This is pretty good Tex Grebner parody:

If you forgot who Tex Grebner is (believe me, i’m trying to forget too) you can check out the original video where he shot himself, a parody song video, and a short appearance he had on Tosh.0.



A young Eric Holder wanted to scare young people away from guns:

But Eric… guns are “cool”, “acceptable” and “hip”.  That said, I agree it’s not cool for kids to carry guns.  The maturity level just isn’t there to take on that kind of responsibility.

I personally am more concerned with fighting the good fight against shoulder things that go up, high capacity assault clips, and ceramic guns that can go through airport metal detectors.




And apparently if you call him a coward to his face he would “break your fucking back” (3:55):

Yea whatever tough guy, go put some more photographers down range.  I really have no opinion on his actions in Iraq, because frankly I don’t really even understand 100% of what’s going on in that Edinburgh Risk video in question anyways.

Here are two solid reasons why James Yeager Is A Douchebag:

  1. Putting photographers down range is retarded. Don’t even bother trying to convince me otherwise.
  2. The “I’m tough and I swear, fuck you if you don’t like it” attitude is so junior high alpha male.  No one is impressed.

Interesting marketing plan though… talk shit on the internet to piss people off and then people with blogs post about it and forums shit a brick over it.  *slow clap*

He really needs to see a doctor about that shoulder roll… I swear it’s getting worse.   Just to put it out there, I’m concerned.

Basically the only thing in that video that James Yeager and I agree on is that Kenny Powers is a great TV show character.




FLIR stands for Forward Looking Infared:

What you’re seeing is the different heat levels represented by colors. Bright color = hot.

It would be pretty neat to get one of those cameras to fool around with.



I had a post up for 24 hours yesterday taking entries on a giveaway for a Contour Picatinny Camera Mount from Strikemark.

Roughly 50% of you were disqualified.

I put (new details) in the title so you would notice.  The new entry requirements were:

Just leave ONE comment on this post completing the sentence “IF I WIN THIS MOUNT I WILL..”.

The winner is….

#52726 – Heisenberg

Now Heisenberg won’t have to Rubber band his Countour ROAM to his rifle.

The rest of you can begin hating him in 3…2…1….    Stay tuned for more contests.



Unless it has an adjustable break point, i’m not impressed.   Now that I said that it actually it doesn’t look like there’s any break point at all.

A few companies already make these things finger strengthener things for guitar players.  Yea the guitar ones have all 4 fingers, but you can isolate just the index finger on some of them if you want.

For $55 i’ll save my money and continue pulling real triggers.  OMG IT’S ON SALE!  Only $45 *click* buy now… buy now!  :P  Uhhhh no.

Using one of these at work would definitely get you labeled as the office psycho if you’re not working in a law enforcement or gun related workplace.

That color and dated design pisses me off too… It looks like something that should have been hawked on the home shopping network in the ’80s.   The youtube commercial I embedded supports my point.

You can check out the details over at their website –



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