Joerg Sprave “Crazy Slingshot Guy” never ceases to amaze me.

I love how excited he gets when it split the coconut and he likened that to splitting a zombie skull. haha

I propose using this slingshot as new form of capital punishment. The gravity operated guillotine wasn’t cool enough.



Oh if this only had a picatinny rail clamp on it:

Yes it’s real.  It’s called the Gerber Steady, and will be available for $65 in the spring of 2012. *facepalm*

Obligatory Xzibit meme:



The attention to detail is incredible:

Plenty more pictures to check out over at the Russian photo blog – HERE 



Jon Favreau is pretty awesome.  I want his semi in a briefcase thing!  I’d also take FreddieW’s arm cannon too, that thing packs a punch.

If you haven’t already figured out why Jon Favreau is in the video, it’s basically a promo for the new movie he directed called Cowboys & Aliens, based off the graphic novel of the same name.

Opinions on the movie and/or graphic novel?



Check the season 3 trailer:

Douchebag history was made the first two seasons. 

Season 1 – Top Douchebag – Adam Benson

Season 2 – Top Douchebag – George Reinas

Starting August 9th… the fight for the illustrious title of season 3’s top douchebag will begin.

^ Click to enlarge

I don’t particularly care for Top Shot, so I probably won’t watch very many episodes.  I think starting it up in summer is also a mistake, because most people have better things to do than watch TV indoors.

I’m looking forward to running the dialog though and hearing your thoughts on the contestants as the show progresses.

Surprisingly there isn’t any blatant douchebaggery in the trailer;  Everyone actually seems pretty nice.  I thought the ex navy seal (Jake Zewig) at the end was going to be my pick when he said he “had the innate ability to do the impossible consistently”, but his chuckle afterwards tells me that he was joking.

There aren’t any individual cast videos up yet, although I’m sure you can find a lot of their audition videos if your search for their names on youtube.  Their bios are up on the History website though if you want to take a look.

I’m normally pretty good at distinguishing confidence from douchebaggery, but maybe i’m off my game tonight.  

Thoughts anyone?




Fabio’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard to my ears.  I’m interested in seeing this dual though, I hope it involves guns.

I know I brought this up before on the blog, but the most hilarious thing ever was when Fabio got his face bloodied when he hit a goose in mid-flight while he was riding a roller coaster at Busch Gardens in VA.  LOL

UPDATE: I just checked, and it’s a duel of “words” … meh NEXT!