Hooooolllly LOL:

roast-handToday is apparently one of my classic “make fun of tactical Israelis” days.

Is this seriously real life? This guy’s product is a whole bunch of foam pieces that lock you into the proper shooting position.  Since I enjoy laughing, I really hope this guy has a “ZUES in every home” goal.  I would roast hand someone at the range so hard if I saw them using this product; “…Israeli-awkward-foam-shootin-ass”.  I likely wouldn’t even be able to talk for a good 10-15 minutes, and tears would be streaming down my face I’d be laughing so hard.

Does this “system” work?  *shrug* Yea I guess it probably does.  I swear the Israelis cook up products and methods for everything.  Whatever works for them though I guess.