cant-even-morale-patchSomething new for the patch fiends.

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Similiar to what “Amazon Prime Now” is offering in Manhattan:

$7.99 for that one hour option… 2 hour delivery is free!  Wow what a time we live in.  I get it though… you have a hot date Tinder date who didn’t specify “No hookups” so you need some fresh ENDO Apparel.  You can hit up the Amazon links and Prime Now supposedly have it to you within the hour.  Sounds pretty awesome to me.   If you don’t have a date, you could always get a new blu-ray and some cheetos delivered.

What if Brownells or Midway had 1 hour delivery?  Would it increase your impulse purchases?  What if you could hypothetically buy a gun online and have it delivered right to your door?  Would that be dangerous to your wallet?



Gangsta-Shooting-TrendThe title of the post by the gang member “BenjaminWebb161″ is actually – “Guns, gangs, and the Glawk 40: A primer on street gangs and how they get arms”.

Head over to the thread and check out the comments and his replies.  Very interesting stuff.  Some of the answers are probably not what you would have expected.

There is just way too much info on there to put in this post… but if I had to summarize what I read it would be:

  • Situational awareness and how you act (don’t act like a good victim) is key.
  • Don’t wear gang colors in gang territory.
  • It’s a shocker, but laws don’t stop criminals.
  • Dogs, a loud alarm, and reinforced doors and door frames work well to keep criminals out

It’s also notable that he has no convictions, is not a prohibited person, all his firearms are legally owned, and he actually is currently serving in the USAF.


Gat tip: Keijo



Crazy slingshot guy’s most controversial video yet:

DummesaulolDummesaulol is what these guys call themselves.  What a half-assed version of Jackass… trying to out-USA the USA NEVER ever works.  Regardless I laughed at those intro clips, because how can you not when guys are getting banged in the crotch and thrown off stuff? haha

3:10 – Joerg’s daughters?  *Thirst activated. More info needed* LOL

Holy that is insane those guys are taking those shots to the face with shitty gas station sunglasses on.  The lens coming out on the guy at 3:42 could have easily slit his eyeball wide open.

3:57 – Cool stars and strips boxer shots brAh. Troll much? *smh*

4:36 – HARD BOILED?  You have to be kidding…. ack right to the face with NO EYE PRO.  Man that’s dirty… right to the eye, I thought Joerg was better than that kind of move.  I hope that “not telling him” was just a stunt for the camera to knot a few panties (and the kid actually agreed to it).

5:20 – Man… seriously they are going to get shot with an ostrich egg?  This is nuts… pure insanity.  Damn, that looked painful.  Have fun with that internal bleeding.




Making a Bruno Mars song cooler:

Bruno-MarsLOL that intro when he’s charging all the weapons.

Man those can launchers are infiltrating everywhere now.  Hopefully no one ever takes a can to the face, making Bloomberg happy and a ban imminent.

Wasn’t nearly as magical or fluid as his Cup Song gun rendition, but still was good.




Ahoy with the history and dat accent:

You know I love that guy’s vids.  Great vector graphics as usual.

haha 3:40 he mentions Predator and T2.

Anyone who uses Wolfenstein and Doom to support their thesis is good with me. *daps*

Minigun-Wheelchair-26:45 – “The soft whirr of the electric motor; the prelude to a cacophony of carnage.” <— Well put.

Remember minigun wheelchair (pictured)? haha

Question for you guys.. with the high rate of fire on these things does the brass get deformed at all when it’s ejected so aggressively?