Holy, I like everything about this video:

Wow… from the equipment, to the sound, to the CNC machining, and manual work… incredible capability-flex.

Beretta-Firearms-LogoI had no idea their premium guns were made by hand still like that.  That makes me really want one now…. I’d still want to do something ignorant like turn that stock Yung Luigi spent 100 hours on into a birds head grip though.  Yeeeeeeechhhhhh I know.


Hat tip: Olly



Cokeman and his buddy in 13.5 minutes of voices and useless trolling while shooting:

Cokeman^^^^^ LOL these guys.  Seriously Cokeman needs his own show.  It would be difficult to watch, but at the same time he would troll so hard it would be incredible.  He’d have dudes like TMHonfire (another 2nd Amendment Ambassador) guest star.

I have zero doubt in my mind that the reason no one is ever at the range when they shoot is because everyone who was there is probably like OH SHIT… then they pack up and leave as quickly as possible.

What are the chances they just show up, make a mess and then get in the car and leave?

Well it’s quite obvious there isn’t an ammo crisis anymore… that’s one thing these types of vids prove.




Yeager says the gun community is a bunch of punk bitches:

James-Yeager-Tactical-Responsehaha people love labels.   I don’t really care what you want to call yourself, if you’re reading the blog and have an interest in guns, that’s cool with me.  As far as I’m concerned you don’t have to agree with and support EVERYTHING gun related.  You’re allowed an opinion, and if your opinion is that something “hurts” the progress of gun rights then that’s fine.  Doesn’t mean someone should stop doing whatever that is, if it is within their rights… but I don’t think you having that opinion makes you a punk and I’m not ashamed of you.




Demolition Ranch doing some science:

OMG that intro LOL.

haha that was so awkward when he kept pulling it from behind the swimming trunks.

Demolition-Ranch-NutshellzDemolition Ranch’s favorite mannequin is wearing the ENDO M16 Rifle hat.

Nutshellz is the company who makes that cup if you want one.




Vice goes to CANSEC.  Spoiler alert: CANADA OPERATES:

2:20 – I had no idea Colt was making their own Trackingpoint type system (Looks ghetto AF though ahahahaa).  Makes sense they would want a piece of that market.  I wonder if behind closed doors they tried to buy TrackingPoint at some point, but were turned down?  That would have been a big offer I bet.  TrackingPoint knows what they have though, good for them!

3:27 – Can I get it to simulate the door of a space shuttle?  haha

3:53 – LOL at the octo-copter with the Tavor.  WANT!

wendys-poutine6:30 – Trust Lockheed Martin to roll up on the show and shit on everyone’s grade school models with an actual simulator.  Damn, I want to try that thing.

ISIS out there thinking Canada is only maple syrup, hockey, and poutines bout to have some bad days.




This over delivered in some ways, but yet is a complete waste of bandwidth:

Hunted all over the world, but NEVER shot an AR-15.  I find that kind of odd, but whatever.

3:07 – WTF?  These girls have shot before?  Flinching, eyes closing, hitting the dirt like 6 ft in front of the target?    Maybe that was rigged though since they were connecting fine after that.

5:11 – BLACK MAN TARGETS IN A COTTON FIELD?!  I CAN’T BREATHE.   Just trolling guys, I did LOL for real though when that came up in the video.

Kendall-Jones-Remington9:00 – “Although we’re in a cotton field we’re going to pretend this an urban environment.”  Hmmm “urban” hey? LOL I CAN’T BREATHE.

9:28 – Kendall and Taylor hop out the G-ride and shoot black targets in the cotton field… oh I mean “urban” environment.