If nothing else, this is a great use of space:

I wish the insert sat flush with the wall.  It appears to stick out what looks like ~1/4″, which wouldn’t be a huge deal for many applications… but for others, having the “cover” item stick out that much extra might raise suspicion, which isn’t good if you’re trying to hide these things.

If you have kids, or often have nosy visitors at your house you definitely have to take that into consideration seeing as this option leaves your stuff wide open for handling if found.

I am pleasantly surprised at the prices.  $40 for the small wall insert (handgun size), and $110 for the large one (rifle size) with free shipping.

Check out Tactical Walls for more pictures and info.  I might grab one to put behind my autographed David Hasselhoff poster.

Their installation instructions are basically “Dick in a box, so not that big of deal if you own something that will cut through drywall.




Nothing new here, but good to see videos like this regardless:

I had no idea who Chuck Woolery was, but according to his site he’s a “Game Show” legend.

4:00 – Is it against the law to look like something else?  In that case shouldn’t Henry Waxman be arrested for resembling Ratatouille?

At first I thought that was a pretty bad cheap shot, but then I googled Henry Waxman and saw that he’s a gun control scumbag.


Hat tip: Tim



I don’t know enough about Alex Jones to like him or hate him, but whenever I hear him talk I feel like I’m being sub-consciously sold something.

I figured some of you would like to see the video.

Hat tip: Aaron



Boom! Three new shirts out now:

Head over to ENDO Apparel to read the witty descriptions and to make a purchase.

I can’t thank you guys enough for all the support!  Stay tuned for some giveaways, and a steady trickle of new shirts and products.


Tannerite is so awesome, one senator wants to make it more difficult to get:

Some highlights:

(0:55) – Ron Humbert of the metro bomb squad is “extremely nervous” because it could be used for something other than its intended purpose.  Yea Ron?  Do kitchen knives, gasoline, fertilizer, javex, plastic bags, lasers, vehicles etc… etc… also make you extremely nervous?

People blow this stuff out of proportion.  (1:46) – OMG THE BLAST DESTROYED THE WOOD it was placed on! Also this quote:

(2:00) – Dat explosion.  If you’re not scared by that, you’re not breathin’ -State Senator Jim Merritt

You can check out the full story over at WTHR13.

Bannerite Tannerite!  Actually please don’t.   Tannerite must love all the free publicity they have been getting over the years.  What more could a company ask for? The media demonizes your product, most of the people that see the fear piece think it’s awesome (not scary)… your two concerns become 1) How to supply the market with all the product it needs?  2) What should I do with all this money?


Hat tip: Les



When Charlie Sheen makes a threat, he apparently gets very specific:

The man told police he had a bad falling out with Charlie recently … and learned that Sheen vented about him in a text to a woman that read, “I’ll blow his head off with my Super 90.”

Source – TMZ

At least Charlie has good taste in Shotguns.   But wait there’s more:

A rep for Benelli USA — which manufactures the famed Super 90 shotgun — tells TMZ, the semi-automatic shotgun might also just “make a lot of smaller holes,” depending on the distance.

But one thing’s for sure, the rep tells us, laughing, “It’s impossible for him to blow someone’s head clean off.”

Source – TMZ

Oh really?  Who the hell is this rep?  Benelli should can that joker.  He had a prime opportunity to give an answer that would let the whole world how badass their shotguns are…. instead he opted for a wimpy “safe/wrong” answer.

I thought we heard the last of Charlie Sheen a while back but I guess not.  I find it hard to believe someone like him has zero felonies, but who knows?  Celebrities seem to have a knack for getting pardons.