Using it to fish for crimes.  AmidsTheNoise always has interesting things to say:

AmidstTheNoise-YouTubeCollecting DNA from people who have been ARRESTED, not even convicted… that’s shady.  Imagine all the “arrests” that will be happening just to get DNA when some detective has a hunch, or like AmidsTheNoise says near the end of the video to just have a database of innocent people’s DNA.




Interesting product.  Awesome video:

From the same guy that brought us the epic Dollar Shave Club video.  hahahah @ him running with the rifle at 0:56.  That guy’s got jokes…

Dollar-Shave-Club-Butt-WipesYou can read more about One Wipe Charlies over at the website.  40 wipes for $4 doesn’t seem bad for home emergencies.  I love how it says they smell like peppermint and they are made from “flushable & biodegradable viscose rayon”.  I have an American Apparel t-shirt made from viscose rayon that is soft as hell… I’m just thinking out loud here but maybe I should sacrifice it first and see how I like the feel and possibly save myself $4.  Wait… the shirt is worth more than $4 though scratch that. ;)


Hat tip: Craig



If you’re a Vigilant Spectre member, and/or operating above your skill level:

1:16 is where you need to start watching.  WTF?!  That is the kind of thing that just isn’t cool.  When Vigilant Spectre himself pointed out casually that he was “muzzled for like 20 minutes” the other guy laughed it off and was like “That’s the point.  Transitioning right?”.   Transitioning to the grave if you keep shit like that up.

Vigilant-Spectre-Victorias-SecretUgh.  You would not find me sticking around anywhere where firearm safety is that much of a laughing matter.  Push-ups and it’s OK!

I find it funny to think these guys have actual written “Standard Operating Procedures” they apparently follow… but here is the critique of what happened according to Vigilant Spectre:

Typically when there is a transition involved there are processes (actual written SOPs) in place to mitigate potential NDs, because its unavoidable when operating in 360 degrees that people are going to get swept:

“..The weapon has either been run dry and verified cold by the user, or the weapon has been safed. ”

I watched this multiple times in 300x slow motion and neither of these occurred.

Furthermore, it is also VSO standard operating procedure to “…maintain positive visual control of the weapon system any time manipulation of the weapon system occurs.”
This also did not occur, i.e. hand on receiver of shotgun while behind the back, pointed at buddy’s face.
There was certainly some falconry going on here and it will be addressed.




Ryan Cleckner former Army range / sniper team leader:

hahah wow.  1 shot, 9 witnesses, and video footage to prove it.

That’s how you give your students confidence in your ability as an instructor.  I think Colby pooped his pants a little with excitement at the end of the video.  

Texas-Triggers-LogoAnyone ever pull of a nice shot like that with a .50?

Hat tip: Jay, Joshua



Joey did it right, bought all his guys ENDO Run Guns t-shirts and defended the meadow.  Priceless:





This what at some point in the bachelor party day.  So awesome, I’m always willing to consider helping out on the price when anyone has anything awesome like this planned and wants to deliver pics.  It’s unconfirmed whether strippers showed up at the meadow later that night.  If they did, I was told there are no pics of them in the shirts.

LOL @ the banjo even.

Congrats again Joey, have a long and happy marriage!  Thanks again for the pics.

Run Guns t-shirts available over at ENDO Apparel.




Great video.  This girl knows what she’s talking about:

If Sarah Merkle doesn’t look familiar to you, check out the knowledge she dropped on anti-gun Maryland politicians a while back. Almost 3.3 Million views on that video; I really hope all the views were not only from pro-gun people.

0:47 & 1:02 – Did she just toss a lose round in the ejection port and then send the bolt home?  I can’t say I’ve seen people do that on AR-15s normally.

It’s like “Oh you don’t like the constitution?  Syria doesn’t have one, move there.”

15-Year-Old-Girl-Pro-Gun-SpeechCrazy that girl is only 15.  I hope her patriotism and willing to fight for our rights only gets stronger, she will be an even greater asset to us all.