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I picture loading and shooting it looking something like this:

Yea why not. *shrug*



Oh it happened…. this little “clamp”:

Will allow you to double down on the picatinny derp, with shenanigans such as…. oh I don’t know firing mirrored AR-15s:

Or even putting a handgun underneath your rifle.   Because we all know how useful that would be:

I don’t know how I can get through these posts sometimes guys *smfh* haha.  This clamp is $40 over at A3 Tactical if you fit the profile.


Gat tip: Kyle, Matt


My dude NOIR on the topic:

Truth as always.  Man the production quality in his videos now is off the charts good.  The myth of “silencers are only for assassins” is so ridiculous.

Hopefully that Hearing Protection Act passes.



Oh man a new development in this derp… this is money:

So the model 1 you see at the start of the video is the same derpy setup I blogged about a while back.  Whatever.  So I was about to close the video, but then gloriously at 0:26 seconds we see the model 2… ARE YOU ACTUALLY SHITTING ME?  A foldable trigger which is then exposed when you pull that magazine derp attachment off the front of your gun.

The FullConceal website is the place to “reserve your spot” in line for one of these beauts. Use the code “JustFuckMeUpFam” for 0% off.



The fact that this needed to be made so that people could have an “AR-15” in some of the non free states, makes me want to cry:

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Oh and it starts at a cool $800, and comes in .223 and .300 BLK.  You can cry over it more by reading the details on the TROY website.

Whose man did this?  Who let this slide? LOL Thoughts?


Predictably annoying:

Oh man I was barely 30 seconds in and I already wanted to jump off my balcony.

Holy a lot of Gucci guns in the video.  Can’t say I wouldn’t be happy owning most of them.

Thoughts? Uh so like what are their qualifications anyways, in order do preform such trick shots?

Gat tip: Bart