So operator it hurts:

hahah coming this fall.  I don’t know what kind of market there is for this kind of thing, but I’m sure he’ll do alright with it.  I thought the day of the “DVD” was over like 10 years ago, but I could be wrong.  Unless now DVD just means “video to download”.

Watching him side step to the white stripes song at 0:33 is entertaining.

0:44 – total upside down loading of the pistol is so crucial if you’re trying to look the part.

Instructor-Zero*NOTE: Instructor Zero would like you to know that all the bricks in his wall are child labor free.

I really hope he teaches advanced tactical handgun shit like forward rolls, suffocation training, and how to get shot in a hallway.



A promo video for their AR series:

TrackingPoint-LogoTrackingPoint is one of those firearm companies which many other firearm companies should take notes on.  *cough* Sig Sauer *cough* and many others.

Engaging targets from a chair zip line, and shooting through the Android equipped goggles are high on my “TO DO” list.


More on Silencerco’s neva been done befo shotgun suppressor:

A video of the NRA News guy Chris Cheng shooting it:

Batman-Joker-RevolverPretty damn quiet.  I like what I see, besides the fact it’s like 28 feet long.



The LAV Larry Vuitton takes a look:

Drink every time Larry does a hand gesture.

That spiderweb grip always reminds me of some vato prison elbow tats.  Gangsta.

I like Larry’s vids on this chan… very good info and he knows his shit.

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyI don’t know what I look like in slow motion shooting my G17, but when larry shoots that VP9 it looks like the recoil is exaggerated like he’s shooting some sort of 20mm hand canon with little girl wrists.  Like I said though, maybe that’s how much flip I get too *shrug*

Thoughts?  Any of you guys pick one up yet?  Plan on getting one?


Richard Ryan teams up with 22 Plinkster:

22 plinkster is some crazy skills.

That Lucy movie looks like it might be good:


Oh and Richard is wearing the Deagle brand Deagle shirt from ENDO Apparel.