Hey everyone look how much more money than you this guy has, and how much better he is.  He’s going to teach you a lot of things you don’t know.  Learn something:

If you don’t recognize him, he’s the same douchebag that got butt hurt because he talked down to 1911 maker Ed Brown, which in turn resulted in Ed snubbing him. Shocking that Ed would do that.. I know.

LOL these videos are so classic… If you don’t want to spend 70 minutes of your life watching them (I don’t blame you) just skip through the vids like I did for some laughs.

Weapons Retardation’s flagrant displays of douchebaggery make Nutnfancy look like Robert De Niro.

I’ll be honest I re-subscribed to Weapons Retardation’s channel after that whole Ed Brown debacle just because I forgot how entertaining his persona was. He’s almost like a parody of a parody, it’s that bizzare.

BTW.. I wonder if Ed Brown is broke and playing the jug beside an interstate exit yet to make ends meet?   The whole internet has definitely seen the snub video by now.  Right Weapons Retardation?   ROFL oh I crack myself up.

Happy Friday Guys!




Not about tactical operators unfortunately, but use your imagination and make up alternate lyrics in your head like I do:

Jim Croce – Operator:

Chill song… if only this guy had a black vest on and some Oakleys he’d be good to go.  That mustache is LEGIT… very HSLD (high speed low drag).

Midnight Star – Operator:

Ahhaha oh man.. the song and video are both so clutch.    I don’t even know where to start.. just check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

Sade – Smooth Operator:

You can’t mention songs about operators without citing this Sade track.  A classic for any occasion!  Whether you’re kicking in doors, eating diner, or rolling down the highway this song just works.

Keith Hampshire - Big Time Operator:

A nice upbeat track that delivers confidence to the listener.  Another good one for kicking in doors.

Big Daddy Kane – Smooth Operator:

Rap? Synchronized dancing? Gold chains?  Hi-top fades? Yea sign me up. Maybe i’m still in “The Wire” mode, but Big Daddy Kane really looks like Stringer Bell.

White Stripes – Hello Operator:

For 2 instruments total, the White Stripes sure know how to make a song.

FXhummel1 should cover one of these tracks.  The Jim Croce one would probably be best on the piano (see Tori Amos’ rendition).  Hell I can play guitar, but I’m not a showman so it would just turn out embarrassing.

Any other good operator songs I missed?



My mind = blown:

The design has no locking mechanism, and it is just inertia of the barrel traveling backwards that holds everything together until the bullet leaves the muzzle (as with any blowback design). The recoil energy from the shot has no way to push the breech of the gun rearwards, and so instead it acts on the barrel, pushing it forward against the recoil spring until it locks in place, ready for the next shot.

When he pulled that barrel forward in the video I was like =)

What a neat design, very simple too.  I had no idea this even existed.

You can read more about it on Forgotten Weapons.

Hat tip: Anders



Pants customized for pocket carry.  Awkward shuffle-run possibly included:

Maybe that’s just how that guy runs, even without those pants?  Who knows, but if I had a compact Glock jammed in my right pocket I’m positive I wouldn’t look like much of an operator when running either.

Killer pleats bro.  See a dude explain the system and appear to fiddle with his junk for a minute and a half:

If I thought pocket carry was a good idea I would like this idea in theory. What I definitely don’t like is that you have to buy their pants to get it.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a snob when it comes to a lot of things, clothing being one of them.  I don’t care what other people wear or can or can’t afford, but I personally wouldn’t want to be seen even cutting lawn in these “Mom jeans”.

Getting a pair of  jeans that I like, and/or already own customized by a seamstress to do this?  Now that sounds like a better business plan for a niche market.

I watched some of the videos on youtube, and the draw looks pretty awkward. Although they say it’s faster in comparison to other CCW methods, they don’t show the fact you would (or should) be carrying your loaded Glock with a trigger block which you would still have to eject.

The three things you will have to practice:

  1. Reaching in a closed pocket and grabbing the gun
  2. Tilting the gun toward your junk to break the snaps on the pants open
  3. Ejecting the trigger block before you can fire

Under extreme stress I just don’t see the average person having the dexterity to preform all three of those actions flawlessly. My personal belief is that you still can’t beat a good IWB holster for simplicity, safety, and comfort.

Check out the CCW Breakaway website for more information, or to purchase a pair.


Hat tip: Steven



Pretty standard stuff:

A Kitchener Ontario father is upset that police arrested him at his children’s’ school Wednesday, hauled him down to the station and strip-searched him, all because his four-year-old daughter drew a picture of a gun at school.

Oh but it gets better:

“From a public safety point of view, any child drawing a picture of guns and saying there’s guns in a home would warrant some further conversation with the parents and child,” said Alison Scott, executive director of Family and Children’s Services.

What?  Why?  

After he was released, Sansone was asked to sign a paper authorizing a search of his home. He signed, even though he didn’t have to,


To top if all off.. the man doesn’t even own any actual firearms.  Only some plastic toy guns.

Full Story – HERE

Very sad that a person’s rights can be trampled on like that.  Oh, but it’s for the sake of the children.

Lucky the world wasn’t so stupid when I was growing up.  All I did at school is draw guns, and every English paper always had to do with crime and guns as well.


Hat tip: Tim O.



I’ve got the following four PS3 video games to give away:

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