A project an Army mechanical engineer is working on:


At the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, or ARL, Dan Baechle, a mechanical engineer, is testing MAXFAS, a mechatronic arm exoskeleton, which is designed so that it could be used to train new Soldiers to reach shooting proficiency faster.  The problem he wants to correct is the same as the familiar effect, which happens when someone aims a laser pointer at arm’s length toward a board on the other side of the room, and notices a slight, but constant movement of the laser light on the board. The initial experiments showed that after subjects wore MAXFAS and then performed a shooting trial, the tremor that causes this type of shake was lessened, even after removing the device, he said.

Baechle believes the project, he has been working on for the last year, has a chance, because fatigue, involuntary tremors in the arm and difficult situations, like shooting under fire or shooting on the move, will continue to degrade shooting performance in Soldiers even as more advanced weapons technology emerges. (Source)

Interesting!  Yea I could definitely see how that would be useful.  Fun to try out too for us non military guys.  The amount of on-the-fly calculations this system must have to do to discern between actual wanted movement and tremors must be insane.  So many unknowns.  Last thing you’d want to do is have a servo restrict a soldier’s movement unnecessarily.  You don’t always get 2nd chances when you’re getting shot at.

So much of these new ideas are so emerging technology dependent.  Like, in “theory” this is amazing, until you realize that the servos currently needed aren’t that small… they need power to operate so there are batteries needed… Batteries don’t last forever… and on and on.

Thoughts?  Would actually operate with?  Worse case scenario I figure I’d pick one up to avoid cheeto eating fatigue while at the computer.  Nothing is worse than having to switch arms because your primary eating arm gets tired.

P.S. – Has there been any military feminist moment pushing to get the term changed to “Markspersonship?”  LOL ya I crack myself up.


Andy Ross (Yea I haven’t heard of him either but he has a nice tour bus) gets it done:

American-FlagI’m not mad at this video.  It’s been done before… oh well cool stuff anyway.

I started reading the About section on Andy’s website, but it’s white text on a black background and way too long so I lost interest.  Looks like he’s some sort of Bowhunter with a show on the Sportsman Channel in addition to the music.  I’m not sure what he’s more famous for.


Mattv2099 with that AK… ALL DAY:

Me to Mattv2099 on his beginning rant – “Young trigga preachhhhhhh!”

haha “30 shot clip”… perfect.

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelI just found out recently that Stephen King wrote a book about school shootings back in the late 70s called “RAGE”, which he let go out of print after it was found to be connected to some actual school shootings.  Most of the connections seem quite loose, but whatever.  Just because someone owned a book, then did something bad it’s kind of a reach to say they were “influenced by the book” if you ask me.  Since violent books fell out of fashion to violent video games in recent years, the media has shifted the blame.



Still wants her bodyguards and security to have guns though heh:


They scare me so much. I’m not the type to have them in my house – the security at the front of my house might but not in my house. I truly honestly believe we don’t have strict enough gun control laws and it would change a lot. (Source – Mirror)

People are freaking out over this comment.  I don’t really know how anyone is surprised though.  Kim Kardashian is not famous for her logic and knowledge of firearms and the laws surrounding them.

I’m still kind of surprised / irritated that Kanye settled down with her.  I mean it makes perfect sense on the fame-whore level they both occupy… but he has so incredibly much talent and she well… she does not.

The picture I used in the post was from 2012 when she went skeet shooting in the Dominican Republic.  Damn she looked a lot better back then, even with all those clothes on.



Meh.. making things more complicated rather than less complicated:

This just popped up on my radar tonight, despite it being announced at the MILIPOL show Paris in 2003.  The video which came out today was a shorter one in Italian with English subtitles… which prompted me to google the one I ended up embedding.

Basically i-Protect (ya oh shit Apple isn’t going to like that) currently being developed for Law Enforcement; consists of the smart weapon, clothing, cellphone, and network which collects data / keeps track of EVERYTHING.  They are really emphasizing how it’s to make the “citizens feel more secure”.  I’m not really buying that angle, but whatever.  I’m so sick of adding complexity, rather than taking it away.  You just know once they are reasonably happy with how it’s functioning for police, guess who it’s mandatory for next?  Yea.. everyone else.  I’m sure this type of thing has the potential to save lives if done properly… but pessimistically I’m doing to say we already know it won’t be done properly and be a huge disaster.


Beretta-iProtect-Technical-SpecsAs much as I think it’s good that police who aren’t doing their job properly are being exposed more often in this time of cellphone cameras and technology, I think it will eventually reach the point where no one in their right mind would even considering doing that job because you’re under such scrutiny all the time.  That sounds incredibly stressful coupled with an already ridiculously stressful job.

Beretta-Firearms-LogoThe fact they keep using the term “operator” and “operations” over and over again in this video makes it worth the post on it’s own.



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