I’m a big fan kinetic animation:

The company is Setpoint Ammunition.

I just checked, and lucky there are safeguards on the recipes. I’d hate for someone to think they know what they are doing, and ask for 200 grains of powder etc.. in a .308.

Do I have a use for such a service?  Not at all… but I think the idea is awesome.  Although I do have a feeling a lot of people that require such custom ammo, either compete and have it made for them, or else they make it themselves.  I could be wrong though.

What do you guys think?



Gives a new meaning to spray and pray:

Apparently shooting guns off in celebration is common practice at weddings in the Middle East. Try using both hands next time dumbass.

After he finishes shooting, what he’s says is roughly translated as “My bad guys… my bad!”

Hat tip: Bryan S.



A look behind the scenes:

Ah so that is the guy that supplies the actors with Glocks that have slide release to safety conversions. LOL

Season 2 premieres Sunday October 16th.  Should be pretty good!

There are some webisodes up.  I watched a couple of them and they were well done, but kind of useless.

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I don’t smoke, and I’m not going to preach to those of you that do… but I present these:

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This is the first, and hopefully last I’ll ever hear about this:

I don’t keep my ear to the domestic gun law streets (much less the international ones), so I didn’t even know this was on the horizon until Ryan emailed me.  I don’t like the idea of some international body dictating laws in any country.   This particular treaty really bothers me obviously.

Looks like there’s been some talk of this since about 2009, but is outlined nicely in this June article in Forbes magazine.   All the fun stuff such as confiscations, international registrys, bureaucratic red tape etc… it’s a good article to get your blood boiling.


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For your enjoyment:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Video and story adapted from the now-residing-in-the-public-domain film from 1978 – Buffalo Rider. Music, lyrics, editing and audio performance by Jomo Edwards of the Austin-based sardonic honky-tonk bluegrass band, The Possum Posse.

I absolutely lost it in part 1 when he buttstroked that Indian ROFL then broke his gun on a stump.  What a random film.. I love it.

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