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The-Expendables-San-Francisco-ModifiedI feel like the idea was solid, but the execution could have been much better.  I was expecting to laugh, not just go “heh” a few times :/


Hat tip: Rich



Woooooooooo *in Rick Flair voice*:

Miss-America-Mallory-HaganFor some reason I thought it would sound/look faster than it did on video.  I wonder if the cycle speed of the guns ever slow him down at all, or if he was really was pulling the trigger as fast as he could?




Star Wars nerds will probably shit a brick over this:


Cool I guess… unless you’re a hardcore Boba Fett fanboy though it just looks like you gave a two year old some paint and the Glock.

GOE Gun Works, who coincidentally have one of the most terrible sites I’ve ever seen can paint one like it for you.  I’m assuming they can anyway… It’s in their “gallery”.

Can you imagine all the girls who would bother you for your autograph if you walked around with a Boba Fett Glock in this Boba Fett kydex holster?  It would be out of hand.




Basically a ripoff of urban dictionary:


Move along… nothing to see here, or pay 99 cents for.

I’m surprised Police Magazine would sign off on something as shitty looking as this.  My guess is the app company that made it for them sold them the dream, and they believed it.  “OMG GUISE WITH YOUR TRAFFIC YOU’LL EASILY MAKE 100K A WEEK OFF THIS APP” haha I’ve heard it all before.

I do like how “Ass Hat” and “Turd Cutter” are in the screenshot though hahaha




This is worth watching:

When I saw the video was almost 14 min long I never thought I would be able to make it… it’s actually really interesting though.


A lot of good history regarding movies and dual wielding too.

I really felt old after seeing the release date on some of those games I used to play haha.

<— Pictured is “Tactical Snookie” with two Deagle brand Deagles.




What a waste of everyone’s time harassing gun owners for things like this:

Full Story – The Blaze

Under Texas law, open carrying a rifle is not illegal as long as the gun is not loaded.  Gun owners can still be charged with disorderly conduct if anyone feels threatened at any point during a demonstration. In other words, if anyone around you is uncomfortable with firearms, you could technically be charged with a crime.

Oh a woman claimed she was “freaked out” by the display of weapons?  The person who took the call at the police station should have taken it as an opportunity to educate the woman and suggest maybe a move to the North Pole where she likely wouldn’t have to deal with harmless armed gun nerds casually drinking Frappuccinos at Starbucks.

Chief-WiggumYea we all know that open carry is mainly a “HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT ME AND MY GUN AND HOW WHAT I’M DOING IS PERFECTLY LEGAL” type of thing, but if it’s legal it’s legal… I don’t see why as a society we continue to pander to retards who get freaked out by things that are legal and in turn tie up police and ruin people’s days.