AHHAAHHAHA dynamic half ball training:

Instructor-Zero-Instagram-Fit-HoeI’m still wondering where his branded detox tea is available for sale.  We need a tactical shake weight video too.

The thumbnail pic is definitely one of the photoshops I’m the most proud of haha.  A few people even asked me to put it on a t-shirt, which I will of course not be doing for numerous reasons.



If you’re not training for this my dude, you’re jus not training hard enough:

bee-operatorAK guys bee like “LOL, wouldn’t jam mine.  ARs, heh.”.

I put the speed at 0.25x hit my ENHANCE button and tried to pinpoint the exact time stamp which the bee flew in.  Couldn’t see it.  I’ll send it to the lab and get them to enhance it even more, and report back if I find anything.

Mattv2099 needs to do a bee hive trollture test to debunk if this was a perfect storm type scenario or something that would cause a FTF time and time again.



Our guy Richie Nonesuch

Royal-Nonesuch-Eye-PatchHe’s saying ~$150 for the kits (he hopes).  As long as the welds are clean, and the safety features aren’t so archaic I see this being a viable business.  Like he briefly touched on in the video, he’s going to need to start a business though so he’s not personally liable if someone gets hurt. His homemade grease gun (shown in the video) actually looks pretty nice, and functions well too.

Thoughts?  Would you buy one of Royal’s simple designs in a DIY kit if they were prettier looking?  Would you buy one anyway even if the welds were cringe worthy? The comments are YouTube are really supportive, so I hope he follows this through and comes correct with the final product.


hahah this guy gets butthurt and makes videos about the most random stuff:

Q: Is he a shill, is he not a shill?
A: Nobody cares, but here’s a 9 minute video mainly illustrating how much he likes to hear himself talk, how important and credible his opinion is, how connected he is, and how his YouTube channel employs two full time people.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedSHILL COUNT: UNKNOWN (unnecessarily high, and yes I’m too lazy to count)

Thoughts?  Do you miss the old Yeager as much as I do?  Threatening to kill people was so much more interesting an entertaining than getting butthurt like a little girl over things people on the internet say.


Her shooting .22’s and doing pushups:

Valerie-Nonesuch-Slamfire-ShotgunAnd that’s that.  I still think this girl has potential, even though her and Royal Nonesuch didn’t actually end up forming like voltron to produce the firearm industry’s youngest, prettiest, troll-iest, and innovative power couple.  It’s a shame because “Richard Serbu” has a nice ring to it (Richard is Royal Nonesuch’s first name).  Looks like they are still cool though, because Royal still kicks it with her dad Mark Serbu + comments cutesy things like “Nice :-) almost to 30k”.  That aside, it’s notable that at 30k there’s already so much thirst and back patting in the comments… this is going to be a wild ride getting to 100k+.

Thoughts?  U mad I keep trying to make 50CalVal happen?  I’ll agree with you she’s no Kirsten Joy Weiss.


I like where this is headed:

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyThe quick cuts, peeks of his rolex, slow motion and AC/DC had me throwing money at the screen.

$730 for this “upgraded” G19 RTF2 and G17 RTF2.  You can hit up those links for more details.

10/10 would operate with while listening to the AC/DC live album.  Thoughts?