Meh.. read what I have to say in the last paragraph after watching the video:

Full Story – NY Daily News

Atlanta-Carjacking-Attempt-Gone-WrongSo what happens in a situation like this if there there is no video footage or eye witnesses? It says the “suspect” was arrested for attempted robbery and entering an automobile.  If the suspect keeps denying it though then what? Looking at the mugshot pic, the guy looks to have some substance abuse issues.  Will he just get out of jail ASAP and have the opportunity do the exact same thing to someone else?

Who’s filming the video btw?

Anyway the following opinion of mine may be unpopular, but I don’t really care if some of you don’t agree so I’m going to state it anyway.  What kind of a douchebag (I’m talking about Hashim Fannin here who is the guy with the gun in the video) creates a “public figure” facebook fan page following the incident (calling himself “The man who isn’t afraid to embrace the 2nd amendment.”), a new promotional twitter account, and tries to turn #YouWokeUpStupid into a thing?  Oh and “For bookings, contact  For usage or licensing, contact” *EXTREME SMFH* How about you let the public decide if you’re worth talking about for more than a few more days?  Trying to turn your little incident into a vehicle to make you a celebrity is incredibly tacky and laughably lame.  This seemingly is what this country is going towards more and more every day though.  Dudes who carry are now going to be at home practicing their own catchphrases in the mirror, just wishing a MF’er will so they can drop the one liner hopefully on film and rocket to stardom or at least get some beer money when some useless marketing company offers to cut them a check for video rights.  This fame grab is so painful to witness, I feel bad for Hashim.

EDIT: He now is trying to capitalize on his non existent fame with catchphrase t-shirts. Buy one over at if you’re an idiot.

Thoughts? Who here has a one liner already on deck? Drop it in the comments.



Vintage derp from 1971:

Full Story – NYT

They should have used something impressive like .50 BMG from a greater distance, not .22 LR from 5 yards away.  haha and even at that distance this so called “marksman” put it through his actual arm, and didn’t just skim him as originally planned.  That would be hilarious if he actually shot more meat on purpose.

The cool thing about “art” is that if you have enough friends who help you blow smoke up everyone’s ass, and you can make the right connections in galleries and what not, then you’ll probably do alright despite your actual talent or ability to make the world a better place.  There are plenty of examples of this at your local art gallery.

Sons-Of-Guns-Stephanie-Hayden-DerpIt’s funny what passes as edgy in 1971.. or even as “art” in general.  Just goes to show that the definition or art is so loose.

Thoughts?  Did you guys make any “art” this past long weekend?  Note that could mean anything from shooting tannerite, to plinking at some rotten fruit.



Jimmy Kimmel got a hold of a exclusive video:

Police-forget-gun-bathroomMeh, mildly funny but predictable.  Seemed like they needed something to fill time.

Police do seem to have a problem forgetting their guns in bathrooms from time to time though.  I just quit talking about stories like that because they aren’t at all interesting.



Whoooooo look at the flick of the wrist:

Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Predator-MusicalMaking of videos > *.  Quality looking craftsmanship.  Whoa though no kidding when he says they are going to be heavy haha!

Their testing at the end is pretty funny.  The same guys also made Batman’s wolverine claws in a different episode you can check out.

I picture RoyalNonesuch doing cool stuff like that for a living sometime.

Gat tip: Lalo



Jay Leno shoots the shit with Mike Mayberry, co-founder of the bike company and then takes it out for a ride:

magpul-roninInteresting interview if you’re into bikes or design.  I really always liked the look of it, but at $38,000 – $41,000 you can buy more than one (like 3 or 4) brand new, better performing bikes instead.  The novelty here is that you have 1 of 47 though.  Unsurprisingly they aren’t selling like hotcakes… it looks like maybe half of them are gone at the current moment.

You can read more about the Ronin over at The 47 website.

Gat tip: Rich



They worked with Advance Armament Company and I REALLY expected more:

Here are five more videos which also aren’t even worth watching:

Action-Figure-Therapy-MarineI’m not really sure why they would release six videos all on the same day, and barely even try to make them funny.

Is this the state of AAC marketing?  Just throw some money and someone and be like “meh just get the figures to read some lists in their voices and call it a day.”  Their marketing was so good back in the day people were tattooing that Affliction style logo on their body.