Cool story from this 65 year old judge bro:

Nikki-Turpeaux“If I could I would take all the guns in America, put them on big barges, and go dump them in the ocean.  Nobody would have a gun. Not police, not security, not anybody. We should eliminate all of them. We could save 33,000 people a year if we didn’t have guns in this country.”  then he goes on to spout the usual standard bullshit about how Australia is so great since the Port Arthur massacre and subsequent confiscation, and how no one one has a reason to have guns.

People who make comments like this are pretty much a complete waste of time.  I thought judges were supposed to be smart?


Ugh, here’s another useless “preview” unless you are willing to put in some time and effort to see the whole thing:

Firepower-United-Phuc-LongYea this happened before… A pattern is starting to develop here.  I’m not surprised… just disappointed they ruined Phuc Long, and Phuc Long let it happen because of money.  Watch me change my tune all of the sudden, start taking on sponsors and reducing my shit talking and critism to zero.  haha yea NOT going to happen.



More “training”:

Lahner-Academy-TrainingThis is one of those v rare videos, where I could talk shit about timestamps but literally every second is notable and I’m not in the mood to write an essay.

Where’d they get that Russian club music from tho? AHHAHAHA

Thoughts?  Are you an old fat white guy and do you approve this video?  It’s videos like this that get me up in the morning to keep doing this ENDO thing.  I feel like my veins have been injected with flaming jet fuel because of this video, and this high will no doubt last months.

P.S. This isn’t the first rodeo with Lahner Academy.  I’ve blogged about them here, here, and here… and its been a wild ride.


Bullet Theory Films work work work:

heres-johnnyWell it’s no axe AR-15 stock or picatinny rail mounted axe blade, but the video is cool.

Got me jealous that these guys have TWO high speed cameras and I don’t even have one.  That second shot is money… first one riding the curve was pretty cool too.

Note: I hate that “royalty free music” crap everyone on YouTube uses. I wish there was some way you could use any song you wanted and not get in trouble. Kanye West – Ultralight Beam fits perfectly with this.



From my dude Wirty Dhore:

thinking-facehahaha man… that guy is next lvl.  The gasoline glock test shown at 0:17 was too legit.

Thoughts?  U mad some people just don’t appreciate shit?  Wirty Dhore is an acquired taste like Cokeman and TMHonFire, I know.  IF YOU DON’T LIKE HIM, ACQUIRE SOME TASTE :P.


AHHAAHHAHA dynamic half ball training:

Instructor-Zero-Instagram-Fit-HoeI’m still wondering where his branded detox tea is available for sale.  We need a tactical shake weight video too.

The thumbnail pic is definitely one of the photoshops I’m the most proud of haha.  A few people even asked me to put it on a t-shirt, which I will of course not be doing for numerous reasons.