Well… one guy did accidentally:

D.C. hipster Seth Horvitz says he ordered a flat-screen television from a third party through Amazon.com. He received a package that was left in the hallway outside of his Northeast D.C. apartment Tuesday, but instead of a television, he found a black semi-automatic rifle inside the box.

*GASP*  And reporter Paul Wagner spent the day “investigating”!

Full Story – HERE

What is a hipster to do? I’ll tell you what he does.. he “FLIPS OUT!” as he says in the video.  I’m pretty the main reason he didn’t just pretend like nothing happened and keep the rifle is because Sig Sauer is sooooooo mainstream.

It was a mistake, no one died. Get to the root of the problem quickly, make sure it doesn’t happen again and everyone can move on with their lives.  Despite the fact they mention Amazon.com over and over, the exchange of money was only taken care of by Amazon, and they had nothing to do with the TV/rifle mix-up.

I’m just surprised the hipster wasn’t thrown in jail, seeing as this happened in D.C. and all.

Statement from Caroline Brewer, Spokesperson for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence:

Clearly, it’s a dangerous situation in America when assault weapons are so prevalent and can so easily end up in the wrong hands, especially given that the rifle was left on the doorstep. Thank goodness, Mr. Horvitz and his wife alerted the Metropolitan police right away. This mishap could have led to another tragedy.

LOL Brady Campaign… their statements are so predictably hilarious.  It’s sure lucky the hipster and his wife did alert the police so quickly because those assault rifles get antsy when they are in their boxes too long, and when they get antsy they start killin things!


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Those crafty Japanese toy inventors are at it again:

I definitely would try and build my own before I’d drop $361 USD (28,350 YEN) on this!  Besides the few custom parts, it looks like you could get most of the kit from Home Depot.

Too bad there’s not a youtube video of this in action.  There are a lot of vids of people shooting bottles into the air using bicycle pump rigged launch pads though so I assume this would be similar.


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MrColionNoir secretly wishes a homeless motherf***er would:

I consider homeless people to be in a class of “people that have nothing to lose”.  I really would prefer to have absolutely zero contact with that type of person, ever.  If jail or a criminal record really wouldn’t make your life any worse then it already is… why would I feel safe around you?  Depending on the time of day I usually just smile and shake my head “no” at them, or else just flat out pretend they are invisible.  I realized a while ago that saying anything just opens up a dialog where they will try to strike up a conversation in order to guilt the money out of you.

It’s a touchy subject because I’m sure there are plenty of people that are homeless because of legitimate mental issues, or physical disabilities that prevent them from working.  I’d pretty much guarantee most of the people begging for money on the street though are just scumbags who are lazy and realize that it’s more lucrative to prey on the average persons compassion, than it is to get some shit job when you have zero work ethic and absolutely no education.  Plus how can you possibly afford to get drunk and do drugs all night on minimum wage, and then be sober enough to make it in for your next shift?

Thoughts?  Do you agree with MrColionNoir?  What about my with my stance?



Great for sporting events and chill tactical office environments:

You can pick one up from Chris D’Adamo on Etsy for $45.  It even comes with a flask… how thoughtful.

I suggest you practice your draw and re-holster though before you take this out in public.  Alcohol abuse is a crime, you don’t want to spill any if you can help it.

I’m looking forward to the shoulder, ankle, and gun show holster versions.  A person could distribute a whole 40 oz. that way and it would be fun all around.


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The newest in extreme long range armor piercing ammunition:

Waiting to strike:

Because sometimes regular rounds can’t get the job done.  This is the absolute cutting edge when it comes to boutique dick humor rounds.

Vigilant Spectre is an early adopter (yea no surprise there, I know), and word on the street is Buck Yeager wants in on the action.

The ammunition is obviously not California compliant due to its ability to penetrate all thicknesses of every type of armor that has ever and will ever be made.

Hat tip: The Specialists LTD. 

If you want your own Deep Penetration Ammo give The Specialists a call at 212-941-7696, ask for Steve G. and mention you saw it on the ENDO blog so he knows what you’re talking about.  Don’t expect it to be cheap if you just want one, because it’s a custom job.  A nice addition to any collection though.  You can also request any additions/changes you want made; they were even talking about making the pictured prototype spring loaded! haha

No word on the ballistics of this round yet.




Yet another stop motion to blow my mind:

Good use of the Mobb Deep – Shook Ones instrumental.  Filmed on a Canon 60D too!  That’s what I have.

“Just keepin it Delta” <– if they are seals wouldn’t it be DEVGRU?


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