Try as you will, you will never be as operator as Chris Collins:

  • (0:16) – Is it necessary to use a real gun to practice such a drill?  It seems to be asking for an negligent discharge into the “aggressors” hand etc..
  • (1:58) – Punching with your handgun and flashlight? “I’ve taken it from impact from shooting a projectile, to impact using the steel” – LOL ok buddy whatever you say…
  • (2:45) – Where they start play fighting and trade taking shots from holds LOL priceless..
  • (3:45) – Speed & Accuracy (trust your team members) – *epic facepalm* whyyyyy?
  • (4:10) – Nice work on keeping the camera man in front of your muzzle, then dumping off a few shots… real classy and safe.
  • (4:37) – Yet again the camera man is infront of the muzzle during live fire
  • (4:42) – Why risk one life, when you can find 2 people stupid enough to stand next to your target?  Like I always say 2 is 1 and 1 is none.

It’s almost like Synchronized Live Fire Training For Operators got together with the South American Operator Stupidity Clinic and had this bastard American child Chris Collins.

I’m sure there will be some people in the comments that will justify having people near shooting targets, along with all that other ridiculous stuff.

The combative handgun skills Chris Collins teaches in that course is too rookie for me, I’m holding out for a combative rifle course when I can practice Ma Deuce disarms, and get ample opportunity to stand down range near a target being shot at with a recoliless rifles and M249s.

Make sure to save the video just in case… you know how these things have a habit of vanishing.

If you want to register for some of these classes G-1 Tactical Solutions is the place.  I’d like to see the waiver they get you to sign…




Pretty funny stuff.  I hear Team Fortress 2 is a riot, i’ll have to check it out someday…

Hat tip: Raeshawn



Not as condescending as usual, some educational stuff in this one:

My thoughts on the Glock part of the video:

Normally I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you think carrying an empty gun for self defense is a good idea, and that you’ll “load it if you need it” I flat out believe you’re wrong.

Case in point – This jewelry store robbery.

You’ve got enough to worry about with the stress of having your life in the balance, why add another variable into the mix to bet your dexterity and coordination on?

Don’t even get me started about those IWB Glock clips… unless you’re carrying with a trigger block pushed in you’re just asking to eventually shoot yourself.   A good IWB leather/kydex holster is less than $100, is your life really worth that little that you’d risk it on an inferior piece of equipment?  Even with those trigger blocks, that still adds another step between you and placing a shot.

Ugh magazine disconnect safeties? LOL what a waste of time… Just what I want, for my gun not to be able to fire without a magazine in it *eye roll*

What are your thoughts on this?



I always enjoy seeing the inner workings of companies:

It would have been nice if the video was a little less artsy and more informational, but this is still cool.

You can check out the suppressors on their website  I love that Osprey design of theirs!

I’d do a “making of” video for ENDO, but it would be a lot of pajama wearing, sitting, eating, and beer drinking.



Somebody picked the wrong house:

Pretty big fail when he pulls the G17 out of the safe, and it has the trigger depressed (0:17).   Not a lot of good that will do!   Kind of a big thing to overlook when your target market is people that know guns.

Somebody picked the wrong diner:

I hope Gunny takes some time out to enjoy his old age, and not just be one of those guys that will continue to work until the day he dies!

All the appearances etc. that he does must get pretty exhausting.

I wonder if Glock needs a hype man? I should apply.



A TEDx talk in Amsterdam by a high ranking military commander in the Netherlands:

Colored roll marks? Low end furniture? At first I thought it smelled like airsoft. Then the camera zoomed in for a split second at 14:14 (Click to enlarge):

Looks to me like the infamous 3rd hole is present (the one that would accommodate an auto parts kit), along with a Diemaco roll mark on the lower.

He makes some really good points, that are applicable in all countries. I recommend watching this video. In fact I don’t think ive ever watched a TEDx video I didn’t like.


Hat tip: Tomas