J Dewey Manufacturing is providing a whole week of giveaways!  Day #4 was a  .38/.357/9mm Pistol Cleaning Kit for four lucky people.

The four winners and their comments:

  • #56558 – JConn – “IN ROD WE TRUST! Go team RAMROD!”
  • #56553 – The Other Dave – “In rod we trust, mainly rods for cleaning our 9mm/.38 handguns…”
  • #56503 – Ben – “IN ROD WE TRUST.  Everyone gets reamed.”
  • #56565 – Jim P. – “IN ROD WE TRUST to give a nice clean barrel to shoot my wadcutters.”

Congrats winners!  Everyone else, you still have 3 days left to enter to win different J Dewey prizes.



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From a few days ago at the NRA convention.  You be the judge at 1:30:

To think that a human could think that humans don’t have a basic right to self defense, is so bizarre to me as to my brain can’t accept the information. If you want more of those kinds of evil anti-American people in the supreme court.  Then don’t get involved and let Obama take office again.  Because I’ll tell you this right now, If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.

Let me break this down:

Some ways Ted Nugent could wind up in jail if Barack Obama got re-elected:

  • Breaking any number of random existing laws
  • Breaking a new law which he thinks Obama will inevitably pass
  • Attempting to kill Obama

Some ways Ted Nugent could die if Barack Obama got re-elected:

  • Suicide
  • Murder-suicide
  • Dying in an Obama assassination attempt
  • Heart attack or any other random occurrence

By no means is that an all inclusive lists of possibilities, but seriously what an incredibly stupid thing for Ted Nugent to say.  My thought is that Ted is probably an alright guy that didn’t mean any harm, and I appreciate his enthusiasm for guns and the 2nd Amendment but he should seriously STFU when it comes to politics.  He should have known that using words like “dead” and “jail” in the same sentence as the president’s name is going to be twisted in the worst way possible unless he precisely explained himself (which he didn’t).  We all know now he’s going to be interviewed about this a million times over the next few years, and he will basically just shrug it off and/or say some more stupid shit in typical Ted Nugent fashion.  Maybe that’s his whole plan?  Keep saying stupid things so he never fades into the background with all the other old rockers?  Sounds like an inexpensive way to stay relevant.

The Secret service is apparently “looking into” the matter.




J Dewey Manufacturing; maker of the famous J Dewey Rods for cleaning your guns, is giving away awesome goods all week long!

Today, FOUR lucky people will each win a .38/.357/9mm Pistol Cleaning Kit.

The Specifications:

  • 6-LB Brass Pistol Loop with 8/32 Female Threads
  • 22MG Brass Muzzle Guard
  • B38P Brush
  • 2245L Patch Loop
  • Cotton Flannel Patches
  • GC-2 Silicone Treated Cloth
  • O.5 Shooters Choice FP-10 All-In-One Cleaning Solvent/Protectant/Lubricant
  • GB-5 Double Ended Cleaning Brush

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J Dewey products are Made in the USA!

Giveaway Rules:

  • You must be located in the U.S.
  • Don’t be a scoundrel (this always applies) and enter the contest if you are just planning on selling the item if you win.

How to enter:

  • Just leave ONE comment on this post: “IN ROD WE TRUST” (Followed by whatever else you want)
  • Don’t reply to anyone.  More than one comment will disqualify you.
  • Use a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.  Your email address will not be used for anything else but notifying you of a win.

The Draw:

  • At midnight tonight I’ll close the comments and generate random numbers.  The numbers will correspond to the winners, who I will then contact for their mailing addresses.

Good luck!



As you probably already know J Dewey Manufacturing is providing a whole week of giveaways!  Day #3 was an AR-10 Field Kit for two lucky people.

I asked for 3 words again to construct a Mad Lib in a secret sentence: Name of your favorite tactical operator, regular verb, and a body part

The super secret sentence is:

If I ever see (name of your favorite tactical operator) in public, I will (regular verb) his (body part) and thank him for all he has tactically done for me.

The results were funny as expected.   Here are the two winners that correspond to the numbers I generated at Random.org:

#56438 – Bryce – “If I ever see Sam Fisher in public, I will sneak his wrist and thank him for all he has tactically done for me.”

#56372 – Doug – “If I ever see Sgt. Rock in public, I will drown his big toe and thank him for all he has tactically done for me.”

Congrats Bryce and Doug, i’ll contact you shortly for your info.

4 Draws left for some of the rest of you to still win something!


If you enjoy this post, check out more from Linoge over at Walls Of The City. If you’re not already following his site, I highly recommend you add it to your daily gun blog rotation.

Personally, I find this video fascinating:

But not for the obvious reasons.

Oh, sure, it was a masterpiece of advertising, and I love a bit of spontaneity as much as the next guy, but watch it again, only this time pay attention to the crowd and not the players.

I can understand everyone just standing around and watching while the ambulance rolls up and clumsily tries to load… whoever the hell that was. Ambulance-calls are typically indicative that something unfortunate has happened, but “the authorities” are already on-scene and apparently handling the situation (however ineffectively they might be), so what are you left to do but watch?

But around 0:48 into the video, a bicyclist runs into the open door of the ambulance, falls over, and starts bodily assaulting one of the paramedics, who responds, in short, by spin-kicking the cyclist into the side of the ambulance. Flashy and well-choreographed, but how do the onlookers know it is still part of the “drama”? Does anyone think to call the cops, or intervene, on the basis of an apparent beating taking place in front of them? So far as we are shown, no. People look incredulous, concerned, repulsed, scared, but never really do anything.

The hot chick wearing nothing but lingerie riding by on a motorcycle might account for the inactivity of the males, at least, I suppose…

It gets worse… about 1:03 a matte-black suburban roars into the square with an apparent police van in hot pursuit of it and a SWAT van boxing it in, and as the vehicles screech to a halt, men dive out of them and begin to exchange gunfire, complete with fairly gratuitous blood splatter for the fictional victim (visible at 1:14). Ignore, for a second, the rather flagrant violations of pretty much all of the Four Rules when it comes to staging a complete-with-blanks shoot-out in the middle of a crowded European square, and instead focus on the audience.

People flinch. People cower. People look around to see what other people are doing. Hell, one of the button-pushers looks like she wants to hide behind the ridiculously-too-small-to-hide-behind stand for the button. But, so far as I can see in the commercial (which means “so far as TNT wants to show us” since they are the ones who held the editing scissors), no one ran, no one actually sought cover (even those people downrange of the shooters), and there was no mass panic.
Which seems strange to me.

I like to think that if what I believed to be were shots being exchanged right in front of me, I would be, at the very least, kissing concrete or getting the hell out of dodge. But aside from a few steps back, hardly anyone in the commercial moved. Maybe this was all announced in advance, so people knew mostly what to expect… which would rather destroy the “drama” of the situation, much less the surprise of it. Maybe the whole thing – from the players all the way down through the audience – was 100% staged with full awareness of what all would be happening going on… which would be a rather misleading ploy on TNT’s part.

Or maybe the average person’s “flight or fight” response has been successfully suppressed by societal training. In fairness, this whole bit of stagecraft was executed “on an average Flemmish square of an average Flemmish town”, but before we go too far down the rabbit hole of “disarmed Europeans”, do you really think the average American’s response would be a whole lot different? When bad / strange / unusual things start happening around people, I guarantee you one of their first – if not their actual first – reactions is to look around and see what everyone else is doing, and if no one is appreciably reacting in any way, neither will they; on the other hand, mobs are called “mobs” for a reason. We have been conditioned to place our own physical safety beneath our social standing, to the point that we will, apparently, simply stand there and observe a gun fight transpiring not 20 feet from us, with firearms pointed at us, rather than be “embarrassed” at understandably fleeing from the scene.

Yeah. That seems like a beneficial adaptation.

So what would you do in a similar situation? Have you thought about what you would do in a similar situation? How would you know if it was “all part of the show” or something else entirely? How would you know it was not a show-within-a-show, with criminals exploiting your belief that it is “just a show” to pull off something worse? How do you know they will not try something like that now? In any case, to bastardize an old military saying, you do not rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your preparedness.

Me, I would have whacked the crap out of that button – big red buttons exist to be pushed – but I sure as hell would not have been in a position to see the cute little banner being unfurled from the building.

If you enjoyed this post, check out more from Linoge over at Walls Of The City. If you’re not already following his site, I highly recommend you add it to your daily gun blog rotation.