Attempts an interview anyway haha:

4:00 – I think it’s safe to say that is the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever seen being done while wearing an ENDO Apparel t-shirt.  LOL wtf?  If you read that sentence and plan on sending me something weirder, I don’t know if I can handle it.

FXHummel1-Absuperman-Pickle-InterviewYou can find FXhummel1 and Absuperman at those links to their channels on YouTube. You’ll find their contact information there as well if you’ve got some sort of freaky party happening and you want them to come preform that pickle stunt. I hear they don’t come cheap.




Jay-z should stick to making classic rap albums:

I knew I shouldn’t have watched this.  I was listening to Magna Carta Holy Grail just before too.  I’m convinced Jay is just fishing for more haters.  When you have a net worth of 1/2 a billion dollars and Beyonce for a wife one would think your hater count would be at max… I suppose a race thing is always a good way to get some extras that may have previously been happy for him and his success.

3:15 – LOL at the conspiracy with the NRA and people wanting to hold onto their guns was pure gold *slow clap*

Everyone should read this – and watch this:

Trayvon-Martin-Shooting-TargetI know I’ve made this joke 100 times… but what I’m really waiting for is Ja Rule to weigh in.


Hat tip: Kelly



23 year old Mark Hoffman from Wisconsin got GOT:


Police say they arrested a 23-year-old Somerset man after he was spotted openly carrying two firearms within 1,000 feet of Somerset Middle School.

Full Story – CBS

When police questioned the man about his intentions, the man refused to give them any information, insisted that he was within his rights and refused to identify himself, police said.

Fair enough.  I’m not a fan of the whole “fishing for info” thing if he truly didn’t HAVE to give them anything.  That said… if he was willing to cooperate he MAY not have been arrested for obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct.  Definitely a slippery slope though.

The original location reported was within 1,000 feet of the school where weapons are not permitted unless the person carrying the weapon falls under an exception made in the statute, but the man made it impossible to determine if he fell under an exception, according to police.

According to the article the actual arrest was made at Oak Street and Sunrise Dr which google maps shows to be a 10 minute walk.   Where the heck was he coming from?  I hope to god he wasn’t stupid enough to walk down Spartan Drive considering there are three schools right along that road.  My guess is he lives in that cluster of houses across from the school.  Is that one of the “exceptions made in the statue”… if you LIVE within XXXX ft. those laws don’t apply?  I’m sure one of you guys knows.

Troll-FaceIt’s so crucial to troll smarter, not harder.  At the very least he should have had his laser range finder out, and lase’d the school to make sure he was 1001.5 ft away from it… all while he had several video cameras recording and GPS tracking and logging his position.  THAT’S HOW YOU TROLL SMARTER.

I may or may not have went to a Jack Johnson concert really close to there at Apple River in Somerset WI with my sister about a decade ago. *shifty eyes*




FXhummel1 with a tragic song:

A Glock would have taken that silt, laughed and spit it out like it was nothing.  

FXhummel is wearing the new Oatmeal colored AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.

Thoughts? Did FX get what he deserved with that Sig?



This is what happens when a bro gets old:

That was the initial video that sparked controversy.

Here are a couple more firearm related videos from him, including a non-apology for the first video:

My-New-Haircut-broski-yaegerYou can read more about the videos over at Gawker.

Real classy guy as you can see.  That is the exact type of person I wouldn’t be able to spend more than 30 seconds around without needing to leave the area.  I’m jealous of those NFA items though, especially that drop in auto conversion for the Glock.


Hat tip: Art



Richard Ryan takes shotgun to tech:

Richard-Ryan-ENDONo one knows how to set up slow motion shots like Richard Ryan.  I’ve never seen consistent clarity and perfect frame rate choices like in his vids on the rest of YouTube.

Impeccable taste in t-shirts as well :P … Word on the street is you can get that California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt over at ENDO Apparel.