Mattv2099 with a trollinvention using the Saiga .410:

mattv2099-deagle-endoComing you to a hood and Russian job site near you.  

It would be cool if he could make something surrounding the nail engage the rifling.  It’s no surprise a lot of these latest trolls he’s be doing have been having “meh” results due to unpredictable flight.




18 year old Kai Kloepfer has a dream:

Kai is using the $50,000 grant he received from the Smart Tech Challenges Foundation to integrate a biometric fingerprint sensor onto a live firearm. This gun would prevent unauthorized users from firing the weapon, reducing accidental injury and death, and keeping homes across America safer.

1:11 – That’s nice they actually included the gun store owner saying he wasn’t too fond of the concept.  You don’t often see both viewpoints being shown.

4:08 – Military applications?  Huh why?  I like that this kid is asking questions anyway… that’s how you learn.

3…..2…….1…… ah there it is –> 5:51 – “At this point even one.  Because I don’t want to have anyone to have to go to places like this to remember loved ones.”

Kai-Kloepfer-Smart-GunsI really like Kai’s optimism, but I don’t see this particular fingerprint technology being a viable solution.   I think someday there might be a solution we can all be happy with, and I think it’s great people are working on it.  The market will decide which solution is the right one.   Oh actually… maybe the government will just decide for us, whenever they feel like it.  That seems to be how it works sometime.

Thoughts?  If nothing else, Kai can now tell girls “Google me” when they ask what’s he’s about.  That’s the ultimate flex when you’re not even finished high school yet.



Spoiler alert: Cory07ink doesn’t make an appearance.

Stolen-ValorIn the realm of stolen valor when you call a person out you have yell “STOLEN VALOR” and tell them “it’s a federal offense” apparently.  Cool story bros… the government has prosecuted precisely zero people so far (to the best of my knowledge).  I think this is incredibly shitty, especially in the cases where people are profiting off it by misleading customers.  Some of those people in the video are obviously pathological liars, or mentally handicapped.  Does it really matter if they want to pretend to be something they are not?  I’d hazard a guess that most of these guys are also so dumb that even if they did beaten up by veterans, they would just be back to faking it again the next day anyway… but likely with even more sympathy from the public because of injuries they sustained as an 11B in the sandbox.

3:57 – LOL revolutionary war veteran.

Thoughts?  Any of you guys have a stolen valor story of your own?




Shooting-Steel-At-Close-RangeWhat do you guys think…  2 yards?  Maybe 3? *SMH*  Assuming that steel target is an IPSC silhouette we’re looking at ~24″ tall, so that makes the 2×4’s used for the stands about 4ft in height.  If you took one and pivoted it in the ground forward I’m guessing it would come at least half way to that blue mat.  Ugh even if it were a stationary target with an extreme downward angle that would be better than this.  Look how it’s flapping around after each shot, like when your mom hangs your jammies on the clothes line in the wind after the wash.  Redic.

Like Ryo (Gat tipper) said, the shooter is real concerned about the danger of the sun’s rays. UV can be a BITCH. Lead and copper at a ~1000 fps? Meh whatevs, dude’s over it.

Thoughts?  Would live once with?

Gat tip: Ryo



It’s lit:

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyI’ve always wanted one.  Sadly that’s probably not going to happen, so I’ll settle with a 92 and a quick finger I guess.

As always Larry delivers on the slow motion footage.




I always like hearing what Glenn has to say:

You had me going for the first part Glenn, but the 2nd part kind of threw me.   LOL jk we’re good… I just wanted a segue of some sort where I could mention your last name and speculate that you may be related to Dee and Dennis Reynolds.

Mac-and-Dennis-Always-Sunny-ManhuntersBuying or at least renting a boat again this summer is high on my list.

So in summary: 1) You can’t win without fighting  2) If you have a boat you need to get a mattress for it (because of the implication).