If you’re not operating a tactical pizza cutter on the reg you’re not Tier 1 enough to live:




$30 from ThinkGeek.

Epic how it comes with the laser / flashlight but yet can be removed to expose a full picatinny rail underneath.  I’d probably opt for a Nightforce 5-25x because I’m smooth like that with the long distance ops.

The pizza cutter body is a Zinc alloy, but for some reason it’s not dishwasher safe though… does Zinc have trouble with soap and hot water?  Oh.. Maybe they think people won’t remove the laser / light before washing.




ABS = Good:

Visijet = Bad:

Thanks ATF!  I wonder what ABS printer they used?  The model looks pretty smooth, not like it came from some bullshit home-brew setup with low resolution.

I held my breath thinking some badass ATF agent would walk on screen in the Liberator Pistol Builders Club T-shirt… but no luck.

Thanks for the test ATF bros! I’d say that I would like to buy you a beer, but the A in your name suggests you have access to all the beer you could possibly ever want.




ReasonTV looks into it:

Even the nation’s premier gun lobby believes keeping guns away from the mentally ill is a good idea. It’s a sensible-sounding proposal, a logical precaution. But some forensic psychiatrists, whose jobs include the task of identifying potentially violent individuals, say that targeting the mentally ill isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Hmmm yea that’s a tough one.  I see what they mean about false positives and the danger of the “Better safe than sorry” approach.

Holy that anxiety disorder lady’s story is scary; California really screwed her on that one!  Embarrassing for sure.


Hat tip: Weerd



Redneck scientist Demolition Ranch puts tha waves on it:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Hathaha that bunker looks so shady.  If I saw that in the woods I’d immediately think it was something more sinister, and be afraid to look inside.

The results aren’t very surprising… I saw Mythbusters do the whole microwave thing in the past.




People are shitting bricks over this today:

Full story over at KRQE News.

Up until the shooting of the vehicle, I really don’t think the cop was doing anything unreasonable.  So much restraint you have to show in that line of work… this video is a perfect example.  Did you see how obnoxious that lady and her stupid kid were acting?

Farrell and her 14-year-old son are both arrested. The mother gets child abuse and fleeing charges as well as a misdemeanor for possession of drug paraphernalia. The Taos News reports that State Police claim they found two marijuana pipes in the minivan. Her son is charged with battery of an officer.

cop-with-gun-holding-wristLOLOLOL good.  I’m also glad to hear the officers involved are under investigation.  My guess is the one that shot at the van will get a talking to, but probably not much beyond that.  That move was full-retard for sure.  Can you imagine if he would have hit that 14 year old green haired purple hoody kid?  Hoodies would have been banned country-wide for good.


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I thought TMHonfire102 lost his edge… he can still troll though apparently:

Troll-FaceHmmmm, yea that was disturbing.