I was dubious… but then 2:06 min into the video came.. and it was actually pretty awesome:

They should speed up those balls a bit and put a binary explosive in them… like a higher stakes defensive clay shooting session.

Pretty nice foxhole from that binary explosive.  How would he have set it off?  I thought that stuff had to be detonated by a hard hit from something like a bullet.

What didn’t impress me was when he shot the Benelli m2 at that 5 gallon water jug.  *yawn* And then the claim that birdshot is good for self defense because it “penetrated through 1 foot of water pretty much”…. ummmmmmmmmmmm no.




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Screw Nazis from the moon that’s so last week. Dead Presidents that hunt Vampires? *pfft* Please.  The ante has been upped to Werewolf Nazi Zombies that infect people with “the” polio:

LOL unbelievable… so over the top.  I can’t find the release date, but IMDB says 2011.

How long until we see someone on a firearm forum make a Delano 2000?


Hat tip: Eric R.



From Jake Knapp, the same guy who brought is the original Every Day Carry Rap:

He hits on some key points in this video.  The effort Jake puts into production is much appreciated, I like that MTV video type look.  Him and FXhummel1 should collaborate.

Hat tip: Dave W.



With a lot of muzzle sweeping in the process:

I don’t care how much training you have, if I was around guys doing those kind of maneuvers with loaded rifles i’d want to get the hell out of there.

Just because it looks slick, doesn’t mean you should do it in reality. Save it for the movie screen.


Hat tip: Komodo S.



I forgot to mention it earlier, but since Feburary 12th The Walking Dead has been back.

It’s continuing on the 2nd season, and so far it’s really good.   There were a few slow episodes just like any show, and some real DERP moments but overall I enjoy it.

I got email from a few of you expressing your disgust that Shane keeps jamming his glock in the front of his pants.  Hahha yea pretty stupid I know, *shrug* that’s TV for you though I suppose.

If you haven’t got into the series yet, or are looking to catch up you can watch it on Amazon.