Took only a few days for this to happen:

Looks like the 3D printed firearm made the waves founder Cody Wilson was hoping it would make.

Check out this Forbes article for more info and the DOD takedown letter.

Defense-Distributed-Liberator-PartsThe files are out there now, all over the world.  The fact Defense Distributed isn’t operating right now doesn’t make any difference.  Hopefully no one hurts themselves by using a inferior plastic and printer, or does anything else stupid with a printed gun.  That’s all we need right now.

Thoughts? Ban assault printers?



Mattv2099 gets it done with my favorite Austrian fruit salad maker:

I think Glock should consider an R. Lee Ermey / Mattv2099 collab video rather than their current “Someone picked the wrong *insert boring character here*” series of vids.  What do I know though?  I’m just a guy with a keyboard, low tolerance for bullshit, and short attention span.

Mattv2099-OperatorSince Matt and I are bros, he’s given me a sneak peak at some vids he’s going to be releasing over the next couple months.  All I can say is they are next level… get a fresh pair of underwear ready on standby.




He’s not a fan of them:

His summary: Overweight dudes in camouflage with SKS’ doing unsafe stuff talking tinfoil hat crap acting like retards.

He pats himself on the back for his “I’m going to start killing people” video haha classic Buck Yeager right there.  Glad that worked out for you buddy.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedHe shouts out Zeke from Talking Lead Podcast at the end which was cool to hear.  Those guys are big supporters of ENDO and ENDO Apparel… customers too, and always shout me out.  Make sure to click on the link and check out their podcast if you’re looking for some great gun talk.

Thoughts?  Are you offended by Yeager’s assessment of Militias? If so, post rifle of choice, weight, and favorite camouflage. hahahha jokes..



Vigilant “Victoria’s Secret” Spectre will do your accounting and give you advice on shotguns manipulation:

Vigilant-Spectre-Victorias-SecretLike watching loud paint dry.  I stand by what I said about buying these guys a helicopter if I ever win Powerball… these vids need to be kicked up several notches.

5:27 – A full on head muzzle sweep apparently took place.  Oh that’s right, in Victoria’s Spectre the punishment for that is LOL’ing and 10 terrible looking pushups.  What a rough and tumble gang of operator misfits.

Wait a minute… what’s written on his right hand in the suit parts of the vid?


Ah yea VS knows what’s up!… that’s definitely the formula to a mention on ENDO.

Thoughts?  Are you learning anything from these guys?  Operational effectiveness increase off the charts since you tuned in?



To put into perspective how Operator HighJak86 is, Tom’s record before he died was actually 10:

They might have not beat it (that one clay looks unharmed), regardless “America!” indeed.

A Tom Knapp clay shooting vid:

Highjak86R.I.P Tom Knapp.




Military veteran proposes to his girlfriend at the range:

hahah I like how the “NO” target was much smaller than the yes target. It’s lucky the safety rules are instilled in Karina, because for a split second after that poster rolled down I thought she was going to swing around, muzzle sweep everyone with that loaded 1911, and give her boyfriend a hug/kiss.  Imagine if just to troll him she shot the “YES”, then proceeded to mag dump into the “NO” and then rip up the target stand?  Yea actually now that I typed that and read it over that would just be really mean, plus 1911s don’t exactly hold enough to be that dramatic.

Shooting-Range-ProposalWearing a Glock hat, and got a center of mass hit on that steel “YES” target… yea she’s a keeper. Congrats to both of them.

Any of you guys ever done, or been involved in a firearm or explosives related proposal?  Was the answer always “YES”?

Hat tip: Matt