Remember those ugly pictures hanging in your grandparents house with fruit, vegetables, and other crap?

Well this is the same idea, but with weapons thrown into the mix:

If I was looking to make an ironic purchase for someones nice new rec-room these paintings would be my first choice.

More paintings from the set – HERE



My husband and I are 48. A couple of years ago he started buying collectible guns for our retirement and has spent over $250,000 on them so far. I totally disagree with his strategy, but would like to know what you think. Is this a good idea? — D.K., Laramie, Wyoming

Full Story – HERE

Ah the old “It’s an investment” line. Oldest one in the book and she fell for it hook, line, and sinker!  Classic.

If I learned anything from school and from Wu Tang Financial, it would be that you gotta diversify yo’ shit.

Well hopefully it works out alright for them, but like any type of investment there needs to be a buyer in order to get any money back.  With obscure guns, that may not be the easiest thing in the world to liquidate.

Hat tip: SayUncle



Initially the very graphic trailer shocked people.   Nothing could prepare us for the actual gameplay footage though:

The graphics are incredible, which make it even that much more disturbing.

The game comes out September 30th, you can pre-order it – HERE



Law Enforcement Only according to U.S. Cavalry:

“This item requires identification verification to ensure this restricted item is only sold to the appropriate personnel.”


Like I always say, when assault backpacks are outlawed… only outlaws will have assault backpacks.

From A style standpoint I’d have to say I consider it a good thing that the average joe can’t just go out and buy this backpack… it’s HIDEOUS.

A video, so you can get some contextual LOLz:



German Shepherds are my absolute favorite. You couldn’t possibly get a more badass, more loyal, and well trained german shephered than one that has been to war and back.

You can adopt a retiring military working dog!  Check out the adoption website – HERE

Do they come with some sort of veterans severance package?  Who knows… that would be cool if they did though :P

A picture gallery of war dogs – HERE



In the ongoing effort to warn an unprepared world of the rising danger from zombie attacks, one vulnerable group has been left out: small children. That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore is an inviting and entertaining story that helps early readers understand that a mom with fresh brain casserole on her mind probably isn’t their mommy anymore.

You can buy it at Amazon for around $10 – HERE

Sadly, I have my doubts there is a section on what guns to use against zombies.