Wow.  Lucien Black of VODA INC again:

Voda-Firearms-Training-Lucien-BlackI’ve blogged about this guy a couple times now (HERE and HERE)… and the new videos just keep impressing me.

Here’s the breakdown:

0:08 – Ok Ok… positive stuff.  Motivating the people to create their own success, I can get behind that.

1:00 – He’s going to be training in Baltimore with “Urban Sharp Shooters” next month.

1:08 – “VODA ain’t going no damn where.”  Perfect.

1:17 – “We don’t need nobody telling us what we can and can’t do.  VODA does what VODA does.  Period.”  Well yea that’s very evident.

There are a lot of quotable quotes and eyebrow raising moments between these timestamps, but I’ll let you listen for yourself because as usual it’s quite the rant.

7:39 – WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? I know Israeli derp horse stance when I see it.  They are evidently following the Israeli method of carrying without one in the chamber too.  Epic.

8:46 – Talks about how someone talked shit about him on some website and called the NRA on him, and he was mad.  He wanted to sue the guy but couldn’t find him.  Sue him for what? Yea, I have no idea he doesn’t go into detail.

9:32 – “The NRA is not looking at me… NRA could care less.  Know how many garbage instructors they put out every year?  Come on”

9:50 – “Take the certification from me.  You’ll never stop me from teaching because I come from a long line of teachers and this is what I do”.  Truuuuu he doesn’t care.

10:47 – Says he has no license or certification of any type… just straight knowledge and years of experience behind a gun.  Ok.

11:40 – Just some friendly practice drawing on each other.  Good times… good times.

16:21 – This conversation gets even more bizarre at this point…

16:58 – Thumbs up for the grip I guess? *shrug* Oh man… yea that’ll work.

I should train with this guy just for the novelty alone, and get some sort of official certificate I could flex on here forever.



Tracking Point with another promo for their new focus on the military:

If you missed yesterday’s promo video you can check it out here.

TrackingPoint-LogoMehhhhhhhhh 1/5 operational points… I see what they wanted to accomplish with this though.  Due to the style, had me feeling like I was watching one of those anti-gun group’s videos up until the very end.

Isn’t putting out YouTube promos kind of useless if they are focusing on the military now?  Or is this a PR campaign so that the general (pant shitting afraid of scary guns) public goes from being freaked out by “guns which shoot themselves and can hit targets a bajillion miles alway” to being cool with Tracking Point because they are military only now, helping surgically remove those who hate America?

Please also let me know in the comments if they got the operator dad’s insignia, ribbons, and medals correct. I know errors in that drives you veterans crazy! It usually flies under my radar unless it’s really bad.



Rollin and talking shit to the camera:

You heard the man. Do NOT play with him out there. 👐😂😬🤔🤔🤔 *smfh* via @thatguyalexis

A video posted by ENDO (@everydaynodaysoff) on

chiraq-chicago-gun-violenceThey don’t call it CHIRAQ for nothing.  Wow, people sure put some interesting stuff up online.

So poetic that the main guy has a Hi-Point carbine.

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From the vid description: TrackingPoint is now hyper-focused on delivering weapons that turn soldiers into a dominant force in the war on extremism.

TrackingPoint-LogoYa, probably a good idea to focus on the military rather than civilian market. Their website looks like it has completely changed now as well to reflect that.

The video itself was a bit too “feel good” for my liking.  I feel like pulling some captured ISIS shitheads out of a military prison and exploding their heads into mist at 1000+ yards while rotisserie’ing pig and drinking beer would have been more effective in conveying the message… but hey I’m not in charge of TrackingPoint marketing (probably for good reason :P).



The Corridor digital guys are back at it:

Nerf-N-Strike-Elite-Hail-Fire-Blaster-Gun-ToyI know very little about Team Fortress and haven’t played it, but this video was cool.  Corridor Digital always usually delivers.


Phuc Long back at it:

Firepower-United-Phuc-LongIn case you missed it, here is PART 1 and Part 2.

0:26 – “What you have to do is pee inside the rifle” <—- LOL *dead*

0:59 – He should probably go to the doctor and get that stream checked out.  Looks problematic. haha