When your torso in a vehicle is exposed to incoming fire, this is what you need to do apparently:

Dallas Lloyd, Host of Tactical Environments and Lead Instructor for Premier Tactical Group looks at ways you can use your vehicle defensively if you have a situation where you need to shoot.

0:24 – The explanation of what’s about to happen begins.

1:00 – Wait a minute… what’s going on?

1:03 – LOLOL he’s actually doing it.  Is this real life?

Back-Seat-Operator-Maneuver-Dallas-Lloyd1:17 – AHAHAHAHHAHA the roll out of the truck into the prone position.  Pure comedy.

I have to say I’m a bit disappointed after all that he didn’t do “the worm” to retreat back toward the tailgate, then proceed to get up onto it and engage more tangos.

Thoughts?  Are you training like this starting today?

Hat tip: Beau, Al, Dawud, James, Chris, Jay


American-Sniper-Movie-Bradley-CooperYea that looks like it’s going to be good.  Bradley Cooper didn’t mess around by the look of it.

Select theaters Dec 25th, everywhere January 16th.

If you missed the first trailer check it out. I still think Zach Galifianakis should have had supporting role.

Thoughts?  Anyone not as optimistic as me?


After way too long, it’s back in stock again:


Head over to ENDO Tactical to pick one up.

  • Yes if you add a stock to it and connect it up to your Glock, it will change its classification to an SBR.  You’ll need an approved ATF form 1 before you do that to be legal.
  • Yes the Sig SB15 arm brace will work with the adapter, however I have no idea what that means legally at the current moment.  Do you still need an approved form 1?  I’ll let everyone know as soon as I see something official.

Thanks so much for your patience! I’ll be sending the email out to everyone who is on the notification list soon, in addition to contacting everyone who emailed me about but may not be on the list.

Race haters gonna hate:

Part 2 is on the Vice website.
Part 3 – Not up yet.

Damn… hating someone because of their race must be such an exhausting way to live.  Even those rituals look exhausting.

2:04 – Oooooooo dat Barcelona chair.  WANT. P.S. Anyone work for Knoll who reads the blog, that can deeply discount? :P

KKK vids like this I’ve seen normally always look like a sausage fest too.  What fun is that?  I’m sure some girls are down with it, but there definitely looks like a drought.

3:07 – “The A-Rabs” hahaha well if that isn’t a stereotypical way to say Arab I don’t know what is.   Maybe it’s a south thing in general?  Dude trying to troll with the chips too, but ended up showing respect because they were praying.  Surprising.

4:21 – Yea I don’t doubt that being a part of the group gives you a sense of belonging… but any group will do that so join a gym or something instead bro, damn.

6:00 – I ain’t even gonna front.  The Klan has the morale patch game on LOCK SON!  That said, I don’t want to own any of those… but I’m ‘mirin the embroidery no less.


0:22 – LOL backwards flag… whOOps.  Funny how VICE left that in too.

00:51 – ROFL twice… twice backwards!

1:00 – WTF, the SS flag backwards too?  They should fire that one guy from flag hanging duties for real.

7:22 – They definitely need a web / graphic designer on board.

9:45 – Holy teacup grip batman.  That’s one of the most extreme examples I’ve ever seen.


VICE-LogoMan I love Don’t be a Menace…



This gets my vote for one of the most useless videos of 2014:

Cartman-Cheesy-PoofsReally?  So for the most part the “correct” way is to fake it and just say the names in the accent of the country  they are native to?  *smh*  Yea that’s not going to get eye rolls from everyone you talk to.

Well played OutdoorHub… well played…



Yea… this is cool:

The objective of the EXACTO program is to revolutionize rifle accuracy and range by developing the first ever guided small-caliber bullet.  The specially designed ammunition can change direction in midair.

Full article over at Stripes.

DARPA is so epic, I CAN’T EVEN.  Like it mentioned in the article, you definitely don’t want to have snipers total rely on technology like this.

Bullet-Slicing-Water-Drop-2I wonder if X-ACTO brand knives will get all up in DOD’s face for trademark infringement?

Hat tip: SayUncle