hahaha, what the hell?  The Lonely Island with a surprisingly catchy banger:

Lonely-Island-Bin-Laden-SongSo good, yet so bad at the same time.

Thoughts?  Is Bin Laden ACTUALLY dead?  You buying that respectful “at sea burial”? Did you spot him at an Arby’s recently?


Baby-CEO-Fck-Da-OppzAdjusting the focus, music choice, resolution, quick cuts.  All those combined (as in the above video) are guaranteed to get my attention.

Nothing ground breaking, but that guy makes a nice video.


ArmsList did me a solid.  This was a nice surprise:

LOL I never expect reviews to be funny, so when people add humor in and pull it off I’m impressed.

I like the little bit of paracord they retained the pin with, rather than the chain I ship them with.  Smart.

If you follow the blog, you’ll remember my first exposure to the media devision of ArmsList was when I almost had a brain aneurysm over their video about eye protection while shooting.  I got trolled so hard, and I knew it.  The worst part about it was that I knew I was being trolled… but they were so convincing I got even more mad.

If you’re looking to pick up one of these stock adapters up, head over to my other website ENDO Tactical.  They are $35 each, and a lot of fun at the range.  Keep in mind what he said about NFA rules applying.  I have no clue on what the SIG SB15 type braces do to the classification… you’ll have to do your own research.  Seems like a full time job to keep up with the changing rules.  Oh, and this comment:


endo-tacticalahahaha.  Good stuff.

To answer some quick common questions I get… I do plan on making a GEN4 version someday.  Don’t blame its delay on me having a girlfriend haha you guys are always quick to jump to that.

Hope everyone reading this has a great Memorial day weekend.  Thanks again Armslist for the nice surprise.


It’s on and grapplin’ over at Demolition Ranch:

Can-Cannon-Grappling-HookWhoa this grappling hook product actually exists, and is only $145 LOL.  I love it.

Remember when Monica Royal Nonesuch built a homebrew grappling hook?  That kid has so much heart.  I put him in the Hall of Fame for that one, and those were his early days.

Thoughts?  Did you miss out and not cop a grappling hook in time for the Memorial Day weekend?  *smh* yea me too guys… me too.

Remember when Batman and Robin used to climb up buildings with the grappling hook, but it was just the camera angle rotated 90 degrees and them grunting and pretending it was tough work? haha that was awesome.  I couldn’t find a YouTube clip of that vintage Batman I’m talking about… but here’s some modern Batman grappling hook cuts if you’re interested.


“I can solve your problems” is his Instagram motto.  Eeeeeeeeh… solve your problems maybe, but I’m thinking he could create some pretty bad new ones after seeing these two videos:

Darwin-Deathhahah SMFH you nerds probably think this is unsafe right? Boris is HIGHLY skilled according to his own website Alpha Executive Protection.

I often wonder how people get to the point with something like this where they are like “I’ll put this up on social media to see, and embrace my genius!”

Darwin award in 3…2……

Thoughts?  Would Hire Boris?  Would Operate with Boris?  Would put Matryoshka doll bearing the likeness of Boris on the shelf in your gun room?



Funny or Die did it:

mericahaha not bad not bad.  I’ve seen worse, and I’ve seen better “gun comedy”.

I really can’t see these type of videos by all sorts of groups stopping any time soon.  Everyone (pro gun and anti gun) wants a piece of the action because guns are such a polarizing topic right now, therefore the videos get exposure.