This is some training at Ft. Bragg apparently:

Active shooter "training" at Ft. Bragg. ??? Ok… ? Gat tip: @jose_vx @brandon_herrington via @dwoody14

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Yikes.  I didn’t see VODA there giving instruction… they should have got him to sort this out.




There are a lot more videos like that on his channel if you click through.  The channel has an available-and-looking single dad vibe and contains a mix of: Pics of his young daughters, him showing off his body, him shooting / demoing drills, and finally advertising his training courses.  Instagram is such a unique place, I’m always surprised at what people choose to post.  Oh and as expected the comments on basically all of his picture and videos are pure textbook complimentary white knight haha.

I don’t know guys… I just look at this type of thing and I think “good for them”.  Another part of me thinks “I don’t train like this… guess I’ll die?”.  I’m glad when I was 13 the only thing I had to worry about was building sick bike ramps, forts, shooting the occasional squirrel, and what my mom was making for dinner.  Scumbags weren’t killing innocent people on a daily basis back in the early 90s.

Thoughts?  You down with this training?

Gat tip: Stephen Corey


The piehitters above all other groups will love this:

I knew he was going to touch on the “BAD GUYS GONNA SEE MUH LIGHT” complaint, and he did at 1:41.  Cool stuff regardless.

Here’s Go Gauge’s own promo video showing how law enforcement will love it, and so will moms:

You can pick one up for $20 on the Go Gauge Tactical website.



Trust Wirty Dhore to put an actual snake down a bore *smh*:

Me: Oh no baby what is you doin’?

In case you didn’t know, the bore snake is an actual product used for cleaning your barrel.  I have a couple of them, and they work well.

I have nothing really much else to say.



WHUT in tarnation:

He mad.  So many valiant white knights in the comments of the video if you click through.

Kind of reminds me of the video where he justified why he’s still valid, and took shots at Costa.

His great grandson needs to explain trolling and “getting trolled” to him ASAP.



Ugh my head hurts just looking and these dumb products sometimes:

That one they call their “Detachable Stock Handgun”

And this one is the “pro” edition where you use your own gun and put it into their holster which resides between the grip and the buttstock:

Ugh guys there is so much wrong with this, I hope they are trolling. You can head over to the Zack Stock website and poke around if you wish.  You’re not going to find much in the way of info on there though.  It’s a good joke if someone did up that website and those concept drawings… but if someone is putting actual money into bringing this to market… well that’s an even better joke actually.  You know what though?  I’m sure they will sell a ton of them.

If you’ve been following ENDO for a while you might remember the similar Handgun Inside Of A Rifle Stock Asshattery I posted about back in 2015.  It’s funny now how even the stupidest shit ever has “neva bin done befo”.