Hmmmmm well this is sufficiently creepy / useless:

Asian-Kid-Glock-ToothbrushI’ve blogged about this “Nebraska Piece” kid before.  He’s very sus, I don’t really know what else to say about him or his videos besides that.  Any videos I can poke fun at though are an asset to the community.

Thoughts? Shoutouts to Nebraska.


Normally a video like this wouldn’t interest me, but SuperSetCA is really with the shits so I’ll put it up:

Man that production value tho.  I know you guys are going to make fun of me, but I still rock an EOtech.  Now at least I can blame my shitty shooting on “zero shift“, rather than wind or sunlight hitting my face haha.

Remember the ACOG centipede?:




I had low expectations for this video, but it was actually hilarious:

hahaha ok ok, this video was definitely worth it.  I’m always skeptical because usually after something becomes sort of a “meme”, it just gets absolutely beaten to death and I end up wading through dozens of videos that are all basically the same.

Born-To-FeelIf you’re not familiar with what this video is a parody of, read this Gersh Kuntzman article on how firing a horrifying AR-15 for the first time basically irreversibly destroyed his soul.


Gat tip: Keith


Breaking news, but not really news at the same time:

Valerie-Nonesuch-Slamfire-ShotgunThis video is weird as hell.  *insert problematic emoji face here*  Dat UZI tho.

I thought the homie Yung Richie a.k.a. Royal Nonesuch had her locked down?  Maybe he never did, and it was just a hopeful figment of my imagination?  Maybe him and Valerie broke up and he’s banished from the multi million dollar Serbu machine shop and back to making guns with pipe, hand tools, a welder, and a dream?  Judging by his latest .50 BMG homebrew videos I think the latter might be correct.

Thoughts?  Some of you guys still mad at me for trying to make Valerie Serbu “happen”? Serbu is a cool company I’ve always liked, and she’s the daughter so ya I think the girl has YouTube / blog potential.  For better or worse at least she’s risen above wearing a bikini and getting drenched in water.  Predictably, at just a bit over 92,000 views, that is her most successful video so far (by a land slide).


Did his nose smash into a million bloody pieces?  Watch to find out:

thinking-facehaha naturally his nose was fine.  No bruise, not broken as that dramatic diva of a journalist Gersh Kuntzman would claim happens when you fire such a horrifying beast of a firearm.

1.3M views on the above video means it’s making some rounds haha.   Naturally, many of the comments are so far beyond retarded I wonder how some of the people making them can even breathe and type at the same time without some serious concentration on both.


Gat tip: JB



Lady-Gaga-Alejandro-AR-15-SBR-Bra-2“A Good Way To Blow Your Hand Open?! Interrupting AR15 Cycle Of Operation” is the actual vid title haha. Funker Tactical always turns the title up to 11.

All the cool kids were doing this with Glocks a while back, so the AR-15 was naturally next up.  The video served it’s purpose of demonstrating that his hand didn’t get blown off.  *shrug* cool I guess.

I’m just glad and surprised when I see a Funker Tactical video that isn’t retarded.  They had a string of them for a while that were off the wall… oh and when the Instructor Zero marketing engine was running at full speed is really pretty bad too.