Holy Jesus this is 1 hour and 12 minutes long AND A SCHOOL PROJECT:

Operators: Little Blue, Giggles, Chief, Toshy, Jules, Monster, Mumbles, Blinken, Ralph, Bear, Boo, Monkey,

2:54 – I had no idea it was even legal for 11 year olds to shoot handguns with other kids in Canada, much less draw from a holster while laying on her back.  I know the video description says the dad was present.

4:23 – The tradition in their family on a kid’s 11th birthday is to get everything they need for their new Plate Carrier.  That’s legit.

35:34 – That was “Training” that you just witnessed those kids doing (according to her).

46:45 – Damn their mom must be a saint.  The amount of time I’ve seen mags hit the hardwood floor in this video I can’t even count.  There’s no way that’s not leaving dents. LOL

48:27 – Holy… robots live!  LOL at the gear and the scans too, wow.

So there you have it… if you made it though the whole thing that’s the organized kid militia of Five 56 Concepts out of Canada. Even if you didn’t like the video you have to respect the fact this is a school project haha. Pretty chilled out school, wow. Must be deep in rural Alberta. I can’t imagine any city schools anywhere being totally cool with this.

Honestly I don’t know what the hell I just watched / skipped through.  Just because you have a gun in your hand and are doing anything at all… it doesn’t count as training.  The post-engagement derp scanning was on point haha.  If they are having fun and staying safe I suppose no harm done.  The main girl mentioned at some point in the video about being in some sort of cadets training.

Organized-Kid-Militia-CanadaI probably missed a lot of parts I could have talked about… if anyone has any good ones to add be sure to let me know in the comments.

Thoughts? Would operate with?

Hat tip:  xPressureDropx



Yeager is cranking out these Ammonation episodes now:

The first and only episode before this was back in April, on that Bundy Ranch derp.  I’m not a Bundy Ranch history scholar or anything, but that whole thing seemed like a disaster of epic proportions.  Remember Cliven Bundy’s soapbox rant on race too? *smh*

Machinegun-BebeJames made $40,354 off the Kickstarter for AmmoNation, which was to fund the making of these episodes.  A lot of people were pissed off there weren’t already way more episodes and were complaining that $40k is a lot of money to make a few videos… sure on its own $40k can buy a few things, but you have to realize James’ time is worth well over $100 /hour (I’m guessing), and he had to buy cameras and editing equipment, fuel, etc… As he said in the past on other videos, he’s way over budget on it.  I believe that 100%.

I watched this entire episode and it wasn’t bad at all, but I didn’t really feel like this “Machinegun Bebe” deserved a whole 24 minutes of my time.   She’s cute and all, but why did I need to know about her upbringing, history, and current happenings?




FPS Russia wearing ear and eye protection and shooting incendiary:

FPS-RussiaOmg proper safety… it’s a miracle.  Mattv2099 prophesied on the last Royal Nonesuch video I posted, that Royal is going to be the next big thing because of his disregard for safety.  FPS started out disregarding safety too.  Actually I think he has been wearing custom ear plugs for a while though, but they were flesh colored so they didn’t really stand out.

4:25 – LOL that paint can was coming for him!

Gotta be careful with incendiary that you don’t mess around and start a forest fire.



Royal Nonesuch retired from demonstrating homemade guns, but he’s back being mad reckless and stuff:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDORule #1: Always remember to REMOVE your eye protection before you shoot something.  

Rule #2: Always shoot / make fire in an area that is very flammable.  Basically anything dried.  A field works best too because when you start a fire it will really go wild.

Rule #3: Never keep water or anything else around to extinguish the flames.

*smh* Royal Nonesuch you crazy bastard.  Who’s the flare plug?  Hook a brotha up.  Last time I checked those things weren’t cheap.



Gunwebsites has lots of guns and accessories to show off… here’s extendos on everything:

Stitches-RapperNo reason not to own extendos.  A couple reasons not to carry them.

Probably one of the funniest things I remember from Instagram was that PHLster made up an actual kydex extendo holster for Stitches to make fun of him for the “BITCH I GOT EXTENDOS” line in his rap video.




Taofledermaus got some free flashlights to shoot:

The-Walking-Dead-Zombies-Maglite-Flashlight-Handgun-Silencer-SuppressorCouldn’t really see much besides some flickering in the sky for a couple frames.  Got me thinking though, that will be really cool once good quality wireless streaming cameras get small enough to shoot.  Guy’s will figure out a way to stabilize their flight then get some really awesome footage.  I foresee LiveLeak combat footage getting exponentially more gruesome.