Virginia whiteboy rap.  Everyone meet “Mini Thin”:

Hold-This-Lhaha whoa that’s terrible.  Creepy too.  Really makes me not want to visit West Virginia.

2:26 – “I ain’t scared to say it these dudes are wack / fuck every white rapper who tries to act black” <— WHAT?  So Mini Thin is oblivious to the fact he just dissed himself?

If you find you can’t get enough of Mini Thin, or you want a creepy Confederate Flag Jason hockey mask ($23) by all means hit up his website and buy everything.


Gat tip: Travis


NRA people sitting around the table agreeing with each other again:

NRA-LogoI don’t dislike these “Defending our America” videos, that said they are kind of useless because they are preaching to the choir and just keep rehashing the same old thing.  Content for the sake of content basically.

What’s with that blonde girl wearing a beret all the time?  Who wears a hat like that indoors?  She should wear some massive Chanel sunglasses as well just to complete the look.



Meh, he touches on some good points though:

Open-Carry-Most-Interesting-Man-In-The-WorldI’m surprised he didn’t mention fanny packs, despite the video thumbnail is a picture of fanny pack draw.  Those are so nerdy and not #Menswear approved, but neither are dumb satchels.  You gotta do what you gotta do to stay alive though.  If you’re going to go off body, I say go big or go home and carry an AR-15 SBR in a tennis racket case.  You know what… even that’s kind of lame; what you need is a hockey bag with wheels FULL of all types of guns and ammo that you just wheel everywhere with you.  No one is going to second guess it either as long as you have shitty hockey hair to look the part, and a stick of some sort.  It’s almost too genius.

Remember JohnnyIShootStuff’s plastic bag carry?  That would be considered off-body I suppose (even though you’re actually carrying it.  Quite risky though in a lot of environments.  You’re definitely not going to be setting down your plastic bag with a gun in it like you would be able to set down a regular satchel or bag.



7.62x51mm 3000 rounds per minute:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-ShirtMan… mini guns are so awesome.  I love that design.  Seeing it in slow motion was really cool too.

hahah 1:45 – Richards face when he’s holding the button and brass is raining out

It always blows my mind that Richard does all this stuff legally within the state of California. After hearing all the hoops he has to jump through it sounds like a huge pain, however I admire the fact he doesn’t just get up and leave the state simply because it would be easier elsewhere. California is his home so he wants to stay.


Preparing it with a revolver:

Jerry-Miculekhaha nice.  Damn 9 minutes though!  A bit long but still entertaining enough I suppose.

7:05 – Blue top is training (inert) right?  Someone off camera shot binary explosives or something to provide the boom?


You guys watch the CBS tv show Limitless?


If you check it out tonight 10/9C on CBS, my Come And Take It Keyboard t-shirt will most likely be in a scene.  There’s a chance the scene may have got cut, but it sounded like an important one to me so I’m crossing my fingers.

Let’s hope that I remember how to blog tomorrow after the fame goes to my head, I pop black bottles until the sun comes up, and black out in a Rolls Royce wraith at a drive-through window somewhere.

UPDATE: haha spoke too soon. Just watched the episode and it looks like they decided to have him wear a knit cardigan over an all black t-shirt in the hacking scene it was possibly supposed to be in. Oh well, maybe they’ll use it in another episode.