Royal Nonesuch retired from demonstrating homemade guns, but he’s back being mad reckless and stuff:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDORule #1: Always remember to REMOVE your eye protection before you shoot something.  

Rule #2: Always shoot / make fire in an area that is very flammable.  Basically anything dried.  A field works best too because when you start a fire it will really go wild.

Rule #3: Never keep water or anything else around to extinguish the flames.

*smh* Royal Nonesuch you crazy bastard.  Who’s the flare plug?  Hook a brotha up.  Last time I checked those things weren’t cheap.



Gunwebsites has lots of guns and accessories to show off… here’s extendos on everything:

Stitches-RapperNo reason not to own extendos.  A couple reasons not to carry them.

Probably one of the funniest things I remember from Instagram was that PHLster made up an actual kydex extendo holster for Stitches to make fun of him for the “BITCH I GOT EXTENDOS” line in his rap video.




Taofledermaus got some free flashlights to shoot:

The-Walking-Dead-Zombies-Maglite-Flashlight-Handgun-Silencer-SuppressorCouldn’t really see much besides some flickering in the sky for a couple frames.  Got me thinking though, that will be really cool once good quality wireless streaming cameras get small enough to shoot.  Guy’s will figure out a way to stabilize their flight then get some really awesome footage.  I foresee LiveLeak combat footage getting exponentially more gruesome.




Coming out of Finland:

Would operate with Finnish paintball girls.

Whoa, putting knobby off-road style tires on a street bike look both terrifying and like the best idea I’ve ever seen!  The bike is a Suzuki GSX-R 1000.

To see some more off road riding with that same bike, they put up another vid you can check out:

Street-bike-off-road-getawayIf you want to see more guys doing crazy stuff on bikes make sure to check out the StuntFreaksTeam channel.

Nice production quality on the vids!  Reminds me of Silencerco, Noveske, LAV etc…

Thoughts?  Ever took a street bike off-road?



Wow like 99% of that video was filler, and completely obnoxious.

Featuring four separate chambers for multiple shots, an easy to use remote device, soft touch finish and adjustable wrist strap, PYRO is about to turn up the heat on your performances.

Magic performances… operations…  Nothing would strike more fear into the heart of someone you have at gun pointed at then to rocket an unexpected mini fireball at them. :P

Glock-House-Fire-1If I strapped one of these on you better believe I’m Hadouken’ing all 4 chambers in a matter of seconds.  After that I’m guessing I’d be very disappointed in the amount of actual fire that was shot, and not care much about it after that.

At the price of $174 it’s just inexpensive enough for kids to bug their parents for, or save up their allowance.  Either way you know their sister’s hair is going to “accidentally” get lit up this Christmas.



Larry be like “OH YEA DAWG, That’s what I’m talkin about”:

Larry-Vickers-Over-Lubricationhaha LAV trolls hard in this one.  If there was food involved in this it would be almost like he’s treading on Mattv2099 territory.

hahah this video was awesome, I hope he does more like it.

I think the main problem with extreme lubrication like this is that if you dropped that on the ground and kicked it around then it would be a disaster because you’d have sticky/muddy dusty mess in the gun.  If there was the proper amount of lube it wouldn’t be as extreme.

Thoughts? *Larry turns myths awwwwwwwwwwf*