Hunting-Christmas-Reindeerhaha awesome.  I didn’t know hunting was potentially as hilarious as the tactical community.  Is there as much drama in the hunting community though?  Drama is important.

Hat tip: Les


A foolproof scheme:

From-Government-Here-To-Helphaha ya it’s THAT easy.


SHOTS FIRED at everyone’s favorite burner:

Nothing really that interesting happens in this video. Some good quotes from him, results and opinions are as expected. 37 minutes too!  This guy is turning into Nutnfancy :P… well not actually, Hickok’s videos are very casual and have a very take it or leave it feel to them.  He’s not claiming to be an expert on anything.  God that thing is hideous.

4:20 – Says his gun shop contacts say they sell a ton of them and they get VERY few back.  I’ve heard this over and over.

Many other companies would automatically be like “OH SHIT, Hickok45 just slammed us in the first 10 seconds of the video, then continued on and off for the next 37 minutes!”… Whoever owns Hi-Point probably just LOL’d the whole time drinking rare scotch while his pet tiger was got agitated at the sound of the money counting machine running full speed.

If you’re looking for the video related to the post icon I used, it was Hi-Point melted for the hell of it.  Since we’re discussing Hi-Points I have to mention the greatest Hi-Point video ever made (the ultimate hi-point).

Hi-Point-MeltSo Hickok’s opinion is that a Hi-Point is the gun you buy if you have very little money and need a gun.  Then you get more money and buy a better gun.  Fair enough.



First of all Yeager apologizes for his initial shit talking about Instructor Zero being only an educator:

He says Zero talked shit about him (which I hadn’t heard at the time)… until Danny sent me this Facebook post with hundreds of comments plus this 16 minute video rebuttal from Instructor Zero:

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The caption:


Draaaaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaa *eats chip, walks away*.  Whenever someone asks “So there’s really enough content to blog about guns EVERY DAY?”  I’m like “LOL so much drama, and bullshit going on all the time you have no idea.  It’s endless.”  When one micro-beef stops, then another one starts up like clockwork.

Zero is actually quite articulate in this, I understood everything he was saying without even needing subtitles.  His fit is v. rare too… mirrored aviators, black blazer (potentially a camouflage handkerchief in the pocket) with the tucked black shirt… dad jeans held up buy an interlocking G Gucci logo belt. Unkempt hair and beard. A classic tactical man if I’ve ever seen one. 5.11 will probably start making washed dad jeans and blazers now that Zero has blessed the community with a view and thirst for them.

If you haven’t already subscribed to both these guys… James Yeager and Instructor Zero, you’re missing out on tons of entertainment.  You might get occasionally educated by accident too.

Instructor-Zero-Cock-EverywhereThoughts?  Instructor Zero making Yeager’s “name taste like ass when you speak it”?

*sings* What’s beef?… beef is when you need two gats to go to sleep.  Beef is when your moms ain’t save up in the streets.  Beef is when I see you.  Guaranteed to be in ICU.” *sings*

Gat tip: Danny


Sig one-ups their current lineup, with guns specifically for operators:

For thousands of years, one symbol has been a rallying cry for the world’s most revered warriors. And for decades, one brand of firearms has served more elite fighting forces than any other. Welcome to The Legion by SIG SAUER. Painstakingly engineered and enhanced for the discerning few with the same warrior spirit that inspired it. We have always given professionals what they need. Now, we are giving them what they want.

I never understand marketing plans like this.  The way I look at it, they basically just trash talked their current lineup by introducing this Legion series and marketing it as they did.  If your “brand of firearms has served more elite fighting forces than any other” as you said, doesn’t that mean that it’s already working well?  Why not just make the improvements across the line for everyone to enjoy? (If you think improvements need to be made).  Actually to be fair they didn’t claim Sig is the brand which has served more elite fighting forces haha.  They just said “one brand” in the video description.  That would be hilarious to reach out and have them confirm they are in fact talking about their own company; Sig Sauer, and get a reply like “nah fam… actually *other brand name* holds that top spot… we’re like 3rd or 4th though on a good day”.

Sig-Sauer-Legion-SeriesThe p2256 and P229 is available in 9/.40/.357SIG you can read more about on the Legion Series website.  They have plans to “legion this shit out of” a lot of other products in their lineup too according to the lengthly press release I received out of the blue from some marketing company and then reluctantly read.

Thoughts?  Is this setting the bar now for the new handgun you’d hypothetically operate with?  Are you throwing your non Legion Sigs directly into the trash now because they don’t have that *my roast hand pointing at Sig* Try-hard-MMA-ass-looking Legion branding on them?  Are you and your girl getting matching Legion Series logo lower back tattoos?  Let me know the answers to these important questions in the comments as usual.



First derp draw surprise happens at 0:08 if you’re as impatient as I am.

Tactical-Tummy-IWBSo as you can see he carries it in a V type position, with the barrel pointing upwards at an angle and awkwardly flips it into his hands.  Yea… that’ll work under stress and not result in him shooting his gut, hand, or someone else negligently.

0:47 – Wow that fake barrel racking motion.  10/10 so operator *eye roll*

Thoughts?  Will President Trump outlaw Mexican carry because it’s un-American?  I hope so… shit’s downright reckless.