New Mad Max movie:

mad-max-afghanistan-the-big-caption-pictureI liked the original Mad Max.  This one looks quite different, but as long as the story is good I’m sure it will be entertaining.  Lots of explosions and gunplay that’s for sure.

Thoughts?  Anyone have this high on their “must see” list?  If so, looks like you’re going to have to wait until 2015.



Jerry Miculek puts speed holes in EVERYTHING:

I love this guy and his channel.  If Jerry isn’t walking around with two hyperbaric chambers protecting those hands/fingers like David Duchovny in Zoolander then he really should raise his insurance to like a billion dollars in case of an accident.  At least he has an excuse when his wife asks him to do anything involving manual labor like take the garbage out, mow the lawn, wash dishes etc… “Those guns aren’t going to shoot themselves fast Irene!  I need to protect the assets”.

Oh and since I’m throwing out hand model references, here’s some Seinfeld to chew on:

david-duchovny-zoolander-hand-modelhaha nothing but a claw. Thoughts?



Taofledermaus continues his quest for the perfect shotgun projectile haha:

Yea they fly like shit (unsurprisingly).  Needless to say I still wouldn’t want a screwdriver flying at me because they definitely still do fly in the general direction of point of aim.  Damn can you imagine getting a screwdriver key-holed in your body?  That would not be fun… granted a slug would be a lot worse.

Demolition Ranch did a test a while back on screwdriver shotgun projectiles among other test in the video.

KingOfShotgunsI’m looking forward to when Taofledermaus gets awarded 523 million dollars from NBC, so he can do platinum slugs.




You can support Richard Ryan & Chaos311Clarity:

You can find Richard Ryan’s Patreon page here.

You can find Chaos311Clarity’s Patreon page here.

Chaos311clarity-ENDORichard-Ryan-Deagle-ShirtGoogle Ads unfortunately just isn’t paying what it used to.  These guys are being humble and asking for your help, if you enjoy the vids and have some spare money you’d be able to throw their way to go towards the cause.  There are reward levels set up depending on how much you donate, but I think the best rewards are intrinsic; knowing that you’re helping them continue to put out videos / being a nice person by donating to something you definitely could just sit back and view for free.

I know this isn’t something I’d normally post, but these are both great guys who put out awesome stuff, and they have always been big supporters of ENDO!



Silencerco knows that if you got it flaunt it:

Does Silencerco really make more suppressors than anyone else in the market? Or is that one of those “World’s first commercially viable shotgun suppressor” type statements?

Silencerco-Tramp-Stamp-LogoDamn good commercial, I’ll say that much.  Three tears colored red white and blue ran down my cheek as the video wrapped up, and they tasted delicious like freedom.


Hat tip: James



Demolition Ranch sets up a shotgun in front of a fire extinguisher:

Christian-Bale-Pointing-MemeHaha this guy.  I hope those fire extinguishers are expired!  So many kids in Africa would kill for a good fire extinguisher and he’s just here shooting them.