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Silencerco Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor on a dove hunt:

Not one of their best videos, but it was nice to look at anyway.

chappelle-princeI wonder if I’ll be getting a letter from Prince’s lawyers regarding the post title.  That dude takes his IP very seriously… I tried to find When Doves Cry on YouTube and Soundcloud and came up with nothing but shitty covers and fakes. All I have to say about that is… GAME: BLOUSES.




Nutnfancy-Googly-Eyes-Herp-DerpHoly that Carolina Tactical Outfitters video looks pretty bad.  Although Richard’s first video on Gander Goddamn Mountain was amazing, this time I would have preferred to have just seen the actual video on its own and then watched his commentary after the fact.   I hope the awesomeness of the Gander Mountain video wasn’t just a fluke.  I’m looking forward to see what Richard comes out with in the future for sure.




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Head over to ENDO Apparel and pick a few up.

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As you guys know, tactical post-shooting exaggerated tactical threat scanning is the new hotness.  This example is pure gold:

Blog reader Brandon emailed me, and I quote – “@3:11 was he looking for jesus or nah lmao”

3:11 guys…. incredible LOL.  When I saw that my brain was like IS THIS REAL LIFE?  Even the placement of the handgun facing up by his ear was pure gold. And the look up…. Hnnnnnnnnnnnnng my heart LOLOL.

Tactical-Threat-ScanIf in the future you shoot someone in self defense, and are caught on security camera doing such a thing I picture the jury deliberating and coming up with “This man is a trained killer!  Just look at his calm pause, careful indexing of the handgun by his ear, the careful search and assess.  He has trained for this very moment just hoping it would happen.” haha well maybe not, but I still think if you threat scan how the guy in the video does, at the very least you deserve to be made fun of by everyone.

It’s really unfortunate the guy’s hat doesn’t have any notches. :/

Thoughts?  Am I just not operator enough to understand?



The LAV does things just to do them.  H&K HK21 and SR25 in some rolling car shenanigans:

Looks like a lot of fun.

3:38 – “YESSSS that’s what the homeslice is talking about!” and that laugh <— LOL someone seriously needs to make up a Larry Vickers soundboard like my favorite The Rap Board.

5:30 – “THE CAR IS NOT EVEN THERE ANYMOREEEEE.   DUUUUUUUDE” hahahha another for the sound board

I’ve seriously never heard an old guy say dude so much hahaha he did annihilate the shit out of that car though.

Here’s a little extra somethin somethin the LAV homeslice put together about the HK21:

Larry-Vickers-HK21Larry really has grown on me for real.  I picture telling him “I like your vids!” someday at SHOT but then after that there would be a fork in the road… either I’m thinking he’s just like “THANKS BROTHA” and that’s it *phew*, or worse case scenario he glances down at my name / company badge and sees ENDO and does some sort of TIER 0 DELTA throat punch shit that knocks be back to the stone age.