An updated pricier version of all the Green Army men from your youth:

Available over at Good Art HLYWD – $235 each, or $2400 for the 12 pc. set.  Probably a neat gift idea for someone that’s hard to buy for.

I wish they were bigger though!  The artist wanted to keep them true to the Vietnam era Marx & Co. green army men toys, so they are that exact size unfortunately.

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Fireworks in broad daylight in Qatar:

Dubbed “Black Ceremony” this contemporary art is the work of Cai Guo-Qiang, a Chinese national based in New York City and the world’s foremost gunpowder artist.

They used anti-missile decoys used by the military to create the display.

Using 8,000 shells and two months of planning, the exhibit lasted a matter of minutes.

You know what likely would have been cooler?  If they did this at night so you saw the explosions, and then kept turning on massive floodlights aimed at the sky so you could see the colored smoke patterns.

Cooler yet: Rather than patterns, make shapes and spell words that the crowd can see.

Full Story and more pictures – HERE


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Over in Afghanistan:

I was expecting something funny, but not that! haha



You can purchase posters of these and more for $7 for an 11×14″ on the designer Aaron Wood’s Etsy page.

I’ve posted about parody war propaganda posters in the past which you can check out:



I was emailed the above picture well over a dozen times in the past couple weeks.  I wasn’t going to post it because I thought it was poorly executed (albeit I’m picky).  Looks like you guys won haha

Note to self: Photoshop some random crap into a picture of a pop culture icon, appropriate original company’s trademarked logo, sprinkle around some obvious text = viral success.

Source – Sarah Anne Langton

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A lofty goal set by Ruger:

So there you have it.  Ruger wants to be the first firearms manufacturer to sell 1 million firearms in a 12 month period.The period being April 1 2011 – March 31 2012.

According to the Ruger 1 Million Gun Challenge website, they were at 556,100 on October 26, 2011.  That was before Black Friday so who knows where they are now?   Maybe 443,900 people bought Ruger firearms for Black Friday, or will be buying Ruger firearms as Christmas presents?  Either way, I suppose everyone wins because they are still giving the NRA $1 per firearm sold.