First derp draw surprise happens at 0:08 if you’re as impatient as I am.

Tactical-Tummy-IWBSo as you can see he carries it in a V type position, with the barrel pointing upwards at an angle and awkwardly flips it into his hands.  Yea… that’ll work under stress and not result in him shooting his gut, hand, or someone else negligently.

0:47 – Wow that fake barrel racking motion.  10/10 so operator *eye roll*

Thoughts?  Will President Trump outlaw Mexican carry because it’s un-American?  I hope so… shit’s downright reckless.


Semantics.  People are likely saying “self taught” because they were put on the spot in front of his whole damn class.  What did he expect them to say?  I’m assuming by his arrogance he wanted to hear “I have not taken any formal training”. *smh* whatever get over yourself and cash the checks bro.

James-Yeager-Quite-Formidable-ArmyI found this video VERY entertaining… like Ernest P. Worrell level entertaining.  The idea that to become the best (or better even) you need a teacher, is laughable.

Remember though James Yeager is NOT here to entertain you.




0:11 – Stitches mixing that dirty Jones.  *AK brrrrrrrrrr sounds effect plays in background*

0:15 – Ugh this dude is nightmare fuel

0:18 – Yesssss his AK makes it’s first appearance.

0:33 – Stellar muzzle control as always

0:51 – Looks like his buddy has a MAC-10

1:15 – Good trigger discipline for real!  I’m actually impressed *reads ENDO once*

1:30 – “Now that boy say he got a problem / I got an AK-47 Imma solve it *BRRrrrrrrrrrrrr*”

2:02 – Very casual with the MAC.  I find the best place when to keep a MAC-10 when you’re expressing yourself is on your shoulder, so I can relate.

2:48 – Revolver time.  Some empty chambers in the cylinder at least for safety.

All in all this video disappointed as far as derp goes.  The song as sort of catchy, but I won’t listen to it again.

I’m cleaning my ears with some Post Malone currently:

Stitches-RapperOhhh yea.


So a specific phone was invented:

Taser-Axon-Head-Mounted-Camera-PoliceMeh this could have been way funnier if the acting wasn’t so rigid.  I haven’t posted any filmed open carry “AM I BEING DETAINED?!” type videos on here lately but I’m sure people are still trying hard to troll.  Leonard Embody (kwikrnu) actually crossed my mind a couple days ago… I wonder if he has baited the police enough to cash in on a lawsuit yet?  He’s definitely the type to have his name on “red-alert-wake-me-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-with-a-foghorn gooogle alerts” at any mention of his name, so hopefully he will stop by and chime in.



0:23 – Ugh that’s the Irish mom from a show I like called “Orphan Black”… she’s annoying and I’m already annoyed by this “myth” they are about to bust.

Mythbusters_title_screenMy initial thought is can’t she just set the side of the couch (or something else heavy) on top of the spoon and be done with it?  Or actually just throw it out the damn window like the “hero” did.  So dramatic.

This definitely is one of those throwaway Mythbusters ideas.  At least he ALLAHU AKBAR’d it at 3:24.


A compilation:

Dramatic-Movie-Gunshot-Deathhaha someone actually took the time to make a 30 minute video chronicling all his movie kills.

393 is pretty impressive. #BanJCVD #IfItOnlySavesOneLife