Looking DIESEL:

This guy has the sickest draw and t-rex snatchback in the industry.



Engineer Larry Howell did it:

My first thought was “Larry isn’t even Asian, how does he know this sorcery?”.  One Asian guy I went to school with knew how to make a crane, a ninja star, and a gun… they were all pretty dope.

0:22 – WHAT?  Terri isn’t Asian either?  Wow this video is really breaking down walls.  Now you’re going to tell me they didn’t even consult with any Asian literature at the very minimum.

0:44 – Twelve layers of Kevlar for the shield.

0:47 – Still no Asians. *mind blown*

1:02 – The opening / closing looks really awesome.  10/10 would deploy in a situation.

1:20 – Kenny… guess what he isn’t?  ASIAN. This is too much guys.

1:26 – None

1:40 – Is that guy Asian?  That would be such a high key diss is he was and they blurred his face.



I give this a 1 sigh, 2 whatevs, and a grumble:

$400 on their website.  “Patented” too apparently.  People are always trying to corner every micro-niche in every market.  No one is copying your idea dude.  We made it from the Vietnam war era until 2017 where the technology to do this has been available.  It’s an obvious idea and no one else did it…. for a reason haha.

Thoughts?  When is the integrated bipod coming out?  The integrated optic perhaps? An integrated barrel?


USCCA says don’t hide guns at home… carry one at all times at home:

eeeeh yea sure I agree “you’re prepared” if you carry a gun when you’re at home… if anyone out there does this, and finds it comfortable to wear a belt with whatever they lounge around the house with and finds their holster + gun combo to be not uncomfortable at all I’d like to know your setup.

Catch me wearing a Galco miami with my jammies.  That was hot fire.. I might sell that line to Stitches.

Kevin puts out a lot of videos I agree with, but he also has a fair number which seem purely to troll (like this one) / “because content”.  I can already see his next video talking about having a better chance at firepower superiority by carrying a rifle and an extra mag around your home at all times rather than a handgun, since the average burglar likely will have a handgun at the very most.



Emphasis on the “training”:

Oh wow, even this new intro doesn’t disappoint.  LOL

1:44 – I feel like taking cover behind trash cans is a metaphor for his content, on some deep level.

2:37 – “Mossin Naggit” presumably for “Mosin Nagant” LOL I’m deceased.

3:28 – “And you will feel the hurt… faced upon your… genitalia”.  If I were a DJ I’d sample that for a new club banger.

4:02 – 10/10 for his outros.  That’s the real him.

4:18 – One of my favorite PistolManiac-isms is when he says something grammatically incorrect and he does the smug laugh, and corrects himself.  As in like “hehehe I know a lot of you plebes wouldn’t have caught that, but I did… and I fixed it”

If you need to get caught up on my past PistolManiac100 posts you can hit up the link.




Well I guess we can’t say the idea is “unoriginal”, so at least it has that going for it. *shrug*

Thoughts?  You putting this on the must-see list?