0:19 – That’s an expensive looking target.  Only the best for LAV.

0:29 – Fancy round.  Raufoss Mk 211 hey?  Lets see what it can do.   TURN THAT TERRORIST OFF LARRY.

0:45 – Confirmed that he’s got the gopro on the turntable again.  That footage is always 100.

0:56 – A quadcopter with a camera presumably too?  He puts so much effort in, I love it.

1:06 – hahah wow.  Larry’s reaction was funny too as expected.  I feel like Larry is now 100% cooler than me, and I need to step my game up because I had to urban dictionary AMF *smh*.  I can’t believe I’m admitting that to you guys, but here we are.  Larry knows all the stuff the cool teens are saying, and I don’t know anything apparently.

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-Parody2:06 – Taking it up a notch?!  I’m looking forward to this.

2:29 – LOL ok, yea that was at least “a notch”, if not several more.  LOL his reaction again.

Larry is just loving every second of this shit always.  It’s fun to watch.



This video is nothing if not thorough:

Stained-Glass-AK-47You guys know how much I love machining and build videos.  I don’t know anything about AKs compared to ARs, so this really was cool to see.

Definitive Arms seems v legit from what I’m seeing.  6:37 when the machinist said “We owe it to the reputation of that AK to make them as best we can”, I was like MONICA.



JohnnyIShootStuff comes through with a good suggestion:

I’ve been doing that for years outdoors as well.  It works great, and you don’t end up with grass and twigs etc. mixed in either.  With the semi-auto rifles off a bench we used to even mess around with propping one side of the tarp up with a chair or cooler to bank the brass off of, and have it roll down right into the bucket.  That was pretty funny when it worked.

Another good thing about the tarp method, it puts a bit of a damper on the efforts of the Brass Bandit.  Although he will still claim that some of the brass is his and it just fell on your tarp because his “ejection is more erratic”.  Whatever bro, keep it all I don’t care haha.


Laumont_glock_ad_F-1hahah the dramatic music at 0:25… which had my butthole clenched until 0:38 when she actually completed the pre-travel and pulled the damn trigger.  Can you imagine taking 13 seconds to pull a trigger while practicing like this?  Wowwwww *very Drake voice*.

Like that other NRA video I posted recently, this is also basically content for the sake of content.  Oh well, beats watching 32 Thanksgiving related gun videos where people are doing the same thing I guess.

Thoughts?  You working on trying to get your own 13 second trigger pull down to a cool 8 seconds?


0:55 – Matt could have gone pro if coach would have put him in 4th quarter.  Better believe things would have been different.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Selector-SwitchMeh, I watch demolition ranch because IT’S NOT Dude Perfect.  Oh well hopefully this was just a one time thing to get some of that paid sponsorship by some fantasy sports betting site money.

4:20 – hahaha I can smell that from here


So user friendly, even old fat white guys can handle it:

USB-Computer-Controlled-Airsoft-BB-TurretI probably should have taken another post-Thanksgiving day off, because every video I watched to blog about I found physically painful.  Life is tough haha.