One lady would rather die than defend herself:

Source – The Blaze


1:06 – I can’t believe people that stupid exist.

1:18 – Oh wow, when the reporter asked what happens when someone is trying to kill you.. the answer? “They’ll just have to kill me Christopher”

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Hell yeah:

MrColionNoir-NRA-NewsGlad to see the NRA stepping into the 21st century.  MrColionNoir for NRA president? U.S. President? BOTH?! Yeah I’m thinking both is the move.  Like I told MrColionNoir when I talked to him… he damn well better keep it real on there! haha

ENDO Apparel makes appearances in the video too!




This story is epic at showing the failure of California gun laws:


I’m glad the story had a happy ending from a arriving home in one piece standpoint anyway.  Others definitely won’t be so lucky.  We should have to rely on “luck” and police response time in order to stay alive.

As you can see, Richard Ryan has on the California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt.

Thoughts?  Anyone have any similar stories?



They have another few printers that print money:


Full writeup and more pics over at DefDist.

My suspicions were correct when I criticized the function test of this printed AR-15 lower:

The new AR lower was SLA and FDM printed. The FDM printer was a used Dimension SST, and the material was p400 ABS.

A quick look at the Dimension SST page and….. Cost: $32,900 *facepalm*  I’m sure theirs was like $1000 max on the used market though right? haha

They go on to say this at the end – “the big takeaway is that you can do what we did on a printer like the Ultimaker or RepRap. The pieces can be made cheaply”  haha yea… OH it will print.  Do that and tell me how many rounds you get out of it.

Like I said numerous times… people can keep shitting bricks over this, but I’ll only be impressed when thousands of youtube videos pop up from people with RepRaps and Makerbots who are pumping out their own mags and lowers.  I know it will happen, and I wish this project would lean more in that direction.




Fate Of Destinee doesn’t:

0:30 – “Some of the guns and methods I use for concealed carry will never be published to YouTube.”

There are only so many places you can hide a gun… I don’t think you’re really leaving much to the imagination Destinee.  Unless we’re talking some ultra-advanced tier 1 operator type deep concealment.

Keep Calm And Carry One T-ShirtMy Thought… none of anyone’s business if and what you’re carrying.  I quit trying to convince people my point of view on gun related topics years ago… not a single was given over here.

Do you tell everyone?



Yea they are paintball M2 Browning’s, but the video is still really awesome:

The “making of” the video:

Audi-Paintball-ShootoutOh the fun you can have in an empty airplane hangar.  Damn those guys can drive!

That’s actually a half decent looking station wagon. Fast too.