Habitual line stepper:

Here’s another one.  Looks like coincidentally another Asian Tourist too.  Had to get his wife to capture one for the ‘gram:

Asian-Kid-Glock-ToothbrushHomie in video #1 got his shit bullpup’d.  Good. He’s lucky that guard didn’t buttstroke him.

I’m not really a fan of the concept of a “monarchy”, but that doesn’t mean I think these guards (who have historical significance even) should be treated like clowns at a kid’s birthday party, despite their unique / different attire.

People need to show some respect.  I bet that kid would be the same type to do that to a police officer in the US.

Note: I used the Asian Kid Glock Toothbrush picture LOL remember that?  It was one of the few filenames with Asian in it, so I decided to cut corners rather than Shift + Ctrl + Command + 4 me a new one from the video.



Not a bad commercial for the most part I suppose:

S&W does a nice job with the POVs.  Disappointing that 2/3 actors are blatantly shown packing up empty guns… I don’t see the point.

Wait for it….. wait for it….

0:27 – “Confidence?  We perfected that years ago.” (Glock Source)

My reaction:


Are you messing with the subcompact Glocks? Or is the Shield your official shit because Glock slept on the Single stack sub-compact market for so long?


Larry taking an in depth look as usual:

Damn I love Larry’s vids.

There is so much cool stuff about that gun.  The stock… the open bolt design… the L shaped magazine… those badass sights etc…

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyInteresting what he was saying about the grip safety being a pain in the ass.  I laughed when he talked about “taping it down”.

Man, there is so very little flex of any type when fired on auto.  I guess at almost 8lbs though, they over engineered it.

I’m seriously considering getting a handful of Larry Vuitton stickers made up for personal use.  I’d probably just slap them up on various shit outside around my condo just so I could internally LOL every time I left the crib.  Maybe even a 1 of 1 shirt made, just to troll the staff at the LV stores.  I’d be like “It’s an operator thing… you wouldn’t understand.”



Dat slow motion tho:

There’s a behind the scenes video where they shoot some other stuff at her ass too.

I was like:

Gummy-Bears-Shot-At-AssThe water was a nice touch.  haha at that gold one which lingered in the crack starting at 0:50


Gat tip: Rootbeer Joe


It’s like Christmas in June:

0:46 – “Daewoo – When the bitches be trippin’.  You know I be driftin’.”   hahah genius

1:54 – LOL out of cultural respect.

The DP51 K5 pistol doesn’t really interest me, but that AR-100 K2 rifle is pretty cool if I was inclined to collect something.  Interesting how the South Korean military is still using it.

Holy those old Daewoo commercials were epic!

Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDOSadly, I think I remember seeing on his Instagram page (before he shut it down) that he was working on this video… so chances are it might not be “new” new… just one he didn’t release yet.  I don’t know though, maybe I’m mistaken.  I hope I am.


Gat tip: Keijo, no uno, Carl



Ruger-1022-with-zip-usfa-forend*shrug* seems to work well.  I’m really not a fan of widgets infiltrating any aspect of my life, unless they are completely necessary.  I see why some people might like this thing though for various reasons.

The price is definitely good at $22.50 … and the various magazine adapters for $6 each.   That’s nice to see.  Hopefully the plastic they make it out of is more durable than it looks.