Polenar Tactical knocks it out of the park.  Hahah this is too good:

I know I’ve said this before, but seeing as Polenar Tactical is based out of Slovenia I’m really surprised the humor translates so well.  They really “get” American culture for real.

Polenar-TacticalThe stereotypes depicted in the video are dead on.  There’s a post I made a while back on here titled List of Offensive Shooting Range Stereotypes which you guys might also like.  As you’d expect, many people in the comments don’t get that it’s a joke.


Hat tip: Kyle, Lesley, Rick



Finally an infographic that doesn’t suck:


I get at least one email a week from some weak-ass marketing company wanting me to post their infographic.  I want to be like “Listen bro, no one is falling for your bullshit SEO grab.” but instead I just hit delete.  I hope they realize that this shit don’t come with trophies, ain’t no envelopes to open.  I do this ENDO because I’m supposed to.

Silencerco deserves some love for this one.  Buy a suppressor from them or facebook / tweet about how you love them long time.  As the judge I’m handing down a sentence of first degree murder charges on the color scheme alone… bodied.  I didn’t post the animated version, which is cool but a 1.1mb embed? LOL no thanks.

OOoooo that ownership map makes me happy! :)




FXhummel goes in:

Malfunctions from a pistol’s point of view.  So true, you gotta blame it on ammo etc…

FX is rocking the ENDO Apparel TROLLIN t-shirt.



Come for the jingle stay for the shot:

Larry-Vickers-Hover-SunglassesDamn I love that jingle.  LAV really shit the bed on not making a joke about the rifle being a “Dehumidifier”.  Oh well, still a good vid.

That Canadian Colt + the ELCAN sure throws maple syrup and loonies like a beast, whoa.  v rare.

<— LOL at the hover sunglasses screenshot from a previous vid.  priceless.



The Israelis make my job easy.  Kosher Costa shows us what’s up:

Everything was just talking up until 1:10.  Cool widened fat horse stance bro…. oh… oh… oh LAWWWWWD this is beautiful:


Robot cheek index!  haha the temple index was SOOoooooo last week.

If this actually works for the Israelis I’m convinced it’s because the enemy is bent over LOL’ing.

5:42 – “Part of the presentation is loading a round”  <— yea tell me more about how this method is better than carrying one in the chamber.

Someone needs to develop an Israeli training aid that has a fat cartoon horse to sit on, which is connected to cheek pads.  The whole thing could have a hinge on one side to drop down to the ground for the “take a knee” reloads.

7:27 – Getting gently patted while you’re doing pushups  and assembling your firearm is like Navy Seal Special Ranger Recon Advanced Hyper Special Ops style training.

Kosher-CostaIf you like what you see, and want to learn more about the fat horse stance and robot cheek index make sure to train with Masada Tactical.  They are based out of Baltimore, MD… the kosher tactical Jewish training epicenter of the universe (I made that last part up).


Hat tip: Brandon, Dawud



Ain’t nobody got time for rationalizing a right:

I like Billy Johnson a lot still, but all these NRA videos are wearing on me.

preaching-to-choirThe NRA be like: ENDO told me, go ‘head, switch the style up / And if they hate then let ‘em hate and watch the money pile up