In a world where everyone and their grandma makes AR-15 lowers, there are these:



spikes-tactical-logoThe company who makes them is Sharps Bros.  They are currently only available through our dick-spider logo’d friends at Spike’s Tactical.  Actually just the “nose art” style one (2nd pic) they call the Hellbreaker is available right now, the other one you’ll have to call in to order (like it’s 1994… maybe use your rotary phone too and ask them if they take a check LOL).

It’s about time someone did something more artistic with an AR-15 lower.  This industry is so fraught with copy-cats and laziness we don’t normally see people stepping outside the box like this.  Sure at $300 it’s not as cheap as a “normal” looking AR-15 lower receiver, which does the EXACT SAME THING… but you know you’re just going to blow the $250 you would have saved on some other stupid shit anyway so you might as well just splurge and buy this pimp’ish receiver.



The most tactical old man on the internet Jerry Miculek blew a stack on a 4k camera:

Jerry has NEVER lived in the no flex zone.  0:22 – On some fruit loops shit, Dude evidently copped a toucan just to stunt.

Jerry-MiculekIf Apple would get off their ass and actually release 4k displays, I’d be on that viewing level.  For now though I’ll slum it with 1080p.  Actually 1080p seems to stream better anyway… I don’t know what kind of connection you need to stream 4k, but seems like mine chokes when I try.

So based.  Thoughts?


New from Magnum Research:


Posted for no other reason than to point out how retarded “DESERT EAGLE 1911 G” looks on the side of it.  If you own this your life is probably like “fuggitabout it and get out of my way bRAH.  I’m on a mission to pick up more whey before I hit the gym, perfect the mirror flex selfie, pick out a couple new button-ups at Abercrombie, wear a notch hat with mirror tint white Oakley gascan sunglasses, and disrespect women.”  Pure obnoxious douchebaggery.  The fact anyone would pay anywhere near the MSRP of $900 for this thing absolutely blows my mind.

Magnum Research doesn’t do this to all their handguns, but they definitely do it to some of them.  Thank god they’ve stayed away from the actual Desert Eagle Mark XIX line so far.



Larry loves this thing like he loves cake:

We see belt fed ARs pop up every now and then, but then quickly disappear for whatever reason.  The one people reference most often as vaporware is the “shrike”… what I found curious was that looking at the product page for the gun shown in the video (the ARES-16), the page itself doesn’t mention the word shrike but in the last picture you can clearly see the upper labeled “SHRIKE 5.56″.  Is that because Shrike owns the patent?

If you ask me, this gun looks like the best of both worlds, as long as it’s reliable in reality as it is in the video.

Larry-Vickers-Hover-Sunglasses6:52 – Another one for my future LAV soundboard “WALKIN’ THA DOG.  WALKIN’ THA DOG”

Thoughts?  Are you like me and want to leave a pile of links somewhere then go grab a beer and some steak & lobster on the reg? #MotherfuckersNeverLovedUs #WorstBehavior

P.S. – Larry has been the shit lately, which is why I use the hover glasses pic now instead of “Pay attention to me, I’m important and famous”.   I feel that other one is now wildly disrespectful in light of recent videos.


A trailer for it:

Damn, that little Slovenian minx Manca is cute.  I asked on the above video when she’s getting her own channel.  Demolition Ranch’s sister should get her own channel too.  I don’t think there is any arguing the necessity of either of those.

Manca-Polenar-TacticalAnyone know why people are starting new channels for different footage anyway?  Seems counterintuitive to pull people away from the channel that is making you the most money.  Is it purely because some people might get pissed off when they see “behind the scenes” videos in their feed and unsubscribe?  I know a lot of YouTubers do this 2nd channel thing… just thought I’d ask.

Thoughts?  Needs MOAR Manca amirite?


Mattv2099 back with another trollture operation:

Mattv2099-Toothpaste-GlockSensodyne!  That shit is expensive.  Too easy on the Glock too, he should have used some harsh dollar store toothpaste.

No cavities, no problems.