Doing things just to do them.

That rifle setup is worth in the ballpark of $6000-$7000 with the optic and mount haha.  At least they packed it well… that was a hard fall and bounce.

That drone looks like a DJI Inspire One too which I see goes for $2900, yikes.  You’d think they just could have bought a cheap drone off Amazon and saved some money.  Oh well LaRue probably makes half a million dollars off ARFCOM sales alone in a single day anyway.  When I used to go on there lots back in the day, people loved everything made by that company.

Larue-TacticalThoughts?  Does the LaRue Kool-Aid taste ever so sweet?


Just Vizzy Viz being a redneck:

VizualCandi-RickyThat guy’s characters are top notch.  He gives them all some more screen time at the end if you watch through. I feel that with a bit better writing, he could rival Carnik Con (rival… I didn’t say beat ;) ).  Raddondo is priceless.



Mattv2099 with the most request trollture test of all time:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-Apparelhahah this guy.  What a disaster that the pumpkin pie test ate the finish off his AK like that.

I think it goes without saying that JB weld would flat out wreck any gun you tried this on, buy doing what it’s supposed to do and welding the parts together.  I’m not surprised he doesn’t want to try that one.



Dude is cold LOL:

Frozen-guns-Shootinghaha awesome video / awesome singing.  

He goes by The AK Guy on YouTube.  I really hope we see more funny videos from him… I live for stuff like this.


What happens in Russia:

haha nice.  Here’s a vid to go along with the story… trigger discipline doesn’t look good at the start.  Muzzle direction too eeeeeeeeeh, that’s a guy sitting down:

freddie-gibbs-AK-russiaAlthough I’m not the biggest fan of his, he makes hood music… nothing for the clubs, nothing for the women.

haha even that Russian hat too. At least he’s pro gun :P A lot of his raps are actually about guns, even the song titles are gun related. Obviously not a guy the NRA is going to want to put on the payroll anytime soon, but you get the idea.



LAV takes it to Arsenal Firearms in Moscow behind the scenes with Tac TV (three parts in this playlist):

Video#1 – 0:57 – Calls himself “homeslice”

Video#1 – 3:58 – Damn, that guy is missing the tips of all his fingers!  Machining accidents are nasty.

LAV shoots them:

Larry-Vickers-Miniature-GunsThose miniatures all look amazing.  At 2:42 - Is that bullet rolling around in flight about to keyhole?  Do they not rifle the barrels?