Dat slow motion tho:

There’s a behind the scenes video where they shoot some other stuff at her ass too.

I was like:

Gummy-Bears-Shot-At-AssThe water was a nice touch.  haha at that gold one which lingered in the crack starting at 0:50


Gat tip: Rootbeer Joe


It’s like Christmas in June:

0:46 – “Daewoo – When the bitches be trippin’.  You know I be driftin’.”   hahah genius

1:54 – LOL out of cultural respect.

The DP51 K5 pistol doesn’t really interest me, but that AR-100 K2 rifle is pretty cool if I was inclined to collect something.  Interesting how the South Korean military is still using it.

Holy those old Daewoo commercials were epic!

Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDOSadly, I think I remember seeing on his Instagram page (before he shut it down) that he was working on this video… so chances are it might not be “new” new… just one he didn’t release yet.  I don’t know though, maybe I’m mistaken.  I hope I am.


Gat tip: Keijo, no uno, Carl



Ruger-1022-with-zip-usfa-forend*shrug* seems to work well.  I’m really not a fan of widgets infiltrating any aspect of my life, unless they are completely necessary.  I see why some people might like this thing though for various reasons.

The price is definitely good at $22.50 … and the various magazine adapters for $6 each.   That’s nice to see.  Hopefully the plastic they make it out of is more durable than it looks.



It’s no lie, the Arabs do know how to celebrate:

come-thru-its-litTheir weddings looks so lit.  It’s all fun and games until someone catches a round though.  They cheated death in that 2nd video, but you get the picture.

Remember the amateur stunt drivers with the AK celebration too?  That was awesome.

Can you imagine how much Bloomberg and his moms would love it if we celebrated with AR-15’s like the Arabs do with AKs? Ahahha

Gat tip: Kyle


Reeeeealllll men of geeeeeeeeniuuuuus:

GULFPORT, MS – The men who entered Walmart in Gulfport with a shotgun, bought ammunition, loaded the gun, and cocked it, all while standing in the middle of the store, are not being charged with any crime. That has Coast residents confused and concerned.

“After reviewing the yields of the investigation with prosecutors, it was determined that the action of the two men did not violate Mississippi state statute regarding the carry of firearms,” said Gulfport Police Chief Leonard Papania.

Full story at Fox8Live.

Today we salute you Mr. twelve gauge ammo shopper. 

*Mr. twelve gauge ammo Shopppppperrrrrr*

Like all masters of efficiency with an empty weapon.  You realized that a walk back to the car in Gulfport, MS could be fatal so you solved that problem.

*Solved that pRobbbbbbelm*

As soon as the cashier finished you thumbed the cartridges into the shotgun tube right in front of her.  Now Wendy is traumatized.

*OOoooooo Wendy gonna go on leave*

A quick rack of forend put one in the pipe and you were good to go.

*Soooo good to go*

So crack open an ice cold Budweiser Mr. Open Carry “activist”… and then crack open another for successfully circum-trolling your state laws.

KingOfShotguns*The cheeeeeif gon’ get you another dayyyyy*


Gat tip: Say Uncle


Bruh.  Bruhhhhhhh:

Ok first of all I know this video is for kids, but setting up hypothetical situations like “How many iPhones it would you have to carry in your pocket in order for them to save your life?” is dumb considering you wouldn’t carry them in your pocket 4″ apart in a horizontal line.  Anyhow…

0:57 – I know some of you “parallax” advocates are going to tell me he’s actually 30 yards away (ROFL)… but he’s not.  He’s seriously like 3ft max.

Wait for it…. wait for it….

1:10 – AHHAHAHHAHA worst shot ever for being that close.

2:14 – Flukes a center shot. :P

Shoot-iphones-closeThe shooter is EverythingApplePro on YouTube.  I didn’t bother watching his other videos, but he has almost 650k subscribers so he must be doing something right.