Keith Morgan from the West Virginia Citizens Defense League serves some old dude:

2:00 – “High action military with big clips, that’s not what our founders had in mind” – WTF is high action?  Are all the parts above the bore axis?  Big clips?  like 30 round stripper clips?

6:14 – LOL grenade launchers.   Pure gold… has even 1 murder been committed with an actual legal NFA 40mm grenade launcher on U.S. soil?

8:55 – “I don’t want my neighbor to have an AK-47 because the problem is people go nuts.”  Wow there’s a giant leap!  LOL what a burn Keith laid on him with the “projection” line.  Then the host shits his pants when Keith tells him that he’s armed.

I love how people continue to ask the question”Why does anyone need an ASSAULT RIFLE?”… and then when they don’t like the answer they are given, they just keep re-asking the same question.  Deal with it, the answer is never going to change.

chris-crocker-leave-rifles-aloneI don’t know who that host is, but I sure hope he doesn’t debate as a profession.


Hat tip: Jayson



Fate Of Destinee takes a look:

Fate-Of-DestineeNormally I don’t post reviews, or in general things I can’t make fun of, but as you know I DO like ENDO Apparel appearances.  In this particular video she’s making the AR-15 Picatinny Rail t-shirt look its best. 

I will comment that the SIRT does look like a good option for dry fire practice, but starting at $329 it doesn’t come cheap.  I just wish there were some interesting reactive targets on the market for laser guns like this (I know there are SOME… but I almost fell asleep even thinking about shooting that).  In my opinion the one major flaw in this system is that you want to know where your shots are going so you’re probably not focusing on the front site as much as you should be… ignoring the green laser flash completely.  How am I supposed to see where I hit when I’m dumping magazines mid-barrel-roll?  Get your shit together SIRT. :P

Is it just me, or would that be annoying that the trigger prepping red indicator laser is so low?  Maybe I’m misunderstanding the use of it though…




Made of tactical, black, and infused with Z’s:


The reviews seem to be mixed… some say it’s the best thing ever, and some say it lets in too much light.  For only $10 over at Amazon it might be worth a try though if you’re in the market for something like this.

I for one much prefer pitch black, than even a bit of light in the room… but if I’m tired enough it really doesn’t matter.  Apparently operators in operations use these things, but I can not confirm that.

I’ll probably put mine on and hang upside down from the roof, field stripping my Glock over and over again while heavy metal music is on to try and distract me.  The usual gun blogger type ops…

Thoughts?  Anyone try this particular mask?

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FXHummel1 is so likable that “Good Guy Yeager” is back in effect:

Outtakes then an interview.  Hilarious stuff:

FXHummel1-James-Yeager2:50 – “and he did not bring his fucking piano, which is bullshit because I assumed that he was going to be providing entertainment each evening and he did not.” -James Yeager  LOL

4:24 – “Is it possible to be a sniper that uses the Mosin Nagant, and still be heterosexual?” -FXHummel1

I won’t quote anything else, because it’s all pretty damn funny… so just watch it!

Keep Calm And Carry OneThanks as always goes out to FXHummel for representing ENDO.  Keep Calm And Carry One indeed…

I’ve never been so back and forth on my support/like of someone as much as Yeager… One minute he’s the biggest douchebag on the planet, then the next he seems like a hilarious guy that would be awesome to hang out and have a few beers with.  Then there’s the “I’m going to start killing people” rage version.  I guess that’s just him… three drastically different personas.




In Houston, TX. Protecting him and his 12 year old sister from burglars:

Yea I don’t like the term “Assault Rifle” as much as the next guy… but if want to use it in positive reports like this one, be my guest.

Sorry for my ignorance to LEO Detective practices, but why would they walk the suspect through the crime scene?  To gauge his reaction or something?

I wonder if the boy’s dad was not a police constable, if a parent could get in trouble for “unsafe storage” or something if a burglar was shot and killed?  Stupider things have definitely happened.  I know Texas has the Castle Doctrine though, so I imagine that wouldn’t be an issue there.


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What would George Washington do?  What would Thomas Jefferson do?

Full Story – WSMV Nashville

He’s well spoken, calm, and sticks to his beliefs in this interview… I’ll give him that.  If he can manage to keep his ass out of jail, I’m sure as a result of this incident his business grow exponentially.

Who the hell is threatening him, his family, and his business?  Although incredibly ironic, that just crosses the line.  I thought gun grabbers were supposed to be pacifists.

In related Buck Yeager news, he had his carry TN carry permit suspended today – “material likelihood of risk of harm to the public”.  As commenter “SittingDown” said, Yeager almost surely won’t give a shit as shown in this video regarding places where you aren’t allowed to carry, you have to know the difference between “allowed” and “able”.  This is going to resonate even more with him considering people have been threatening his life lately.  I can’t say I feel sorry for him, because he 100% brought this upon himself… but it is unfortunate that’s for sure.

Here’s what I think might happen… the rest of us get to keep our gun rights, but because of the “I’ll kill anyone that that tries to take my guns” public motto of Yeager they will in fact try and take his guns for what they will call “public safety reasons”, or maybe even because they catch him illegally carrying a firearm even though is permit is suspended.  What then?  Well he says he will kill anyone that attempts to take his guns so I’m assuming he’ll be shot dead, and probably take a few law enforcement members (of some type) with him.  This isn’t a good look for gun owners…  or maybe I’m just a pussy, as Yeager would say.  We have to live with our own decisions.


So when is the Piers Morgan appearance?  If it happens I hope he doesn’t let Piers provoke him into an Alex Jones type rage.


If you happened to miss the orignal video where he threatened to kill anyone that tries to take his guns check out that link.

Hat tip: About 50 of you.. you guys are the best.  I’ll get to the emails and thank each one of you when I get a chance.