We have the last laugh:

That Elmo thing is actually pretty funny (in small doses), my sister has one.  They should have waited to shoot him when he told he told a story.  For that, he half sits down and crosses his one leg over the other, it’s pretty awesome.

There are actually quite a few “shoot Elmo” videos up on youtube. More than I thought there would be anyway haha.

Hat tip: Ryan C.



It started out as a April Fools joke and became a reality:

$60 over at 5.11.  It’s a pre-order right now, shipping September 1st. Order yours up today!

5.11 gave a ton of stuff away here on the blog a couple weeks ago… maybe they would want to give a few kilts away?  I’ll look into it if you guys are interested.

For the love of god wear some underwear underneath if you buy this.   No need to let the world know you operate in drafty operations.




w00t w00t G19 for the win!  Good choice.   You can even keep a 33 round stick on you in case shit gets real.  I’m still afraid of the gen4 since it had so many problems in the beginning.  I’ll have to pick one up someday though.

A lot of YouTubers seem to be discussing this lately.  Last week we heard from highjak86 and his friend on the topic.



Oh if only…

If you’re not familiar, make sure to check out the Google Glasses project and search to see pics of the glasses.   I like the concept of the video, but I really think they could have incorporated more google glasses features into it.

That would really give me a reason to find some time to play video games, and also a reason to wear those ridiculous google (prototype) glasses.

When I saw Battlefield 5 in the title, I thought I might have missed a Battlefield somewhere… sure enough we are still only on Battlefield 3.

Well until that comes out at least I still have a Battlefield 3 – 360 Degree FPS Simulator to keep me busy.   (I wish)

Hat tip: Raeshawn



Thin profile… i’d triple stack the blades for maximum awesomeness:

I’m no self defense guru, but that thing looks pretty versatile.  Dumb.. but versatile.

Available over at STI Knives.

I wonder if it comes with dance instructions?  I want to learn the dances at 0:15 and 1:13.

I’d take a 1911 knife over it any day because I’m that classy.

Any of you guys throwing money at the screen after seeing the vid? :P

Hat tip: Brad H.



“I’m going to be shooting out through my living room into my master bedroom out a window into into the woods”:

As they say “Don’t Shoot Where you Eat” … no wait, that’s not it.  Either way I’d have to say shooting inside my house for fun (or science in this case hehe) is not something I ever plan on doing.  There are lots of people I know who have dogs that shit, pee, and shed all over their house though, so I’m sure a little burnt gunpowder residue and other grime wouldn’t even phase them.

Moral of the video.. suppressors are pretty quiet but not WHISPER quiet, and smoke alarms don’t like indoor shooting.