dies every time I see people not willing or able to just bring a damn product to market on their own and sell it.  This “crowd funding” thing really gets on my nerves because if I want something I want it NOW… I don’t want it in weeks (at the very best) or months.  Looking on the ZORE website in the spot you’d assume you could buy one of these things, there is just a place to harvest email addresses so they can let you know when the crowd funding campaign starts.

People LOVE jamming gadgets and widgets and apps into every aspect of their life, so I’m sure this will sell very well.  I’m never one for asking for MORE batteries, computers, and technology in my life… especially in the realm of firearms.  I don’t care how awesome they say their app is or the revolutionary combination-lock dial which is designed to allow quick unlocking under any circumstances, even in the dark.  Direct quote – “To unlock, just turn the dial a few notches back and forth according to your PIN code, regardless of the dial starting point and the initial dialing direction. You won’t realize how fast it is until you try it yourself.”  Yea ok bros, I’m sure that will work great in high stress situations.

I can hardly wait until Deviant Ollam and Mr. Locksmith get their hands on this lock.


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