Richard Ryan, The Squire Of Barrettville switches it up and uses .300 BLK this time to destroy some tech:

I don’t know how I missed this video initially, but here it is now.

Should have put the headphones around a watermelon!

Behind the scenes.  Always good info in these vids:

Richard-Ryan-ENDORichard is wearing the California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt in the first video, and the Run Guns t-shirt from ENDO Apparel in the behind the scenes vid.




Because her single skittle trick shot didn’t troll hard enough:

Kirsten talks shit about Skittlees not being ROYGBIV as _ _ _ _  like they should be, then proceeds to execute them one by one somewhere in the desert.  Looks almost like where ASAC Schrader was buried… watch how I am about about to shoehorn a rap reference into this post in 3…2…1:



haha of course comment number one on Kirsten’s video was No one to get the ammo out and hand it to you?  I will take that job. lol -TubeYou” YouTube comments rarely disappoint.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?  I’d like to see how surgical Kirsten is with something more powerful like an AR-15.



Professional operators in action.  Do not attempt to re-create what you’re about to see if you’re an amateur:

Most disarms make me roll my eyes, but If you really Jackie Chan’d the Chris Tucker that was doing that to you, I could actually see it working!  Definitely more feasible than the AK-74 double drop kick mag eject / unload I posted yesterday.

0:40 – The upside down firing to “shoot a lot of enemies if you need to” after the disarm definitely made my eyes roll just a bit.  Soooooooo operator it hurts.

0:50 – Meh might work I guess *shrug*… I’d like to see all of these done with a paintball marker or airsoft though and see what’s up.


Hat tip: Krystian



Dom… if you want my opinion, the beard needs to stay:

Dom-Raso-NRAHe just makes more sense now with that beard.  I don’t feel like some frat boy is trying to kick knowledge after attempting to ice me with a bottle of Smirnoff which goes by the same name.  You know?  Before someone mentions it, I can’t be mad at the product in the hair… hell I use a grooming spray *shout out to Layrite* even before I apply my product.  I haven’t spiked it since approximately the summer of ’98 though… I’ve been rolling with the cozy boy tousled look that sends my hair where it naturally wants to lay, and holds it there.

That beard is straight Costa “Shark Jump” Lupus status.  The micro v-neck is suspect though, but I’ll give it a pass because of the beard.

Thoughts? Beard or no beard?



Richard Ryan the squire of Barrettville puts in work:

Richard-Ryan-Keep-Calm-ENDO3:20 – Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh.  It’s like he threw it at a blender.

Yea there is an obvious difference in the slow motion footage that comes from all those cameras.  The RED Epic is surprisingly crappier than I thought it would be.




Come for the Allah Snackbar’s, stay for the Dumbo drop:

Troll-FaceOh Banksy, you crAzy.  He posted the above video on his website yesterday.

3.4M views in one day, and counting… not bad.

The cool thing about putting out a youtube video is that no one can steal and sell it, like they do a lot of his street art.


Hat tip: InOps