As it says at the starting “prior tests were conducted in old style type laboratory conditions.”… as opposed to ridiculous staged ones:

The video takes until about 3:00 min to get going, but it’s worth it.  

Forward roll! Basejumping!  OPERATOR STATUS ACHIEVED.

ROFL I lost it at 4:17 when he shot an explosive target on the side of the mountain while in free fall.   Screw the holster… just throw the Glock away into the water below and yank the ripcord.

OHhhhhh shit… underwater test sequence!  Wait a minute, did he just shoot from underwater to a target on land?  The dramatic rise out of the water and smooth donning of the sunglasses was a nice touch *slow clap*.

Tank Attack!  If there’s one thing I hate, it’s when tanks chase me through fields.  This operator is really into tossing his gun rather than just holstering it…. oh wait it’s for the sake of the “test”.

Did the tank kill the operator at the end?  I guess we’ll never know…  What we do know is that the Glock passed all those tests.  No surprise there.




Well maybe not a battle rifle.. more like an “Impress People with all your disposable income” rifle:

You can check out more pics and info over at NEMO Arms.  Damn I love the look of Titanium.

The barrel and a few other components are still stainless steel.  Titanium is almost twice as heavy as Aluminum and way more difficult to machine. Like he said in the video, it’s to showcase their machining capabilities (and to no doubt get a buzz going around the internet).

NEMO arms will be at the NRA annual meeting today, so if you’re going you can check it out.


Hat tip: Jerry



What? Black powder is explosive?  Who would have thought…

Of course there’s the classic shaky camera, and no footage after the event.  I think it’s safe to say the guy shooting filled his lungs white smoke at the very least, and possibly even got some bad burns in the process judging by the flames at around 0:06.   No safety glasses on either… not ideal.

Has anyone else witnessed, or done something similar?

Hat tip: Jeremy C.



Kanye West rocking the new gear before it his the shelves:

From high end French fashion house Balmain. Reportedly selling for $1345, although not listed in the e-boutique (store) on their website yet.

The shape is too “crayon like” to be like any rifle bullets I’ve seen.  I know it’s a casting, but they could have at least made the conical profile of the bullet a bit more convex.

If you clicked on the above Balmain link and were like “WTF?  Rich people buy clothes from here?  This site sucks.” … I’ll let you in on a little something.  With the exception of the companies under the LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) umbrella and a few others, the more upscale you’re brand is, the shittier your website has to be.  It needs to look like it was made by junior high kids working on early Apple desktops, and using music, flash animation and transitions are mandatory. *shrug* I don’t make the rules.  Off the top of my head, another hilarious example is Maison Martin Margiela if you want to check it out.

Back to the belt… would I wear it?  Nah, looks too “Hot Topic” goth for me.  I do like the idea of anything gun related making its way into high fashion though.

Thoughts?  Any of your reloaders/belt makers gearing up to hit Etsy and make a killing with some Balmain inspired bullet belts? :P

Hat tip: Upscale Hype



hahahha oh Hipster Barista… Sweet deep V and scarf bro.

You can make up your own Hipster Barista meme pic, or any other and post the link in the comments.

Hat tip: Jay



Exposing criminals in Charleston South Carolina, who are too stupid to keep their business off the internet:

You’ve got to check out the whole Charleston Thug Life website, it’s priceless.

To summarize, you’ll see a lot of guns pointed at cameras, stacks of money, drugs, gang tattoos, gang signs, and shitty looking houses.

I’m not sure why the police aren’t already trolling Facebook for intel on a daily basis.  Heck, I bet Facebook gives any police department that asks the proverbial keys to the castle.  Although i’m happy to see sites like Charleston Thug Life exist, part of me believes we would be better off if these criminals were not publicly called out, but instead silently stalked by the police until there is enough intel to bring them in.

Side note: It must take hard work and dedication to spell everything so retarded.  Reading some of the things those criminals wrote on Facebook makes my head hurt.


Hat tip: Nick