Another AR-15 related product no one ever asked for:

The MICS (Magazine Insert for Cleanliness and Safety) from Paratus.

Seriously?  Guys take these rifles into BATTLE, in the worst conditions on the planet and they work just fine with dust and debris in them.  I can’t see the AR-15 safe-queen guys buying these either to be honest, because why bother?  Perfect long term storage solution?  Uhhh ok whatever you say.

What’s next?  Will this company come out with something to seal every hole on the AR-15 making it airtight, then an extra little tank to purge the oxygen and replace it with Nitrogen?  Oh shit, if that wasn’t their next idea it definitely might be now.

Every once and a while when a company is veteran owned (like this one) some trolls stop in on the comments and start with the “MIKE HATES VETERANS!”  No I hate useless products, poor advertising, shitty execution etc… regardless of the persons past or present career, accolades etc…  Being a veteran and owning a company doesn’t grant you success; you need a good product.  If you guys like this magazine insert because you care that your magwell has no dust in it, then please by all means buy one for all your rifles and one for gifts for everyone you know!  I couldn’t be happier for you.


LOL I lost it at “Patent pending seal”. That seal looks so NXTLVL I bet non-firearm related companies even are going to want to license the seal technology to use it on their own products.

I’d like to tell you guys a price on this, but I’m either too dumb to find it or this is the usual situation where people like to talk about something they don’t sell yet for some unknown reason.




This is extremely unfortunate… the instructor in the video died:

Full story on CNN.

Sure we all know guns are awesome, and automatic ones are even more awesome.  Probably millions of kids have shot automatic guns under adult supervision and never hurt anyone or themselves, just like millions of kids have “driven” a car on their dad’s knee.  If a rule is put in place where kids can’t legally shoot automatic firearms at a rental establishment though, do the terrorists win?  I don’t know, but I do know that since there isn’t a law in place, there should be common sense in place in the mind of the instructor.  This girl was clearly tiny, and didn’t know what she was getting herself into, so the decision needed to be made for her and her family.  I’m just glad she wasn’t the one who ended up dead.  At 9 years old living with the fact you killed someone though has got to be incredibly traumatizing, I can’t even imagine.

Nike-Air-Max-UZI-HandgunThe video on the CNN page references the incident I also remember in 2008 where a little boy shot himself accidentally with an auto UZI at a gun fair.




Oh lawwwwwwd SilencerCo drops a science vid.  SciencerCo amirite guys?

Silencerco-Tramp-Stamp-LogoWhoa those are some nice numbers.  Good ad as usual, no gimmicks.

You know Silencerco is doing a good job when you literally hear no one talking shit about them.  Most major suppressor companies actually people speak very highly of.



Better than I operate with hands:

Seriously awesome.  I can’t believe how some people overcome adversity, very impressive.

Nubs-No-Hand-ShooterReminds me of the video where the guy shoots with his feet, and another video where a young girl shoots with her feet.

Hunter has a facebook page with more vids of him operating.   Looks like he also has a sense of humor about it and calls himself “nubs”.  I always feel uncomfortable latching onto the disability related monikers, even if the person in question embraces it.  Kind of like when the Burger King Kids Club had “Wheels” (A kid in a wheel chair in it).  

Hat tip: FirearmBlog




Full instructions over at ITS Tactical.  I’m not sure how solvent resistant these things are.  My guess is not very, considering they are meant to repel girl sweat, and the sweat of guys who go to yoga to look at girls.

Spoiler Alert:
Step 1: Tell your girlfriend her yoga mat is now your gun cleaning mat.





Demolition Ranch takes a look:

Like the test that Jerry Miculek did, the results are inconclusive.  No wait they are not… the conclusion is that the journalist is an idiot.

The best part of the video was:


hahah oh noEs high capacity cLipz.



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