Mattv2099 puts the RHMB in some Hoppe’s #9:

haha I still say “Hops” too, even though I know from Hoppe’s company videos it’s pronounced Hoppies.  Oh well… Mag, magazine… clip, clipazine, assault clip… potato poTATOh.

Hoppe's-No-9-Solvent-Air-FreshenerNot as sinister looking as some of his past RHMB’s… but still quite sinister.  Damn that would smell bad.

I’m really surprised some of this stuff just lights on fire rather than flash exploding.  I fear for Matt’s safety once he starts pushing the envelope even more.




Shut up John Lott, I’m talking:

Cool-Starry-BraSo billions are spent training soldiers, but they aren’t trustworthy or skilled enough to be armed in their own country to protect their own people?  Cool starry bra.




Tactical Tunes and the Vigilant Spectre boys, Killing time fooling around with some guns:

Damn that’s an ugly gun but the .500 S&W cartridge kicks like a beast!

Tactical-Tunes-Vigilant-Spectre-ENDOHoly that “accent” towards the end is obnoxious.

Vigilant Spectre is in the New York Reload t-shirt, and Tactical Tunes is in the Deagle t-shirt both from ENDO Apparel.



American operator badass Travis Haley talks about his experience:

I always enjoy listening to Travis Haley, both when he’s in business man mode and operator mode.  Definitely articulate and intelligent, and it’s nice to see someone admit they have made mistakes and are working to improve.

Those helicopters they use are really small, and have no guns on them that I can see… interesting.  I suppose what’s on board them is the deadly part though.

Damn though Travis has a lot of analysis going on upstairs.  Does he ever relax? It be like:

Fast food worker: Hey Travis, want fries with your burger?

Travis: I want to know where the Potato came from.  What motivated the farmer to grow that potato?  Was the end use of the potato planned from the beginning?  Does a farmer ever regret giving the potato up for consumption rather than dividing it up, planting it and growing hundreds more potatoes?  What should I know to increase the fries’ nomability?  Should I be aware of any issues with this particular genus of potato that would affect my ability to use the starch with the greatest efficiency?  Am I even the right person to be eating fries?

Zoolander-Travis-HaleyFast food worker:   Ugh, bro… I’ll put you down as a “no” for fries.

Thoughts?  “Would operate with?” is definitely rhetorical again in this case.

Hat tip: Scott



Will gonna Will:

Uhhhh might want to look into that magazine seating issue.  Drum magazine seating = “neva been done befo”?

I had to google who makes that skeletonized derpazine (Alliance Armament).  Lets hope they make $425 thirty round drum mags better than they make websites, shieeeeeeeet.

Sons-Of-Guns-Stephanie-Hayden-DerpThe description says the gun is for a former pro football player turned contractor (like operator security contractor? or building contractor?  I don’t know.).  But but I thought athletes couldn’t be trusted with guns? *face palm*

Thoughts?  These previews are more than enough to keep me away from watching the full episodes.



Not much of a trailer, but you get an idea of the cast:

I can’t really say “looks decent” because It didn’t tell us much… but I do know that’s a lot of famous badasses.  I haven’t seen Expendables 1 or 2 yet, so I should probably get on that right?

Expendables-Logohaha Dr. Fraiser Crane.  I didn’t know he operated.

Thoughts?  This on the “must see” list for any of you?