Oh my bad, it’s not Obama… it’s Rocky:

Zombie Industries Product page – HERE

Riiiiiight. And the “Terrorist” target isn’t Osama Bin Laden. :roll:

Must be just a coincidence that the Obama target comes in a brown skin tone too.

I don’t draw the line often, but it’s pretty tasteless to put our president (or any of our past presidents for that matter) on a target.



I made fun of Ron Etchells, a High Speed Low Drag instructor in a past post for wearing 3 guns at the range.

Some of you LOL’d along with me, others (on facebook) condemned me and told me I’d be sued for libel <—- Yes, a guy by the name of Shane Perkins I think it was actually said that, but then deleted his comment because we were laughing at him.

Now the following two guys aren’t as cool as Ron Etchells because they don’t sport “Front toward enemy” forearm tattoos… but they are still pretty cool:

Bob Munden – Cowboy Firepower (4 holsters with Colt .45 Single Action Revolvers)

Boondock Saints – Il Duce (armed with an Taurus PT92, Para Ordance P-14, Smith & Wesson Model 629, Smith & Wesson Model 686, Smith & Wesson 5906, and a Para ordance P-10)

Hat tip: Steve and Frank for the vids

Anyone else have any vids or pictures to ad to these? More than 2 guns only.



Freddiew is a badass in this one:

I like this more violent action movie style of video, than some of his tame kiddie ones.



Ugh… seriously?

To make things worse, the Beamshot website states that the center of the three dots is the point of impact.

In case some of you guys forgot the preadator movie… this will refresh your memory:

If you already have a headache and want to make it exponentially worse, visit the Beamshot website – HERE



South Korea will tell army training centres to stop using pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il and his son as targets on rifle ranges, the defence ministry said.

Full story – HERE

Pretty funny that the Army was actually using targets like the one pictured. I like the idea, but when stuff like that leaks it obviously does nothing good for already rocky relationships.



Rather than make any judgments, i’ll just say “to each their own”:

Closest thing I could find to it was a Colt Woodsman .22LR pistol pictured below. The proportions looks off though, so who knows.

Wonder what the story behind the tattoo is? Definitely an interesting choice and location.

Picture source – PeopleOfWalmart

Check out the badass Die Hard Beretta tattoo, and some Glock tattoos I posted about perviously.