Before sending your dumb kid over to play:

Fair enough,  I like the safety angle this has.  If I didn’t know the Brady Campaign’s prior shenanigans I wouldn’t even give this commercial a side eye.

What do we do after we ask about the unlocked gun though?  Do we throw a fit and ban our kid from playing with the kid whose parents have this unlocked gun?  

50-BMG-Desert-Eagle-deagleI’m side-eyeing you Brady bunch… carry on though.

Thoughts?  Thoughts on the .50 BMG Deagle pictured? :P



Going to chalk battle with chalk guns:

Ban assault chalk.  Keep your finger off the chalk until you’re ready to shoot.  Keep your chalk pointed in a safe direction.

Chalk-WarfareNice looking job the SoKrispyMedia guys did on this one.




During a house oversight committee meeting:

Clear-80-percent-Lower-ar15-ReceiverI can tell I like the cut of Massie’s jib, however LOL at the ATF ever destroying that list.  Like that’s going to happen.  Sure they might “destroy” it, but I can’t see them ever actually destroying it if you catch my drift.  If you missed the whole ARES Armor debacle you can catch up at the link.

Thomas Massie represents the 4th district of Kentucky.


Hat tip: J



Work out like an operator:

Stained-Glass-AK-47Curls, pull-ups, leg lifts, bench press… also all doable with an AK-47.

Happy Easter everyone.



An anti-gun group NYC Mayor Bloomberg created.  This is the first promo video:

Not bad… not bad.  Nothing we haven’t seen before though… work on your creativity Bloomberg. In fact it’s basically identical to the “The Monster Is Real” video I posted last week.  Why a girl that age has not be educated on guns is what baffles me.  Hopefully other kids her age additionally know not to drink poison and not to stick her hand in the garbage disposal and a long list of other things that could kill them.

$32.1 Billion Dollar Bloomberg plans on sinking $50 Million into this group to curb gun violence and hopes to eventually outmuscle the NRA according to this NY Times article.  Good for him!  I’m happy for him that he has $50 Million that he literally wont miss, which he can spend on his hobby.  I wish I were in the same position, but instead of spending $50 Million on gun control I’d split the money up between Glock, some rifle companies, and some ammunition companies in order to arm true Americans.  I’d hand “free gun and ammo” certificates out like Santa everywhere I go.

Some more “Everytown for Gun Safety” news… someone hi-jacked the name of the Facebook page before his group got a chance to register it:


Wow actual “gun safety” tips that would save lives… Imagine that.

Frankly I don’t see the big deal about that besides it’s a bit “heh” funny.  You don’t think someone worth $32.1 billion dollars could get that name back in 30 seconds if he wanted it?  Trust me, he could get Mark Zuckerberg on the phone before I finish typing this sentence if he wanted to.  Hell when you have 32.1 billion dollars and are a guy that loves power as much as Bloomberg you could probably get Zukerberg to cough up the names and addresses of everyone who “liked” the page… and then have them all mysteriously die in “accidents”.

OHHHHH SHIT.  Hitler as Bloomberg in a Downfall subtitle parody:



Hat tip: Steve, Ben, Danny



Our guy Cody Wilson in an interview with ReasonTV:

Holy that guy can talk; intelligent conversation though for sure.  I don’t think I’ve said that many words since 2014 started.

Definitely worth watching to hear some history on the Liberator 3d Printed Pistol, and his new BitCoin project DarkWallet.  We also find out that his legal team is being headed by RKBA law superstar Alan Gura… awesome.

I keep hoping Cody wears one of the Liberator Pistol Builders Club t-shirts I sent him sometime in an interview.