Squad up:

Taran Butler… is his first name pronounced “Terrain”? That sounds like what Yeager is saying.  In my head I always pronounced it “Tear-Ann”.  In-head pronunciations v.s. real life when you finally have to say it some day is terrifying.  I run into this all the time when I’m on a date and order wine.  I learned though to close the menu, and then give the waiter the “Oh I forgot the name of it… *me opens menu and points* that one please!” move, to not look like a rube.  One reason I started ordering cocktails now because they have easy names.  Granted I often get screwed on the glass they come in haha.  Tonight, the first one I ordered came in a badass copper cup, but the 2nd different cocktail I ordered came in some sort of lesbian-looking low fishbowl and I was like damn I lost bigtime points for this maneuver.

I think I may have said this before, but I’m glad Taran has honor and dropped that dipshit “Amy Jane” the stolen valor queen from the roster.  Speaking about Taran I have to say, the guy has the hair and hairline of a goddamn lion.  I’m jealous.

Taran-ButlerMan Jessica Hook is cute / cool as hell.  Full disclosure, I creep her Instagram occasionally.  I think it was her who I accidentally double tapped a picture from like 20 months ago.  If you IG, you know this is basically instagram-coolness suicide.  It gives you instant creeper status.  I think I may have confiscated the like back, but she maybe already got the notification on her phone and if she looked and the like was gone then that’s pretty much worse.  “Cool story Mike” I know… this IG shit ain’t a game though.

Sooooo… the questions remains, do I add a three-gun squad to ENDO Tactical and get loads of cute girls emailing me to join?




The struggle is real:

ghillie-suit-sniper1:34 – Oh shit it’s our buddy Richard Ryan bout to hurt that poor woman! :P

Corridor Digital always delivers in the visual department that’s for sure.



Royal Nonesuch back at it with the DIY… this time in the protection field:

As expected, one hit was pretty much the threshold for ceramic.

dragon-skin-armorPeople were making some good suggestions in the comments to line-x truck bedliner some plates together with an AR500 steel outer plate.  I don’t see why that wouldn’t work.  We know damn well that those nice looking “armor inserts” companies are selling for plate carriers are just cosmetically beautified easily obtainable materials like mentioned above.

That metal he used (plywood sheathing) was definitely as good as nothing.   Dude isn’t making dragon skin (hehe pictured left) yet… but Id give him some time and he’ll come up with a nice homebrew option like he always does.




Real talk from therealTrippleB:

TheRealTrippleB-YouTube0:09 – ROFL “The HNIC of all things that go boom…”  *me, chokes on popcorn*

Man this guy drops so much knowledge.  Granted I didn’t look up any of it for myself… but I’m just trusting he’s not misleading because I know if he was you guys would chime in.

The whole idea of SBR / rifle / pistol classifications is just useless in the first place.  A lot of people are pretty mad they have a useless SB15 on their hands now.


Gat tip: All you guys who sent the tip about the SB15 news when it happened. I was just waiting for a summary like this to come out before I made a post.



High rate of fire on these:

Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDODamn right?  Those things are quick.  Glad to see Dugan is back making videos, even if they are only 30 seconds long.

I’m sure we’ll see some vids from him at SHOT show this year.



OMG Jennifer a magazine you can dye any color.  I’m LITERALLY DYING.. I CAN’T EVEN:

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEOMeh… cool I guess, as long as the price is close to the same as the standard black.  Nothing I’ll be running out to grab, but hey if people are thrilled this exists then that’s awesome.

Maybe the NRA will buy them to give to schools for the Eddie Eagle program as a handout to take home and dye with their parents?  haha wishful thinking right?

Thoughts?  Are you really amped these exist?