Oh no Dennis baby what is you doin’?:

A modeling pic:

LOL that is too good – spartan head, serpa holster and all.  Man I love this industry so damn much, it almost brings a tear to my eye.

Oh an naturally he goes on a threepdog walkabout to test it out and encounter a handful of Sheriff deputies and has “the conversation” to educate them all:

It appears he’s selling them for $10, and you can pay via Paypal.

Thoughts? You want yours with a punisher logo or III% piedog put on it somehow? Dennis might be able to sort you out, I’m not sure how he is with the customizations.

Gat tip: @firstassurance


OMG people lost their damn minds over this:

Instagrammer Ohio2A posted the meme, I thought the caption + picture was funny so I reposted it as I often do.  People then proceeded to have a meltdown because the person pictured is Mike Pannone.   Once I was put onto that name, I still had no idea who that was.  Did the name sound vaguely familiar?  Sure, but I have a lot of interests spanning across multiple industries and I didn’t recognize the face.  It’s a real shame actually, that I don’t have the brain capacity nor the reference picture rolodex built to keep up on how 360 degrees of the face of everyone whose ever done anything notable looks at this current moment in time, linked to their credentials.  Maybe I could build an app or something to provide pre-meme post/repost facial recognition and credential scanning, which would then in turn use a series of complex algorithms to calculate potential butthurt and potential viral exposure.  As far as I know Mike’s not putting out derpy, sensational, or troll bait YouTube videos, so that would explain why he’s not on my radar.

If you made popcorn and want to scroll comments:

If anyone cares, Mike Pannone himself commented on my Facebook post.  The white knights can rest easy that Mike doesn’t give a shit about the meme:

Thoughts?  Seeing the reaction, this really makes me want to make a meme up of my own… where I pretend I don’t know who Larry Vickers, Colion Noir, or maybe John Browning is.


They did a nice job on these promo vids, so I figured I’d post them:

Thoughts?  Also, why hasn’t the NFA been repealed yet?  The petition got the required number of signatures months ago.  *that question was sarcasm btw*  I swear most people thought signing that petition would mean they could buy suppressors down at walmart once it it reached the 100k goal.  I’m not holding my breath for that, but I don’t see it as being out of the realm of possibility if ownership of them continues to be normalized… which a lot of the big names are really doing a nice job at promoting in their marketing over the last few years.


Heh a whole 24 views currently:

This guy’s subscriber count and views are so low, I am astonished he keeps trying.  Actually, it’s admirable how persistent he is because at this point he must have realized no one cares so he obviously just does it for the sport.  This rant is incredibly long and repetitive, not to mention hard to listen to with the voice change filter and his ominous background music.

It’s pretty hilarious how he constantly flexes how he has zero credentials, and how the NRA instructor course is such bullshit (note: they kicked his ass to the curb pulling his credentials).  Oh and this is pure gold:

3:40 – “Credentials don’t make me… my experience does.  My body count make me” <— Oh?

Honestly just like all this other videos, this one is very much a waste of time unless you have 16 minutes to spare on an incoherent rant done for no other reason than to stroke his own ego.  You can tell these video gas him up so much.

If you missed my past posts on him, they are all pretty bizarre.

Thoughts?  Is that park he’s in empty because all the moms and kids fled once they saw a guy angrily ranting into the selfie cam?


Ahoy back at it:

That smooth narration voice though.  I’ve never shot a P90, but they sure look cool / weird.  A lot of interesting info in this video regarding armor piercing etc..

4:19 – I didn’t realize how much the NATO logo looks like the Stone Island logo haha.

I don’t even want to google how much 5.7mm ammo is, but I’m sure it’s ridiculous.



This is highly roastable for so many reasons:

Ok ok … where to start.  First off, for those that aren’t familiar with the usual definition of Clock Block I’ll point you to Urban Dictionary.

0:10 – OOOO that XD-40 battlewear tho.  You can tell he’s blocked a lot of cocks with that thing.

0:22 – Whoa, so you mean to tell me it’s the ONLY slide rack assist and pistol mount?  Astonishing there aren’t dozens of competitors in this lucrative niche.

0:22 – “Let me adjust that elbow babe, oh and lets slide that finger down 0.27″… good gooooood”

0:29 – Ultracringe at this.  For real she’s fumbling with this all while her finger is on the trigger? AHHHHH

0:35 – This man is doing the same thing.  This ruined my day.

0:42 – Her too.  Ok… am I being trolled?

1:03 – Naturally the two sizes are the “Alpha” and the “Bravo”

1:10 – hahaha “patent pending” of course.

You can hit up the official Cock Bloc website to purchase one for $30.  Wild times we’re living in guys… wild times.


Gat tip: Matthew