Got a suppressor attachment problem?  Yo Silencerco will solve it:

Cookin other silencer companies like a pound of bacon.  You like Shay with the gauge or Vanilla with the 9?  Silencer has you covered no matter what.

Gunshots rang out like a bell / I grabbed my suppressed nine all I heard were shells.


I’m sure Silencerco has great products, but one of their biggest assets is that they are destroying everyone in the game right now with the quality of their promotional videos.  I wonder how long it will take others to catch up?

Word to your mother.  Thoughts?

Gat tip: Kurtis, Scott



Crowdfunding the wrong way:


This is all about working off “best case scenario” predictions and avoiding any personal financial risk.  This type of money grab is rife in the firearms community lately since sites like Kickstarter started to become popular.  People hear stories about how someone made a prototype for a little widget up, and got $900k on crowdfunding websites.  Customers start basically throwing money at the “inventor” because they wanted the product so bad.  It was only a matter of time before this turned into people who want handouts for something they are “going to do” (which, spoiler alert is usually regular shit but they think they are special).  Enter companies like Riverside Tactical Sales & Training… a company which was bold enough to email me about their new GoFundMe campaign.  I always have an open mind when it comes to emails about this type of thing, because sometimes what is on the other end of the link is pretty cool… not this time.

From the campaign:

After researching and applying for several options to fund a brick and mortar retail storefront and custom shop, we have found that the amount of resistance to this highly misunderstood and inappropriately tabooed industry is simply incredible. We have been denied by lenders, merchant card processors and even building owners strictly due to the Constitutionally protected nature of our business.

Waaaaaahhhhh welcome to the club.  To summarize, Riverside Tactical Sales & Training wants $80,000 to open a bricks & mortar store.  They have invested a WHOLE $40,000 of personal money and two years worth of part-time work into their business guys, so give them a break.  They are REALLY trying hard and need your support *eye roll*.  The main guy (beggar) Daniel Hauer even still works as a public servant for the state of California, and they have 4 kids. *tactical violin sounds for the working man*.

Why does one need a Cerakoting shop (which they already have) in their community?  I can overnight mail my guns to any FFL who does Cerakote for a few bucks.   They want to start a “training company”… so start one.  You don’t don’t need a bricks & mortar to do that… you can book a range and have instructors and students show up.  Cory & Erika did that, even with Cory’s 11B habits from the sandbox and Erika not initially knowing how to shoot.  What makes Riverside Tactical qualified to teach people anything or provide “security consulting”?  Are the planning on hiring more people to train / consult?  Who knows… take their word for it though and give them money. haha

Tons of other people, myself included have grown companies organically.  That’s how it should work.  Take calculated risks, create your own success, reap the rewards.

Crowdfunding this type of thing is absolute pure laziness looking for a handout.  Even the “reward levels” are laughable.  Oh so if I donate $10K I get my name on a banner on opening day? $5000 and I get wholesale prices for one whole year?  $1000 and I get a firearm Cerakoted and grip or frame stippling?  LOL my sides… this is too good.

Thoughts?  You into spending your hard earned money, funding other people’s risk when they aren’t even confident enough to invest their own time and money to grow it?

I’ll continue to invest in myself.



NRA News x Billy Johnson says we dehumanized gun violence and humanized guns:

I agree with what he’s saying for the most part.  I know the more people who are pro-gun the better, but I’m really sick of trying to convince people that guns aren’t bad.  If someone isn’t intelligent and logical enough to be like “You know what… people take other peoples lives with guns but I realize it’s not the gun’s fault” then I really don’t have any time for them.  Sure that person is also going to argue “if there were no guns in the world then no one would die from getting shot by a gun” which is the oldest most retarded statement in the book.  Then the will also likely say how “guns should be made illegal” citing that it would reduce gun violence… sure bro whatever you say.  The government should also pass a law to make criminals have to obey laws…. that would work well in conjunction with your making-guns-illegal law.

2:44 - Telling someone “guns are intimidating or scary” isn’t the right way to go about it in my opinion.  That doesn’t Demystify guns.  People should have a healthy respect for guns and what they can do, just like they should have healthy respect for the damage capability of a 3000 lb. vehicle.  Learn that the gun is an inanimate object, learn how to use it, learn how to be safe with it and confident with its function.

Open-Carry-Most-Interesting-Man-In-The-WorldAs far as open carry goes, I’m still indifferent.  I really wish the state of the country was that the average person wouldn’t freak out when they saw a regular person doing day to day activities with a gun on their hip, but that’s the way it is.  If you think you’re going to be a Leonard Embody and not get any friction from law enforcement and the general public then you’re wrong.  If you don’t care though and you think in your heart that it’s the best thing for you personally, and for gun rights in general then “do you”.




WTF?  Is this game seriously going to be put on the shelves?

After watching the about preview, I really wish it was an elaborate troll.  I don’t consider myself particularly sensitive to violence… but that trailer is just disgusting.  What demographic is this appealing to?  The forever alone wannabe serial killer?  This looks so many levels in violence above Grand Theft Auto, it appears to be barely even comparable.

I don’t know about you guys, but in all the past games I’ve played I was never like “This game is good… BUT I really wish I could stab cops in the face to kill them and have it look realistic, and also execute people by placing a gun in their mouth and pulling the trigger.   Yea… I’ll be happy when I can finally do that!” <— *smh*

Hatred-Video-Game-LogoENDO DEMANDS ACTION!  haha.  Seriously though I’m glad I don’t have kids I need to explain stuff like this game to.


Hat tip: Eric, PXH





Teamwork is so crucial.  Gotta start them young or else they will be dipshits as adults.

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A behind the scenes look at the tanks:

A short look at the story itself:

fury-brad-pittAny of you guys see this yet?  Definitely on my watch list.