Bromanship transcends oceans and culture:

Bro-Popped-CollarsI don’t know if the video is fake or not because the quality isn’t great, but if it is real I love how so many people are in close by in front of the muzzle… real smart.  Additionally I wonder if they realize that now that particular armor is compromised in those areas where the bullets hit?  Oh well, as long as they don’t bring that reckless shit around me and go kill some ISIS scumbags they can have fun however they want.


Hat tip: GearWhoresAnon


Oh if only precision guided firearms were available back in 1836:

Wild corny, but TrackingPoint did a nice job on the video.  Make sure you check out their website if you’re not already familiar with the awesome products they put out.

TrackingPoint-LogoI checked the YouTube comments in hopes that someone was going to be butthurt that Texas won in this scenario.  Unfortunately no comments like that yet haha.



Richard Ryan does it again:

Beautiful hit and slow motion footage!

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-T-ShirtThe sheer idiocy of a lot of the comments on YouTube is amazing.  They range from people being mad, to people responding in anger to an obvious joke made by several commenters, to people just being plain old dumb and not “getting” how Richard could do such a thing… like he must be a billionaire or just foolish with his money etc.. *eye roll*.

Richard actually bought six iPhone 6’s, and is destroying them all… click the link at the top of this post to see his channel and watch him dunk one in liquid nitrogen, attempt to blend one etc… funny stuff.


Tactical Handgun Operation. A lot of drop-leg holsters and single knee-pads on these operational operators:

0:00 – Check if everyone’s weapon is unloaded before throwing all caution to the wind.

0:29 – Sunglasses go on… shit is about to get real.

1:00 – Wait… he’s not pointing his gun at the students and pulling the trigger is he?  Oh… YUP… Yes he is. *facepalm*

1:10 – Tells all his students to do the same thing back at him while he walks in front of as many muzzles as possible.

4:00 – Pivot or die.

5:45 – Those pivots and shuffles tho.  AAHAHHAHA

Derp-Tactical-Handgun-OperationDefinitely some good info in this video later on, and most of it does conform to the classic school of thought surprisingly.

Was this a special class for low speed high drag old guys trying to get a break from their wives?

<– This picture sums the video up beautifully.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?

Hat tip: no uno


Royal-Nonesuch-CO2-12GA-ShotgunWith a few notable exceptions, people rarely ever thank me for blogging non-stop about them.  I’ll live because luckily I do this for the LULz, not the thank-yous.

Oh look he bought eyepro finally.  They look like the $1 harbor freight specials, but at least they are something.  Bad news is he’s still using shitty earbud headphones for ear protection.



Cooler than my private range (I don’t have one):

For such a lavish estate and guy like 50, I really expected more.  Shows that he’s smart enough with his money I guess if nothing else.  Not like he couldn’t make that entire thing out of marble, gold, and platinum bars if he wanted to.

50-cent-get-rich-or-die-tryingThe guy was shot 9 times before his career even began and he still sold drugs.  That would make anyone want to be proficient at shooting back!

I remember when the “Get Rich Or Die Trying” album was released, and I wanted a Gucci strapped Miami classic holster like his (pictured left) so bad LOL.

I bet the Dr. Dre has a sweet range.  He damn well better have a nice one after selling Beats By Dre (his headphones company) to Apple for $3B (Yea… 3 BILLION *smh* I can’t even fathom that).

I’ll leave you with a song that sums it all up… Many Men:

Every night I talk to God, but he don’t say nothing back
I know he protecting me, but I still stay with my gat
In my nightmares niggas keep pulling TECs on me
Psychic says some bitch done put a hex on me