Try as they will… they still can’t top Cut You Down:

Come-And-Take-ItThe thing about the Cut You Down video, was that the song was a great fit for the footage, and it’s a great song.  Maybe if this particular video was set to… oh I don’t know Beyonce – Flawless we’d have a hit on our hands. *I woke up like dis… I woke up like dis* *operators we flawless… operators we flawless* *My Glock flawless my Glock flawless* because this drum beating track though has me like “meh”.  High speed footage though… keep operating bros. Damn what about that synchronized dancing though? Watch me bring that to the gun world and subsequently swan dive into the DM conversations your girl has with her friends.




Says Elvis Presley Enterprises, who doesn’t like this ad and is suing Beretta:


Elvis Presley Enterprises filed the suit against Beretta, claiming the gun co. hijacked Elvis’s face and good name to hawk its new model 692 shotgun. Elvis impersonators even made an appearance at the Beretta booth at the 2013 SHOT show in Vegas.  According to the lawsuit, while Elvis was an outspoken gun enthusiast, neither he nor his estate ever gave Beretta permission to use his image in ad campaigns.

Hat tip: TMZ

Great looking shotgun… weak Ad.  I see very little marketing that I’m impressed with when it comes to the big gun companies.  I don’t know if these places have internal marketing departments or if they hire agencies, but whoever is doing the work sucks.  Likely they numbers nerds are like “OMG GUYS OUR ELVIS AD MADE US $10.2 MILLION this quarter… raises for everyone!” just to keep their jobs and keep putting out bullshit ads.  An Elvis lookalike in 2014?  That’s literally the most boring and non relatable thing I’ve ever see to sell a shotgun in my entire life.  Why even bother?  I know I’m not in the target demographic for fancy-ass shotguns, but if I was I would have preferred they just put nice pics of the amazing details on the gun itself.  Last thing I want people being like “Oh the 692!  You bought the Elvis shotgun!”

elvis-holding-gunBeretta… you’re corny.  Step your game up.




Demolition Ranch is fancy as _ _ _ _:

KingOfShotgunsNiiiiiice.  I want to see this done with an AR, and even an AK (although the AK might be next to impossible).




hahahahha they (FOX) actually refer to Owen as AK Jesus:


I can’t embed the video but you can check out out on Fox News.

Simplicity in design and engineering and old world craftsmanship to make new modern things… right on.

Always good to hear about Snakehound Machine, and Owen doing well.  For those that didn’t know, Owen has been growing his hair out for over a year to donate to Wigs For Kids, a foundation who makes wigs for sick children who have lost their own hair, additionally he donates his liquid bone marrow to help people in need.  Awesome guy.

Without the long hair he’ll still be AK Jesus to me.

P.S. I love how FOX filed this under “Science” on their site.




Dibs on the patent for peep uparmor in vehicles:

If I lived in the hood, I wouldn’t be blogging for you guys right now I’d be packing my car door panels and house walls with Peeps.  Those glorious sugary bastards could safe your life.

Kirsten-Weiss-ShootingKirsten emailed me tonight to say whats up.  I said to her the best part of her videos is how much fun she has doing them.  We can’t see the shots a lot of the time, but we see the final product and her enthusiasm.  Additionally I mentioned to her that I think slow motion footage from my e-bro Richard Ryan would be sick combined with her skills.

Thoughts?  Buying peeps for protection ASAP?



1/2 of the duo I referred to as “the gun store guys” is no longer with us:


My thoughts go out to Eric, the rest of the Iraqveteran888 YouTube guys, and everyone else who was close to Barry.  I got the news this morning at a donut shop, when I checked my email and realized a lot of people had seen a sad announcement on Facebook.  Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” was playing in the background, a fitting song seeing as the gun community lost a valuable asset.  It was impossible not to learn from Barry, and laugh at his jokes / various shenanigans which played out in the videos.  Just the other day I was thinking about how hilarious The Exploits of Sir Arthur HiPoint were, the education and comical complaining found in the gun gripes series of videos, and all the various other educational videos Barry put out such as the lost art of cut shells etc…  Lots of you probably didn’t even know that Barry and Eric even had a TV show on Destination America called Prepper Hillbillies.  Sadly I never got to blog about it before today.

Barry accomplished a lot online over the past few years I’ve have had the pleasure of enjoying and posting his channel’s videos.  The great thing about the internet is that through the vast amount of content he put out, he and his knowledge will live forever.

Rest in Peace Barry.  Thank-you for everything.

Hat tip: Lots of people

Gun Gripes Episode 85: Final Farewell

To donate to the family see the Barry Elliot Memorial Fund.