Wow this was close:

Ok if this is actually real, then the camera man must have had multiple bullet whizz past either side of him.  Scary stuff.

AK-47-Kool-AidI think sometimes adults take a child’s confidence as a false reassurance that they can handle the gun in question.  Kids do NOT know how much an AK, or an UZI, or a MAC-11 etc.. kicks because they aren’t old and experienced.  Sure I imagine there are some operator kids that have seen some shit, but until that if you care about their life and your own you should probably refrain from handing them even a semi-auto and hitting them with the “go wild” type opportunity.  You’re going to probably have a bad time.  The fact the AK in the video was on AUTO blew my mind.


Hat tip: Chris



All in a day’s work:

Sons-Of-Guns-Stephanie-Hayden-DerpThe start of the video was definitely an act…. Not really sure what he was trying to say, but it sounded like there was a “pig in the tree?”.  Regardless of the initial staging, all his body weight was definitely off the ground before that branch gloriously snapped sending him to the ground directly onto his elbow by the look of it.

Definitely not shopped.  I can verify it’s authenticity by the pixels and splinters.



My mind’s telling me no… MY BODY… MY BODY’s telling me yes:

The creator James Patrick sent this through to me… I read it over and you know I had to start up some R. Kelly to write this post to set the tone.


The details:

This is a gun made from printed plastic, some rubber, and a nail and the thing actually works! FP printed two barrels. The first is my design, completely plastic which lasted three rounds before a casing got stuck in the chamber. The second barrel was modified to accept a steel chamber insert. That second barrel lasted 15 rounds and then ruptured just forward of the chamber insert, with no injury to the operator (barrel was ejected to the left). But the important thing to take away from the test is that a printed barrel of just 22mm diameter can take the pressure of a .22LR cartridge as long as the barrel is held in compression. No more giant barrels to compensate for the low adhesion between printed layers! That’s a serious step forward in printed firearm technology.

All 3D printed except for a roofing nail for the firing pin, and some used condoms for springs.  Double barrel FTW!!!

Damn that’s too bad it only shoots the rarest ammo on earth atm 😛

3d-printed-handgun-songbirdJames calls this design “The Songbird”… tons more pics over on his website, and his contact info if you want to badger him with questions.  He did this in conjunction with FOSSCAD, a cool open source CAD community you should check out if you’re not familiar.

I like where this 3d printing of guns thing is headed.  I bet 5 years from now we’re going to look back and be like wow look how far this has all come.

Thoughts?  Would prophylacticly operate with?




Shooter ready:

I don’t follow boxing, but Pacquaio seems like a genuinely nice guy.  Humble, down to earth, likes to help people etc… basically the opposite of Mayweather.  I’m not mad at Mayweather though.  He’s doing his thing alright… frankly I’d rather have Mayweather’s life more than Pacquaio’s… because YOLO.  Interesting how even though Pacquaio lost, he still raked in millions.  I wonder if he has a big gun collection in general?  Sport shooting such as IPSC is crazy popular in the Philippines, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Pacquiao-IPSCWhat do you think of his equipment?  Handgun is a Metrillo custom.  How much do they go for?  Are they worth the price?  Made in the Philippines I see.  Looks like nice machine work on them anyway.

Can Mayweather own guns, or did any of those charges for beating up women stick?

Hat tip: Rocco



Interesting.  Lets build fam:

I flat out ignored the the boilerplate emails the company marketing guy sent me and didn’t even click the link to check out the kickstarter until today.  I still can’t believe in 2015 people just “fill in the blanks” on emails they mass send to people they want to promote their stuff.  I can always tell it’s one of those when someone talks about how educational this blog is, and how well written etc….  When I do feel up to responding, I usually call them out on that and am like “LOL GTFO you obviously don’t follow the blog / couldn’t take 5 minutes to even browse it and come up with an accurate description.”

I’m promoting this because I think more kids should be building things, and using their brains.  You can check out the kickstarter if you like what you see.  The cheapest kit is $45 USD. *shrug* doesn’t seem like a bad price to me. I love how self assembly is part of the novelty. Save them money and get you and I to do the work… genius!!! :)

Here is a quick video showing how you assemble it:

PapershootersThank god the look of it is customizable however you want, so you don’t have to use that hideous AIDS camo it comes with.  Just please don’t have the bright idea to paint it black and troll law enforcement.

It’s too bad it’s not semi-auto!  I feel like it wouldn’t have been that difficult to make happen.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?



D’Angelo looking dude with the cornrows out for a troll stroll gets got:

The cop who dealt with the white dudes was cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Black open carry starts at 0:54.  I ask you this, guy in video… HOW DOES IT FEEEEEEEEL*?

*I’m going to slap a early “no homo” on that video embed before someone asks wtf is up with me watching that dude half naked. D’Angelo is smooth as butta tho my dude.

Open-Carry-Most-Interesting-Man-In-The-WorldOpen carry science is a muTha.  The video hardly proves anything, except some people really like wasting police time and getting guns pointed at them.  I DO NOT CONSENT! I DO NOT CONSENT!  Lucky he had his 7-months-pregnant friend to provide useless commentary and a backup video *smh*

Thoughts?  Will there be a court settlement in favor of D’Angelo for several million dollars in emotional damages for this one?