LOL proprietary shit for everyonnnnnnne! *in best Oprah voice*:

Seriously people spent actual time and money developing this?  I CAN’T EVEN.  This is such a Cowwadoody basement dweller type product, but even those guys would scoff at that fact this thing has only ONE purpose and it’s not even one that’s even necessary.  The firearms industry has reached such a level, where people think there is so much money to be thrown around they try to fix things that aren’t broken in hopes of getting rich quick.

A lot of people can bring the slide home on their Glocks when they jam the mag in hard enough anyway.  Seems to happen on M&P pistols too.

oprah-derp-faceDon’t forget guys, pre-orders start in April. *snicker*

Check out the TapLoader website for more info.  Oh and one final thing, their motto: “The best thing to happen to your Glock in years!” *drops mic*




I posted this on my Instagram page today:

I'm at the range on ladies night like…

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Later in the afternoon, I see this message and LOL’d:

@barthatch: That kid looks like @mattv2099

It was then seconded by @royalnonesuch .  I decided I better do some research and here’s a pic for comparison:


hahah yea definitely similar, in the glasses though more than anything.

Good stuff.  Thoughts?



Oh Lawwwwwwwwwd those links flying out!

The sound is on point too.

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyDid Larry take that mat from Crossfit?  Note I just gave all you crossfit guys the chance to pipe up again, and let everyone know that you do crossfit hahah :P

THOTS? Oooops dat thirst.. I mean, Thoughts?



Cryptic message from the past sends Bond on a mission:

James-Bond-Spectre-HK-VP9Meh, doesn’t really have me wanting more.  That said 007 movies are always entertaining, have plenty of action, and awesome visuals at the locations they pick.

Wow I can’t believe this is movie #24.




Ahoy is on it:

Shark-UZIThat’s a good looking design for sure.

5:13 – “It is the perfect choice for a drive-by shooting”  haha oh no he didn’t!

Shark Uzi!  Yea that actually happened.



LOL this:


From the website:

Our all-new Dual Sight System elevates the AR-15 from effective to absolutely lethal. By allowing you to mount both your battle sights, red dot or reflex sight, and your scope simultaneously, you are able to “stay in the zone” by targeting close, medium and long-range targets quickly and with great accuracy. By sighting your scope 0 at 100 yards, it maintains +/-1″ off sight line (2″ point blank range) from 80 to 220 yards!


As you can see by that ballistics chart, those clown stilts give your AR-15 laser beam level accuracy.  Don’t argue with me guys, it’s on an official looking graphic and there’s numbers.  Science.

Dual-Sight-System-EOtech-Rifle-StiltsThis next picture shows an EOtech mounted at the end of a rail way ahead of the scope.  Maybe it’s just my personal preference for my vision, but I tried that once for kicks and it was so easy to lose the red dot in the lens at that distance.

So in conclusion if you want 80-220 yard laser beam accuracy (apparently), you can grab this thing for $135 on the madhouse design website.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?

Gat tip: Enfieldem2