Oh it’s on:

1:16 – Wait so the “electronic bells and whistles” are a positive feature?

1:18 – LOL WHO LET THIS SLIDE? –> “Sentinel is a standalone hi-fi speaker system allowing you to stream music from your smartphone”

1:43 – “Sentinel can easily be secured to the floor”  Sure but that long thing coming out of it is basically a big lever.  I want to see someone drop kick it while it’s secured to the floor.

gun-box-sentinelYou guys all know that I roll my eyes hard whenever I see an indiegogo.  If you’re interested in getting in on this one there’s a 25% off savings, making the Gun Box Sentinel $524.

Gun Box sent me the handgun one back in late 2014 which I reviewed.  Unfortunately I can’t stream the new Drake album out of it.

Apps, streaming music, electronics, biometrics… Thoughts?


Royal Nonesuch pipes it up:

1:00 – Slam fire with pullys, triggers, and springs

1:18 – Planned periscope mirror sighting system for the win.

2:09 – He has a semi-automatic 9mm in the works

3:17 – He plans to start doing two videos per week.  Build video then viewer request video.  That should be cool.

If Royal doesn’t put his 12GA cornershot into some type of dead animal as a homage to the original, then he’s slipping.  I vote a goat, because Royal is the GOAT.

The official song of this RN build:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOOoooo ya.  Thoughts? I bet he’s going to get trolled hard in the comments when it comes to the viewer request video ideas.


With a laser beam:

itarget-laser-shootingNot bad not bad, but I almost choked on my own spit when I saw the price levels on the Indigogogo campaign.  Good thing further down in the lengthly description it states the apps alone are expected to sell for $10 each.  I think most people will be interested in just buying the app, and they’ll get their own laser bullet and figure out a way to position the phone without that dumb looking proprietary “sled” which I shit you not has a “patent pending” on it according to the indiegogo description.

iTarget has a website as well which you can check out if you’re interested.

I don’t know how useful this type of app is, without adding recoil into the mix.  Additionally if you’re gun isn’t double action racking the slide after every shot (as shown in the video) is going to get annoying pretty quickly, and probably not the best way to “train”.  If nothing else, it’s a cool novelty.

Thoughts?  Would simulate operating with?  Would practice forward rolls, engage targets, then derp scan with? Would tilt gun 90 degrees, yell “BREAK YO’ SELF FOOL” and empty the high capacity laser beam assault clip into the target?



TheAKGuy-ENDOPFFFFT and he calls himself “THE AK GUY” :P  I was expecting 6 seconds.

Cool party trick, but it’s more impressive when you hang upside down in the dark.




Chinese-QBZ-BullpupSupposedly the confrontation started because the kisser was running an illegal restaurant on a Chinese city sidewalk.

How do you yell “WORLDSTAR!” in Chinese?  hahah never mind, I looked it up on Google Translate.

According to the video description: Following the incident, Mr. Huang has been detained for eight days for obstructing government officials from performing their duty.


Hmmmm… NOT ideal.  Dude lost his leg:

Full Story – USA Today

tannerite-binary-explosive-targetOUCH.  0:25 – 43 ft away according to the reporter later on in the video.  Awful close for such shenanigans.

Remember when FPS Russia got a truck door flung at him with some similar tannerite derp?  Yea him and his camera man got lucky… 3:30 in this video.

I’m actually surprised more people don’t get hurt using the stuff.  People just aren’t careful enough. Thoughts?

Gat tip: Thanks to everyone who sent this in.