Russia getting slow-motion with it:

Wow that’s impressive.  I can’t even fathom how loud that must be… I bet when most of those go off it’s like a midget drop kicking your chest.

LOL those 152mm shells and projectiles make .50 BMG look like a toy for babies.

Here are the wikipedia pages for the items in use:

0:20 – 2B14 Podnos
0:30 – 2S3 Akatsiya
1:45 – 152mm gun 2A36
3:05 – 2S19 Msta
5:16 – T-12 antitank gun
7:21 – BM-21 Grad
9:44 – TOS-1


Hat tip: Krystian, John



LOLOL this new .380 looking like a taser:


A DOA handgun, with a trigger that looks like a canoe paddle, no actual (iron) sights, a laser only, and a bent frame which is only right handed.  Cool story Taurus bros.

Taurus-CurveMore info on the handgun at the Taurus curve micro-website.

Damn and it’s not even April fools.  The release date is early 2015 with an MSRP of $392.

Thoughts?  .380 really does seem to be the trolling caliber of choice for firearm manufacturers.



FXhummel sings a song and plays the keyboard:

FXhummel-DeagleHe had a song making fun of .40 caliber a while back.  When is the 9mm song coming? :P



From our Van Halen Logo’d friends at Funker Tactical:

#2 – Blade at 45!  Blade at 45! :P

1:02 – Holy if that was a revolver and the attacker pulled the trigger, if the gun went off that would be a disaster for Ryan’s hand.

Every time I see one of these videos it’s like deja vu… I’ve probably watched 100+ disarm videos and they are all basically identical.

3:05 – “I’m not planning on using this (the handgun).  I don’t know this weapon.  It’s not mine, it’s his.”  <— Really?  You’re not going to use it just because it’s not your gun?  And claim you don’t “Know” it enough to use it?  I know milliseconds matter in situations like this, but if the attacker is still advancing maybe it would be a good idea next time you have a second or two to try and figure it out, rather than use it as a club continually to hit the guy.

Funker-Tactical-Handgun-Disarming4:58 – I’d say you’d have to be pretty damn confident pulling a maneuver like this, if you have a guy with a gun asking for your wallet.  Yea it would suck to give your wallet up… have to replace all your cards, license, and whatever money you had.  The chances of not being good enough at disarming him for the average person are pretty high… which I would imagine also raises the risk of a simple robbery turning into you and whoever you’re with laying on the ground bleeding.




Industrial designer Marc Newson for Beretta:


Marc has designed for big names such as Pentax, G-Star Raw (clothing), Samsonite, Alessi, and more.  He’s currently employed at Apple, allegedly working on super secret projects on a part-time basis.  Dude is legit AF basically.

More pictures and specs on the Beretta website.  I can’t say I’m all that impressed with this 486 remix of his.  I mean it’s “nice” for what it is… but I expected some forward thinking, not just some engraving and minor improvements in ergonomics etc.  You can check out the look and specs of the original 486 Parallelo here.  I have no idea what the price on either is.

Like James (below) said, maybe this will lead the way for a Coogi Glock or a Mugatu Deagle, if fashion and firearms designers are cross pollenating.  I really want to photoshop a Biggie Smalls Coogi Glock right now, but I also want to get to bed so I can get up early to eat donuts and smile at females in business attire with those high leather autumn boots we all love, so you guys miss out.  Priorities.  *loop Just Playing (Dreams) but replace the word “R&B” with “TACTICAL” when you sing it in your head*.  I’m just playin… I’m sayin…

Thoughts?  Insta-cop if price wasn’t a likely issue?

Gat tip: James



“Find Your Range” expedition in Arizona:

I’m not going to say “I have A.D.D.” when I actually don’t, because apparently people who do have A.D.D. get wildly offended by that.  I will say though that in the age of the internet now I have exactly zero patience for anything online I feel which is wasting my time.  Yea even little intros in people’s YouTube videos which are maybe 5 seconds long I instantly spend probably 7 seconds trying to skip past them to the actual start.  I realize that means a net 2 second loss but whatevs… did it MY way.  Silencerco doesn’t beat around the bush in this video, it’s like boom were skydiving, we’re on the ground, we’re in SUVs, we’re shooting.  Slow-mo game strong in this too.    Saturation in the video at perfect hipster levels also.  I love these guys.

2:28 – haha dude with the night vision opens that pelican-type case to reveal cold beer on ice.

I could have used a different song in the background, but I suppose it kept my brain going with the pace of the video nicely.

Normally I’d post the photoshop I did of Silencerco’s tramp stamp logo on that girl’s lower back (which I think is hilarious), but I’m going to take the liberty of posting my own $200 NFA Tax shirt instead this time.