Industrial designer Marc Newson for Beretta:


Marc has designed for big names such as Pentax, G-Star Raw (clothing), Samsonite, Alessi, and more.  He’s currently employed at Apple, allegedly working on super secret projects on a part-time basis.  Dude is legit AF basically.

More pictures and specs on the Beretta website.  I can’t say I’m all that impressed with this 486 remix of his.  I mean it’s “nice” for what it is… but I expected some forward thinking, not just some engraving and minor improvements in ergonomics etc.  You can check out the look and specs of the original 486 Parallelo here.  I have no idea what the price on either is.

Like James (below) said, maybe this will lead the way for a Coogi Glock or a Mugatu Deagle, if fashion and firearms designers are cross pollenating.  I really want to photoshop a Biggie Smalls Coogi Glock right now, but I also want to get to bed so I can get up early to eat donuts and smile at females in business attire with those high leather autumn boots we all love, so you guys miss out.  Priorities.  *loop Just Playing (Dreams) but replace the word “R&B” with “TACTICAL” when you sing it in your head*.  I’m just playin… I’m sayin…

Thoughts?  Insta-cop if price wasn’t a likely issue?

Gat tip: James



“Find Your Range” expedition in Arizona:

I’m not going to say “I have A.D.D.” when I actually don’t, because apparently people who do have A.D.D. get wildly offended by that.  I will say though that in the age of the internet now I have exactly zero patience for anything online I feel which is wasting my time.  Yea even little intros in people’s YouTube videos which are maybe 5 seconds long I instantly spend probably 7 seconds trying to skip past them to the actual start.  I realize that means a net 2 second loss but whatevs… did it MY way.  Silencerco doesn’t beat around the bush in this video, it’s like boom were skydiving, we’re on the ground, we’re in SUVs, we’re shooting.  Slow-mo game strong in this too.    Saturation in the video at perfect hipster levels also.  I love these guys.

2:28 – haha dude with the night vision opens that pelican-type case to reveal cold beer on ice.

I could have used a different song in the background, but I suppose it kept my brain going with the pace of the video nicely.

Normally I’d post the photoshop I did of Silencerco’s tramp stamp logo on that girl’s lower back (which I think is hilarious), but I’m going to take the liberty of posting my own $200 NFA Tax shirt instead this time.




I post a lot of Demolition Ranch videos because they are awesome, but did you know Matt is a Veterinarian as well?

Matt is such an amazing person, seriously.  Go through a few of those videos… they are so awesome.  My #lifestyle and penchant for cleanliness doesn’t really lend itself well to owning pets, but when I see videos like this one above I almost reconsider.

The only downside to those videos is, I get to thinking “WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE?”.  I’ve never saved a living being.  We’ll I rescue bugs from my condo sometime by throwing them out the window and feel pretty damn good about myself, but besides that nothing.  Please someone tell me that a shirt a made saved your life, or else created a life with a woman because you looked so damn good and she couldn’t resist.  That would make me feel a bit better.

Vet-RanchMake sure you check out Vet Ranch, and subscribe to him for updates.  Matt is wearing the ENDO Pistol Whip shirt in the video if you’re interested.

Gat Tip: James who reminded me how amazing the channel is.




Head over to to make a purchase.

I have big plans for this brand, and will be developing it alongside ENDO Apparel.  Some of you might remember I came out with an Unorganized Militia hat a long time ago, and that was a hit… but I wanted to go back to the drawing board and come up with a logo and a slogan that truly fit what the Unorganized Militia is.  What you see above is a snake cut into 3 pieces representing the 3%, three segments in the tail representing the same, and the three sections of the logo themselves are puzzle pieces.  “Some Assembly Required” perfectly sums it all up; when the people assemble, we have the Unorganized Militia.

Thank all you guys for the support.  It has been so awesome to have grown the company to as big as it is now, and to continue to work on new designs and get nothing but positive feedback.  Please keep the emails coming, they really make my day!



Another short video:

Instructor-Zero*Sarcastic Oooooooo*. This just seems to be a grab for views now in an attempt to stay relevant.  The absolute best part of the whole video though was the lame “Reply Courtesy of” placement.   I expected nothing less from him, since the 5.11 and Bravo Concealment etc. shills.  Yea, I know that’s ironic to say, coming from the guy (me) who said if YouTubers aren’t happy with the money maybe they should explore other revenue streams.  Uh… so get that money Zero.

We know Zero’s speed is still there… but is his drag on YouTube increasing?



LOL this is so gross.  Mattv2099 you crazy:

Initially I thought he was trolling when he said Mountain Dew actually created a drink with this taste.  Sounds disgusting, but he was right it’s real. I bet you though that Pepsi (MTN Dew’s parent company) is smart enough to know that off the novelty alone they will make millions.

I used to drink fountain drinks when we would go out for supper some places with my parents, my sister and I would sometimes mix a bunch of flavors together (who didn’t right?).  As far as adding solids though, I didn’t get past ice cream and little cut up fruit like grapes.  To make the drink nacho cheese flavored would have made me gag back then too.

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelMatt truly is furthering science, and should be hired by Glock’s R&D department for testing.  They could even give him his own trollture lab, where he could do skunkworks style projects with unlimited funding.