This needs autotune in the worst way:

The video is from Women Against Gun Violence.  “Keep your finger off the trigger / or keep away from me”… sure that’s a valid enough safety message.  Hmmmm… that link they post in the description is to a disarmament petition about keeping guns of college campuses.  We all know how many problems legal concealed carriers cause at schools and other public places… oh right *eyeroll*.

I ended up reading a bit over at the Women Against Gun Violence website, because I wanted to know what they classified as “gun violence”.  I wasn’t too optimistic after seeing that disarm people on campuses link.  They had me agreeing with a few of their points on the “about” page… but anything good they stand for was lost in the last sentence where they state – “WAGV has helped make California one of the leaders in sensible gun legislation.”  hahah cool story… how are those laws working at preventing gun crime and gun violence?  Oh you mean criminals don’t follow state or federal laws?  S H O C K I N G.

2:06 – Wtf… was that necessary to promote the message?  Came across as wildly creepy to me.

2:39 – Yea kinda creepy again..

Women-Against-Gun-Violence-Finger-GunThey should stick to the safety angle, and not mix disarmament in.   I’m probably going to have nightmares now about that severed finger gun thing from the video.




Ok so Sandy Hook Promise is anti-gun?  I can’t keep all these damn organizations straight, especially when they try to finesse me over at their websites.  Maybe Tim got finessed?  The devil is in the details I know.

I don’t really know the point that dude in the glasses is trying to make… he’s trying too hard though.  LOL Eddie Huang from VICE is on there.  Nice.

Blonde girl says “the problem is not bad guys with guns, the problem is good guys with guns who use them on themselves”…. eeeeeeehhhhhhh.  Really… so it’s a “gun” problem?  Because there aren’t 10 million other ways for these people to commit suicide?

Brunette girl with the shitty haircut knows what’s up… “the problem is mental health”, which she gets applause for but then gets shit on by blonde girl saying “It’s access to guns that is the problem”. Wat?

Wait for it…. wait for it:

3:38 – “The problem is that 1/3 of the country is a bunch of fucking rednecks” -Bill Maher

SHOTS FIRED.  *sirens* *butthurt cleanup on asile 3*  LOL screw you Bill.

Cue the following comments: “Sandy Hook was a hoax”, “Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams”, “Bush did 9/11″, “Browning did 1911″… Yea I added the last one because I still crack myself up over it, and you can buy the shirt at ENDO Apparel if you wish.




This is what anti-gun humor looks like currently:


Do anti-gun people LOL, or ROFL when they see this type of comic?  Or do they just solemnly nod their heads?  I picture the latter.

Heh of course the guy would have no neck and be wearing a plaid shirt and an NRA hat too.  Well played.  I’d change the caption from “Not-so-smart gun owner” to “An American Who Stays Woke”. I’m going to do that in fact and post it on Instagram in the morning. I know I mention this a lot now, but I’m just putting out non stop heat on IG. If you have any ENDO Apparel related pics related pics tag me and I’ll post them too… funnier the better.

I know most of you are 100% against smart guns as shown in a previous post, where the highschool kid was trying to integrate a bunch of electronics and a fingerprint reader.   I couldn’t agree more.  I still think that someday though, materials technology, manufacturing, and maybe even some stuff we don’t even have a name for yet will be so advanced that there will be a safety solution that even the most anti-smart gun person will not have a problem with.  I’m talking NO electronics, no government overreach, and as simple (basically infallible other than the human error factor) as the current “dumb” safeties we see on all guns now.  Put that statement in the time capsule, and lets all pop some bottles someday and party like it’s 2015 when that statement comes true.  You know I’ll still be rocking the Gen 3 Glock 17, telling youngsters in their spaceboots and hoverboards to get off my synthetic lawn on the 65th floor.




Another glorious Royal Nonesuch build. Testing in the Orchid colored triblend like a boss:

1:38 – haha earbud hearing protection as usual as says he doesn’t care what you think.

7:00 – I don’t know how well a mechanix utility glove would stop an errant shard of steel… but like the earbuds they are all better than nothing I suppose.  Please tell me those are the Oakley M Frames with ballistic protection?  Did Royal Nonesuch seriously make that big of a leap in safety?  If so, shocking.

Here is a three video playlist where he discusses and builds the gun:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOHe definitely has confidence in these builds.  I’d probably be wearing a Sir Arthur Hi-Point style outfit if I was testing that type of thing.

That gun is begging for a small picatinny rail and either a red dot optic or a 8-32x Nightforce on top for trolling purposes.




haha not bad:

Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Predator-MusicalEntertaining enough… some jokes were cracked, good times were had.  It’s a video where they run over some stuff with a tank, what more do you want?

I like where he’s going with the “blowing shit up” sequel.



Aw Kyle you went and did it:

Man… why can’t people just be like “whatever works for you… it’s your right as an American if you want to open or conceal carry”.  It’s almost like past East coast v.s. West coast beef, but instead open carry v.s. concealed carry.  I just hope we don’t lose some 2Pacs and Biggie’s over some nonsense.

0:17 – We learn Kyle profiles the hell out of people.  So what the kid is dressed like that?  I sometimes wear blue dunks with a blue t-shirt, does that make me a crip Kyle?

0:46 – Man, screw establishments that don’t want to abide by whatever the law of that state is.  I can see if the person carrying is actually doing something to raise eyebrows… but if he or she is just exercising their right, then that’s just wrong to give them a rough time.  Educate your “uncomfortable” customers maybe in a nice way?

0:53 – SHOTS FIRED.  Kyle says get the hell out of the USA if you want to open carry.  So many dick riders in that audience nodding and chuckling.  I would have laughed so hard if someone stood up and said to him – “Yea Kyle you served, and you’re a badass and all but if you have a problem with open carry why don’t you leave rather than treading on people’s rights?”

Kyle-Lamb-Open-Carry*shrug* Yea sure I agree there are definite advantages to concealed carry.

People in the YouTube comments (if you click through) are NOT impressed either.  There are definitely some good “SAY THAT TO KYLE’S FACE” type comments haha.  I’m beginning to think a lot of this type of thing which has been popping up recently is just a publicity stunt.  If you have an extreme controversial view one way or the other and make a video about it, people are going to be pissed off and spread it around.