*smh* I hope this isn’t real:

“Tweet Apple’s CEO @Tim_Cook and ask him to have the gun emoji removed” <—- LOLOL

This iPhone disarming movement seems to say they are affiliated with NYAGV – “New Yorkers Against Gun Violence”.  I can’t say that organization is familiar to me, but it reeks of Bloomberg and even the website looks like all his.  I’m trying to finish blogging and watch Episode 7 of “POWER” and eat cherries and dark chocolate though so I don’t really have time for research.  Someone fill me in if you know.

The one thing which seems kind of suspicious to me is that the YouTube video doesn’t have comments disabled, which is definitely out of character for anything Bloomberg and disarmament related.

Revolver-iphone-irevolverA quick twitter search for #disarmtheiphone shows that not very many people give a shit.



Deep brAh… deeep:

Travis-Haley-Ed-HardyThis one is a bit too “Affliction t-shirt” for my liking, but damn that Keomaka (artist) is talented.  Priced from $20 for an 11×14″ print … all the way up to limited edition larger prints for $1500.

Ugh, what’s a Travis Haley video though where we can’t see his beautiful skin? *pause*  Almost 2 minutes of my life, and all I see is the back of his neck and hands in poor lighting.

If you missed the first piece of Travis Haley commissioned artwork check it out here.



You know I’m a sucker for posting slow motion / guys wearing my shirts in videos:

roast-handGood stuff.  The rifle with the Slidefire though… that thing is UTG and Tapcofucked to the max.  I’d definitely do “roast hand” on that guy at the range.  haha nah just kidding I wouldn’t actually… but I’d be doing it in my mind.

Matt is wearing the AK-47 Fire Selector Switch Shirt from ENDO Apparel.  I have it in all sizes but medium currently (both colors).


Forgotten Weapons with a 13mm Gyrojet rocket carbine:

Chris-Costa-Hive-SatchelRemember CostaGate?  That was so hilarious, I was laughing to myself the other day still about it.  You can hit those links if you need to catch up.. a lot of the instagram embeds on the meme page are actually videos so make sure to click on them to play.

Forgotten Weapons did an awesome job with the parody.  I love how his camera man hit that CAN’T EVEN type GASP WHOAAAAAAHHHHH right on cue.

Thoughts?  How many of you slept on that Ninja Turtle Life Helmet Derp Satchel (pictured) when it was available?  Yeah I bet a lot of you.  I have a storage locker full of them, just waiting for them to appreciate in value so I can retire off some ebay auction money.

By the way it was pure speculation on my behalf about Forgotten Weapons not having as many lustful Asian fanboys than Costa. He may very well even have more, because dudes with access to as many badass guns as he does, coupled with the pony and goatee is pretty much G.O.A.T. unicorn status even on US soil.

Gat tip: Kyle


WHOA.  Baret “Pastor Fireworks” Fawbush lights it up inside his house:

A video posted by ENDO (@everydaynodaysoff) on

I have to say that’s the first I’ve ever seen that done.  Here’s his video disclaimer:

Don’t try this at home. This video is meant for entertainment purposes only. All actively in this video is lawful for this state. All bullets went into my birm located in my yard. I have no neighbors for miles. No one was home.

_Actual-Home-Defense-Training-ShootingFair enough.  About that berm though?  Dude has a berm around his house?  I don’t know *shrug*.  I’d be uncomfortable trying something like that though in a non life threatening situation.  Mainly because I like things clean, and after I did that all I would be thinking about is I just got burnt gun powder residue all over everything.


Gat tip: @guru262



Well I don’t know if they are exactly “Leet Haxors” but they are definitely hackers.

You can read the full article on Wired.

leet-haxorAs a company, Tracking Point dropped the mic and quit accepting new orders in May.  There are obviously rifles out there right now which could be targeted by this hack, and are almost definitely not going to see software updates from Tracking Point to patch this.  I imagine due to their relative rarity, it’s not a huge concern unless Law Enforcement or the military are using them somewhere.  It’s interesting though to note that it looks like business as usual on the Tracking Point site currently *shrug*.

I think a funny additional hack would be to flash goatse on the screen for a split second every time the red button or trigger was pressed.  Then you’d be like “Whaaaa?  Oh nm.. must be my imagination, I think I’m losing it.” haha

I still think the idea of Tracking Point is really damn cool.  Sure it turns shooting into an expensive video game rather than one of skill… but it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun just to fool around with to see how far firearms have come.  There’s something comforting about knowing your Mosin Nagant will never be subject to a goatse hack though right?  After the infamous AimPoint CompM4 lemonparty hack scare of 2010, one can’t be too cautious.

Oh and just to put it out there… this hack now officially ruins my plans of ever doing this with a pack of cigarettes (joking :P):


Gat tip: David