haha pugs are so derpy, I love it.  The tongue unknowingly sticking out is so textbook.

Nutnfancy-Googly-Eyes-Herp-DerpThe gun handling, sound, loadouts, and muzzle flashes are atrocious… All in all not a great video.




You’ll kick doors, you’ll forward flip, you’ll pop smoke, you’ll slice pies:

Like commenter Overtshot mentioned, it’s like this guy is a Tom Clancy character.

For the first half of the clip it appears he borrowed the town park for the afternoon.   This is where you play with training pistols before graduating to the real thing.

2:18 – Yesssssssss I was hoping there would be tactical forward rolls.  Always a recommended move.  Such a piss off when you roll through dog poo though… ruins my day!

I’m nicknaming the “keep the pistol in your workspace” move the TACTICAL T-REX.  So much of that in the video.

Instructor-ZeroRule #234 – When putting firearms footage up on youtube that features a group of people, always make sure to pixelate at least one face out, just to show how OPSEC AS ____ some of the guys you roll with are.

As a whole, this video isn’t as high speed as the Dark Side Of Firearms Training preview video I posted last week, that’s for sure.

Thoughts?  Would Train with Instructor Zero?



The Slow Mo Guys do it:

Captain Morgan supplied the alcohol and the cannon.  First Richard Ryan gets a liquor sponsor, now Slow Mo Guys?  ENDO seriously needs one.  I mentioned I was interested in LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) sponsorship, and commenter derpmaster said:

LVMH? I know that you are all into fashion and whatnot but I think you are setting your sights a little high. Given the readership of this site, I’m thinking more along the lines of Franzia/Keystone Lite/Luxco.

HOW RUDE! :P  ahhahaha.

Come-And-Take-ItThe drinks themselves getting smashed was a bit anticlimactic… seeing that cannon ball fly through the air was awesome though.

Thoughts?  Do you consider these sponsored vids “selling out”?



A formidable enemy *eye roll*:

Wow.  It’s really not even fair they have to grasp at straws and convince themselves to believe the craziest things.

Derp1:55 – She doesn’t believe in having any type of ability to protect her own life.  “Only a law enforcement officer should be allowed to use weapons”.  Incredible.  At 3:45 she even states it again.

Hopefully there is lots more footage of idiots like this taken at the upcoming NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, IN.

Hat tip: Jesse



Haven’t heard anything new from Tactical Tunes in a while. This is why:

FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-FreedomThe curse of the YouTube name change?  Just a lul in creativity?

Damn I kept thinking he would rhyme writers block with “Glock” and turn it into a gun song.

Tactical Tunes is wearing the M16 selector switch t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.



Demolition Ranch with some more redneck science:

Ranch-DressingI see this being the new national pass time for bad news youth in the hood this summer. Lucky .22 LR is hard to get. ;)

Like Ranch said, theoretically the bullet wouldn’t be traveling very fast at all since it’s not inside any sort of chamber or barrel. How about a Bic pen? That’s a lot stiffer the probably about the same diameter.