This Defense Distributed ghost gun machine is savage:

According to the video, the units people paid for are shipping now.  If you hit up the Ghost Gunner website you’ll see it’s back in “pre-order” mode where you can put a hold on a unit for $250.  I’m not sure if the units are still going for $1200 as they were before, there is no clarification currently on the site and the FAQ is out of date.

When you hit the black screen it’s not the end of the video… there is a dramatic pause until 1:40 then some ominous footage of the ghost gunner HQ I’m assuming and…… wait for it…. wait for it….. a Mark Forged 3D Carbon fiber printer, which the owner of that particular company decided to be a douchebag and “ban” Defense Distributed Cody from purchasing one.  I can’t wait to see what he does with that thing.

Defense-Distributed-Ghost-Gunner-CNCThoughts?  Any of you guys grab one of these Ghost Gun machines?  I feel like $1200 is an acceptable enough price, especially if you went in on one with a few buddies.  The worst part about all this though seems to be timing.  I would have assumed the AR-15 lower market is so far past saturated as of even like a year or two ago.  Who knows though, maybe not! If nothing else, this “machine” is definitely going to shake up some lawmakers.


Matt put together a compilation video of fails:

Mattv2099-ENDOAll I have to say is *dat reservoir tip* at 2:18 (drops mic)

Good stuff.  I get a kick out of the LIFE IS SERIOUS BUSINESS guys who hate Matt.  Even Matt himself agrees the videos are “stupid”, but it’s done for entertainment… he’s not trying to cure cancer.



*shrug* looks cool I guess:

This is normally where I say some old man stuff, but I’m going to refrain from that this time.  If I thought I had any spare time at all after doing what I need to / want to do every day, trust me I’d be the first one to buy every game system as soon as it came out.

I’m surprised companies are so willing to pay the no doubt massive licensing fees for Rolling Stones songs in 2015.  I agree those songs are timeless, and the Doody franchise definitely isn’t scraping pennies together… I just feel that there could have been more fitting music / more 2015 kid-relatable music had for cheaper.

call-of-duty-black-opsHoly November 6th release date!  What are Doody nerds doing to do all summer?  Bitch about Blops Deux and maybe try to touch a girl’s boob?  That sounds entertaining enough actually tbh.



I don’t know how I missed this… Taofledermaus did it originally:

Then Mattv2099 did it today:

Judging by the date on the Taofledermaus video I think that’s when I was feeling like shit, clocked out and took a few days off.  Pretty great that it works so awesome… even increased cycle time!  This is the type of forward thinking I like to see in the trollfessional community.

Stained-Glass-AK-47I bet they could also cut a slot in a magazine and wrap a rubber band under the rounds then up around part of the receiver… pulling the rounds upwards and feeding them one by one.


ENDO Apparel shirts in both those videos!  Always nice to see.  You can click the link if you want to grab and shirts or accessories for yourself.


I can’t even tell anymore where the line between fun and serious is with any of these Funker tactical group guys:

Instructor-Zero*shrug* I don’t know, is that serious?  Looks like some drill for LOLz you’d make up with your buddies when you’re getting sauced on the beach some night.  We’ve seen even more far out stuff from Zero though, so part of me thinks that he may actually believe this drill has some real world application.  Like maybe he’s seen the future and in 2018 a law is passed where all guns have to be stored disassembled (of course to curb crime *eye roll*), so being the fastest and best at assembly could save your life.

Thoughts?  Are you over Zero or do you still look forward to all this stupid shit?


By curving the barrel:

Here’s how they bend the barrel in Adam’s sword forge.  LOL only Adam would have a sword forge… dude has so many hobbies, interests, and lots of money to match:


Interesting that the 45 degree barrel speed and the 90 degree barrel speed was the same.  Or is that not interesting?  Sometimes I think I forget all the university physics I took in order to make way for other stuff, so simple things that impress me probably shouldn’t.

Gat tip: Say Uncle