Safety should be every bro’s priority:

0:16 – Well that escalated quickly… so you carried it empty and then you loaded it and pulled the trigger at your buddy?  Hmmmmmm.

0:32 – What are you on PCP?  You LOADED IT.  Nooooo Noooooo… HE WASSSNNNNT READDDDDYYYYYY.

0:56 – “Weapons.  Are you Ready… or not?” … So what’s the message here?  Don’t mix alcohol and guns?  Don’t bro and gun?  Don’t talk to dudes unbuttoned down to the 3rd button about your gun because you’ll want to shoot them over some Man-cleave hate?  I don’t know, but no one should have to die like that.

If you think the add seems familiar you’ve probably seen this “Speed Kills” type ad from the New Zealand Transport Agency:

Powerful stuff.



Pure gold.  I’ve NEVER seen chaos so guided *tear rolls down cheek*:

If you remember my first post on Guided Chaos titled “Sometimes His Mom Lets Him Train“, the video was a pure train wreck.  Obviously as you can see they didn’t take the criticism constructively, instead they made that video private (standard move).

In the above video there are a lot of fancy, low impact looking quick moves.  My gut instinct tells me that would work like bullshit in real life, but what do I know?

0:05 – These quick air moves will at least let your attacker know you’re batshit crazy.  Probably not a bad psychological maneuver actually.  I’d recommend reaching down your pants and pulling poop out though pre-jazz hands, just to up the ante.

0:20 – A LOT of jostling in this video, and slaps and yells at “attackers” which are calmly swaying back and forth.

0:27 – Yesssssss. I knew disarms were coming.  So legit guys.  Take notes.

0:33 – All killer no filler.

0:35 – Those slaps tho…

0:43 – Whoa I thought for a second here the Chaos was going off the rails for a sec… but then I was like “nope…. nope… I see you brAh my bad, it’s guided”.

I think this guy must have attended the Guided Chaos school for CQC:

A video posted by ENDO (@everydaynodaysoff) on

Get some more Guided Chaos over at their website Attack Proof, and find out where you can train with them.

Guided-Chaos-Adaptive-DefenseI’m still not entirely sure this isn’t all a big joke, and these guys are the master trolls of the close quarters combat world.

Thoughts?  Would train with?  Would at least *doosh doosh* *doosh doosh* with?


Why Larry Vuitton is “fat”:

Reason: Three helicopter crashes, and being Delta AF every other second of his life. I ain’t mad at that. Get in that ass Larry.

4:15 – Larry does crossfit?!  Isn’t the first rule of cross fit to always talk about cross fit?  Next we’re going to find out that he’s vegan and has gay friends.  I guess Delta guys had to keep their mouth shut for OPSEC purposes though, so that’s why this is the first we’re hearing about crossfit.  Must have just got declassified by YouTube CENTCOM.  He probably switches crossfit gyms at the last minute now, messing up the whole itinerary and making the body doubles drive across town to the other gyms.

Larry-Vickers-Hover-SunglassesAddressing “Haters” is so overrated.  I’d hazard a guess that most of the people he thinks “hate” him, actually just say those things to troll him and get a reaction.  I could be wrong though. It bothers me when internet people think I hate them. Yeager is one who has mentioned that in the past. Yea I keep it a bit to real (harsh) with my criticisms of others sometime, I’ll be the first to admit that. Something I could definitely work on improving in my private life too.



Dragonfly print and some deep stuff about life:

Wat-memeWhoa.  I’ve mentioned in the past posts how deep Travis is… dude is on a whole other level.  When I see videos like this and hear people talk like Travis, despite all my accomplishments I can’t help but feel like an idiot.  Should I be thinking about stuff deeper than what kind of coffee I’m going to order tomorrow? If I’ll start to turn the heat up on Tinder again?  Should I get the smoked cheddar next time at Costco, or the old cheddar?  Maybe both + the brie because YOLO?  *ARGH get it together Mike…. you too can pick a small but important insect, create another brand and tell a story around it.*

Anyway if you like the Dragonfly print you can head to the artist’s website and cop.  The smallest size 11×14″ is only $20. If you’re cake’d up and it’s nothing to stunt, get the $1500 version (only 10 made).



Mookie is the brand ambassador for Dick Spider.  TacDaddy is TacDaddy:

haha when he beats the optic on the chair.  From what I’ve seen of Mookie interviews that guy gives 0 shits about what anyone thinks.  No wonder Spikes hired him to talk to people about the brand.  I’ve also never seen a more polarizing character in the gun industry…. some people HATE him so much and flood the comments, others LOVE everything he says and does.  Frankly I have no idea why it’s so strong either way.  As usual I don’t have an opinion because I haven’t met the guy, and don’t know what’s true and what isn’t.  Funny to watch the shit storm every time he appears in a video somewhere though.

spikes-tactical-logoSpikes Tactical really dropped the ball not calling it Dick Spider Optics for real though.  Sometimes you just gotta embrace that type of thing for the greater good.

For $170 probably not bad *shrug*.  I’d link the specs to you, but since I don’t have an MIT PhD from 1992 in website technology I can’t find it on that 5000 link homepage monstrosity.  Any l33t Hax0rz out there who can find it, drop me a link in the comments.



Similiar to what “Amazon Prime Now” is offering in Manhattan:

$7.99 for that one hour option… 2 hour delivery is free!  Wow what a time we live in.  I get it though… you have a hot date Tinder date who didn’t specify “No hookups” so you need some fresh ENDO Apparel.  You can hit up the Amazon links and Prime Now supposedly have it to you within the hour.  Sounds pretty awesome to me.   If you don’t have a date, you could always get a new blu-ray and some cheetos delivered.

What if Brownells or Midway had 1 hour delivery?  Would it increase your impulse purchases?  What if you could hypothetically buy a gun online and have it delivered right to your door?  Would that be dangerous to your wallet?