Wirty Dhore doing the lords work.  This is some good content right here:

Honestly I prefer bullshit torture tests for humor and shock value like this one rather than actual torture tests.

1:36 – Whoa wait a minute… he’s shooting at the AR-15… that escalated quickly.  I thought this was going to be one of those “toss it around and get it a bit dirty and have some laughs” type torture test.

1:59 – AHHAHA he’s flame thrower’ing it.

3:02 – Holy that’s looking crispy.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


haha this guy is pretty funny:

0:30 – Talking about how it’s a pistol so he could walk around with it and ride with it in his car but “I’m black and I ain’t trying to die so I ain’t do that”.

1:00 – “shoot some ducks and shit”

Another funny vid where he rides around with the Drago in his car:

And another where he gives advice on how to handle being pulled over by the police when you have a gun in the car and you’re black:

haha good stuff, good stuff.


Gat tip: Ryan


Ugh fellas… I hate to bring this to your attention, but behold:

$12 on the ARFCOM website.  Initially I was flabbergasted this thing was actually brought to market by them.  However, many people on that site no doubt suffer from actual autism (no joke intended), so having a spinner which matches their interests I’d have to say is quite cute.


Gat tip: Anon


He calls it “Just the tip”.  Well… at least he’s doing that and not negligently shooting anymore people or doing some more gay-ass-pushup videos *shrug*. There are currently two videos:

AK Slap then rack:

Train as you live:

I could really do without the 23 seconds dubstep intro and outro in each video.  Seems to be some good advice so far.  I’m not pretending I can’t learn a thing or two from Sonny P.  Would I enter a dark shoot house within 50 miles of him?  Helllllllll No.  AHahahhahah.

At 1:30 in the second video I did a double take because that shirt has all the makings of some vintage Raf Simons.  Tru menswear heads kno. Is his JC Penny Spring/Summer 2013 though?

I like how he’s trying to be chill in the vids, but he basically comes across as the most unchill uptight guy on the planet.

If you want to see how he describes this video series you can watch this intro video.



Remember this terrifying individual? haha:

If he looks familiar on ENDO, it’s because I posted a terrifying video of a while back waving a shotgun and threatening people on camera.

You can read the full story over at CBS.  Surprisingly (to me anyways), his family and mom is going full “my baby didn do nuffin, my baby is an angel who has a passion for helping the homeless and his mother”.

Interesting that at 1:50 in the video it says he only got his face tattooed a couple months ago.  I respect (but don’t) that he went all in on that endeavor haha.


Gat tip: Travis, Richard, Joseph, @mattmac_, @vincentparadise187, @SPQRzilla and anyone else I forgot thank you.


Maximilian P. Onytail demoing their California “Bolt Stop Device”:

Man, that pony blowing in the wind looking like pure freedom.  I think I heard an eagle scream, someone crack a Busweiser, and the rev of a Mustang engine. Too bad Californians don’t have the freedom to NOT require them to have a dumbass device like this.  LOL single shot, LOL my sides… they hurt.

I was trying to get a price on this product for you CA dudes.  I did the legwork and went to their website… hit accessories… and nothing.  Oh well I tried.