For a comedian he’s not very funny without a prepared script:

I bet he thought his “the president of the united states is our boss” and “They are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country” thing would absolutely slay the crowd… but all he got was a few smirks and sympathy chuckles… because yea it sucked.

So let me get this straight… the president is OUR boss? haha right…

From when Chris Rock was actually funny:


If you’re not already familiar with the Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence celebrity hypocrisy campaign, check the links.




Sold on eBay and touted as “Every gun owner’s favorite big game”:


$3.50 for one 18″ x 24″ shooting target like the one pictured above.  I scoffed at the laziness that went into this little scheme though, when I recognized the hoodie getup from the controversial Trayvon Martin shooting target. *slow clap*

Screenshot for posterity, because we all know the listing is going to go *poof* soon:


Ebay seller ppaselpic is nothing if not classy.  If you ask me this isn’t a good look for gun owners.  I don’t know why anyone would want to shoot Piers.  I’m sure he’s an alright guy when it comes to a lot of things.  I just wish he would keep his nose out of gun related issues, and move out of the country if he dislikes it so much here.

Tweet Piers this blog post link (@piersmorgan) and see if he mentions it in his next little anti 2nd Amendment rant on CNN.


Hat tip: Dave



Mattv2099 with the 1000 yard stare, scowl, and a whole lot of lead downrange:

This magazine obviously has no sporting purpose, and is only intended to kill hundreds of people.  Write your lawmakers and ask them to keep high capacity 600 round assault magazines out of the hands of the public.  If it only saves one life…

Another danger is that it’s so concealable.  You could EASILY slip that magazine inside a 8ft bamboo shoot and stroll around in public, without anyone having any idea.  That’s scary.


Also, as it was pointed out on facebook, we need to ban high capacity assault ladders.  There is just no reason a ladder should have over 7 rungs.  You take the ladder out of the equation and the shooter is forced to use stilts, which will likely make them an easier target for good samaritans to knock over and save innocent lives.

And to think, days ago I was only worried about the 64 round high capacity assault magazines.




The fastest reload is another gun:

New York Reload T-Shirt

Read my witty description, and add a few shirts to the cart over at ENDO Apparel today!

I’ll keep cranking the designs out as long as you guys keep buying them.

Thanks for everything!



Some of you might like this:

People have been shitting a brick over how awesome that video is.  I wasn’t impressed… he was awkwardly reading off a laptop screen, something we have already heard a billion times.  The Charleton Heston quote and fist slam?  Meh… didn’t move me either.  Maybe it would have if he was more dynamic about it and didn’t have: *Slam fist on desk, Fold laptop screen down, Try to storm out like a boss* written in the document he was reading.

Frankly the only reason I posted this was to highlight the fact that I’m sick of the somber attitude toward firearms that lingers after every mass shooting, along with the requisite political moves made against the 2nd Amendment.  I’m also sick of saying “guns aren’t the problem, it’s people” because I feel that falls on deaf ears as well, and doesn’t need to be repeated over and over again because it should already be known as a solid fact.  Maybe it should be repeated over and over again though?  What do I know?  I’m just a guy that wants to enjoy the design, mechanical engineering, personal protection, and recreational aspects of a hobby.  That all becomes quite exhausting when there is so much background noise from the media and gun hating portion of the public.  Maybe I should pull out my Pogs and start a blog about them?… last I heard there was no push to ban those… I’m pretty sure you just never see them anymore because they are boring as shit and painfully uncool.

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackJust a bit of a rant.  I really need to stay away from political posts on here I know…




Confusing, but likely worth one minute of your time:

1911 fanboy panties are going to get knotted up that some of the textures used have rust in them! LOL.  Accurate, from my experience not cleaning my Springfield Loaded when I owned it.  Guess how much pitting and rust my Glocks have? (Hope you’ve been practicing your *gasp* face) No rust or pitting at all.

There appears to be a few inconsistencies, some of which I argued with a friend on… 0:21 seconds for instance looks too deep to be a crimp… he says not.  Whateves… the video is cool anyway, I just hope there’s a less artsy version released.

Double-Barrel-1911-1Thoughts?  Requests for a 3D look inside a Deagle brand Deagle?

Hat tip: Eric