thai-custom-barrett-computer-casehahahha whoa he went full Tactical-THAI on this one.  So heavy he can’t even shoulder it!  Does he want US Citizenship?  Because that’s how you get US citizenship :P


Gat tip: Kingof9x


I don’t know if this required an 8 minute video, but here you go:

Instructor-Zero-Instagram-Fit-HoeIs it just me, or has Instructor Zero’s English got a lot better?

As usual, I feel like I’m missing on when an Instructor Zero video now doesn’t contain all or some of: a yoga half ball, tactical yoga pants, and gas mask.

Thoughts?  How long until Instructor Zero goes full on “Tactical Vlogger”?


Episode #3:

Roast-Hand-Colion-NoirGood stuff.  Keeping the momentum going this season, I like it.

My attention span is notoriously short nowadays, but the flow of this third season manages to keep it more often than not.



Oh my brain and heart:

aint-playing-fairI posted a sneak “behind the scenes” preview on instagram a few days ago, and it was lit (haha smh).  This video above is the full thing, and somehow comes across as being even MORE retarded when it’s in HD with quality sound.

The best part about these videos is when I repost them on Instagram and facebook there’s always one genius that’s like “THAT’S RACIST”… like huh?  How is me posting a video racist.  I post plenty of derpy videos where white people, Chinese people etc.. are doing stupid shit.  What astonishes me the most is that these aren’t solo off the cuff regrettable videos filmed in someones house with the camera on a tripod… these is an actual produced video that at least a handful of people thought was a good idea, and even more were down to be involved in it.

I don’t know guys… I just don’t know.  Thoughts?


This is RAW my guys:

Nerf-N-Strike-Elite-Hail-Fire-Blaster-Gun-ToyEverything about this is epic.  They did a really good job with the special effects and editing too.

I scanned the comments and was actually surprised no one bitched about it making light of the horrors of war.  Sometimes I over estimate the butthurtedness of the internet.



NOIR live:

Cool, he’s wearing the Pictogram Fire Selector Switch t-shirt in the video!  I discontinued that one in grey, but still have some in Black.

Whenever someone is doing it live, I always think of this Bill O’Reilly clip.  hahah

Here’s a segment from the first LIVE segment where he talks about VICE’s Mark Hay’s anti-gun deception:

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOYou can read the article he’s referencing on VICE.

I like the idea. Definitely a good way to get more personal with all his fans. It also doesn’t hurt that this is all making the NRA look good in process, and less like the old fat racist violent white guy boogeyman association which a lot of people still think it is. I hope somehow at least a portion of all the videos they put out with NOIR and others, make it out of the “preaching to the choir” realm and into the living rooms of people who are on the fence about the 2nd Amendment or flat out against the fact it exists.