Some very neat special effects in this one:

I especially liked the blue shell from Mario Kart at the end.  I had no idea what some of the other games they were referencing were… still cool though.

I liked playing multiplayer in 007 Golden Eye with the Golden Gun.  I should specify ONLY ON N64.  I played that bullshit on my cousin’s Wii… what a load of garbage.  Maybe i’m just too old for the Wii but I thought I was going to puke even when watching someone else play.




A politically-loaded experiment involving a man walking through central Moscow with a replica of an AK-74 assault rifle has hit the Russian blogs. Not a single police officer reportedly stopped or questioned him.

Pavel Tarasov, apparently armed with an openly displayed automatic weapon, strolled through central Moscow, while Vadim Tsibankov took photos of him standing right next to police officers. Vadim describes the experience in a report which is currently top of the Russian blogosphere.

The blogger’s site – HERE

Full Story and more photos – HERE

In Soviet Russia, replica AK muzzle sweeps EVERYONE!

From what I can gather, open carry isn’t legal in Russia, so the fact no one batted an eyelash is interesting.  If you ask me, that’s the way it should be though.  The guy was just chilling with his buddies by the look of it, so even if it was real a real firearm, he obviously wasn’t a threat.  I’m so sick of the “only police should carry guns” mentality.  Thankfully even the people in the US that believe that nonsense still have to put up with a growing number part of the population that can’t afford armed security 24/7 so they decide to protect themselves.




Siri becomes useful for something:

Interesting choice on the B+T MP9, I haven’t seen too many of those in real life.  I’m sure that one’s airshit, but that’s besides the point.

I thought the rash of “Siri doing fake cute things” videos would have calmed down by now, but apparently not.  Oh well, looks like these guys had fun making it.

Pictured left the .50 BMG Proof iPhone Case if you’re not familiar.


Hat tip: Kenneth S.



Brotha Ruff Brings it… the action starts at 3:06:

And when I say action I mean, corny church shootout between good and evil using automatic 1911 handguns.   The special effects are so bad it’s hard to watch.  I especially like how “Evil” has on a slick rick style eye patch and wave cap.  You all thought since I’m white I wouldn’t know that huh?  I know Evil’s got his 360 waves spinnin’.

Despite the production of the video, the rapper Brotha Ruff is actually really good.  His flow reminds me of Xzibit.  “Yo Dawg, I heard you like”… never mind I can’t think of a good one.

OH LAWD Will the well of internet gun humor ever run dry?  Thankfully it doesn’t look like it.


Hat tip: Daniel



Filmed at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA:

So disrespectful.  A lot of people just don’t “get it” because they are so far removed from death in war.  For most, I imagine visiting there is just another meaningless stop on the list before they head to the Cheesecake Factory.  I’ve never been to war, so I don’t know what it’s like either… but I definitely can comprehend the gravity of the commitment and sacrifice every soldier makes.


Hat tip: Al



I received this email yesterday afternoon from Cory (boyfriend of glock as a club to deliver a beating girl):

I want my video taken off of here. Implying that Erika was being unsafe and more over just the guys that comment and the type of guys it brings to my channel i don’t want. There is giving a review of something and there is just being disrespectful to the ppl that teach. We are doing our best to get ppl to get out and train and become interested in  firearms. The gun had a light primer and had a spent casing in the gun, she was as safe as you can be with her finger clearly off  the trigger. She was doing as she was told. Really it just makes her look bad, when she is doing her best.

My public response to Cory:

Who says I do reviews?  I make fun of stuff that deserves to be made fun of and shown to everyone. You can tell he was getting progressively angry on the post in question, his alias is the comments is “cory”.

Just because people (Buck Yeager in this case) “teaches” something, you automatically think it’s a good idea?  You can’t think independently?  You guys do a fair amount of drills that make sense to me, but you also do a bit of stupid shit like this, which I will continue to call out.

Cory, it’s called the internet.  What you choose to make public IS public.  Man up and either delete the video or quit your bitching.  I’m sure people already saved it and will re-post it just in case though so that’s your mess to clean up. UPDATE: He removed the video LOL

Oh and don’t act all surprised that guys are commenting on the fact your girlfriend wears daisy dukes in every video.   Your predictable response: “But that’s what she always wears because they are what she finds comfortable”.  Fair enough, but again this is the internet.  Your girlfriend could have a burka on and people would still troll you if this is the type of response it gets.

Buck Yeager is waiting for you in the Team Room to play some more “spin the bottle”.  If you ask nicely he will probably teach you a thing or two about embracing the trolls.

Gentlemen, start your troll-engines. –>