Daaaaaaaaaaamn Sig must be doing alright!

Justine-Smith-sig-sauer-art0:38 – Homie peed with excitement all over that shoot house.

9/10 would operate there.  I deducted a point because he didn’t specify those bodies of water had sharks where I could practice CQSB scenarios.



Watching the homebrew gun prince at work:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOI’m glad he puts up these build videos.  I find them interesting to watch.

It will be interesting to see that knife in action in a future video.  I hope he gets a hold of some ballistic gel.

Royal Nonesuch is wearing the ENDO Apparel 7.62x39mm t-shirt in the video if you’re interested in one.

P.S. – I still haven’t found his mom on Tinder.


Vehicle CQB with William Petty:

0:39 – Awww yea temple index… there it is right there man.  With a duck hat none the less!

1:52 – Damn that would be a bad day in traffic.

Looks like something different!  I see they are putting sim rounds in play too, so that probably is helpful.  Fail for not having more footage of those girls though amirite guys? :P

William-Petty-Vehicle-CQB-ShootingI had no idea who William Petty was when I started the video, and uncharacteristically (for me) after watching it I actually did care so I looked him up.  To summarize, he was in Law Enforcement and trained cops in Albuquerque NM, then he relocated to Abu Dhabi UAE to work as a counter terrorism instructor with the government there.  He’s seemingly back stateside now lighting it up on the range, mixing it up with vehicles.


Gat tip: Tim


haha this joke never gets old:

Troll-FaceI’m used to seeing low frame rates sometime, it got me (ya ya Got eeeeeem) at the starting because I thought the camera just wasn’t picking up the slide reciprocation.

I posted a similar video on Instagram a while back.  I like how the North Koreans added the brass sound effect… very good thinking LOL.

That’s an interesting camouflage pattern the soldiers are wearing.  I matched with a girl on Tinder the other day who was like “I dislike army print” in her About Me section… I’m probably going to troll her soon and post it on Instagram.  I’m surprised she even wanted a piece of this action considering I am wearing my Multicam backpack hiking, in all but one of the pictures I have up.  Probably so thirsty she’s willing to overlook that *smh* “Army print”.

Gat tip: NC


This is disappointing news:

concealed-carry-neck-idI’m kidding of course… obviously less problems the better.  De-escalation is always key.  There are only a few rules in life which every man should abide by though, and 2 of those are definitely 1) Don’t touch another man’s wife / girlfriend / kids.  2) Don’t touch with another man’s vehicle.  Tourists are so annoying when it comes to expensive cars.  Sometimes I just want to yell at them and be like “DUDE CAN YOU NOT TOUCH THAT CAR, SINCE IT’S NOT YOURS? YA THANKS.” Must be because when a 18 year old gets a picture touching a car worth several hundred thousand dollars all his followers will believe it’s his… but if he’s just respectfully standing next to it they will know it’s not and he’ll lose internet cred. haha *eye roll*

1:38 – Well that escalated quickly.  I’m sure stuff like this happens daily in the hood / various shitty areas in general.

Why didn’t the guy in the video have a concealed carry badge or a concealed carry neck ID?  0/10 would not operate with. LOL

Thoughts?  Pistol whipping is still OK if de-escalation fails right?


So this is where Instructor Zero videos are at now:

0:05 – Wait.. so companies are looking for the “Instructor Zero” endorsement / opinion?  Interesting.  I don’t disagree that the guy can shoot, but I always just took him for a YouTube parody sort of account.

Instructor-Zero-Cock-EverywhereSeems to me like one of those cases where you make yourself an expert, assemble a team of loyal hype men including a production crew, create weird drills that only you do… then explain what you’re doing in terms of science.  As far as entertainment value goes, his videos have been going down hill for a while now because they are way too serious.  I really miss the old, Instructor Zero who did shit just to do it like suffocating himself with a plastic bag while shooting, being operational AF, and wearing a gas mask to do stuff just for kicks etc.. etc..  If you scroll through all my Instructor Zero posts you’ll find nothing but solid gold.  The dude is (was?) a gem.