Under Armour has a promo video out for their tactical line:

From what I can gather, you’ll basically be wearing gasmasks, working out in creepy improvised gyms (aka vehicle chop shops from the 70s), smashing car windows with sledge hammers, breathing like bane, and running CQB ops with clownish sunshade equipped ACOGs.  Sound good? 

I really figured there would be more than 8 products in the tactical category of their website. (Update: I had the wrong link, they actually have 33 products in that line)

The-Dark-Knight-Rises-close-upThoughts?  How many of you wear their “compression t-shirt” on the reg, in an effort to show the world how jacked you are?  The Gun show is that way bro.



This is what good parenting can yield:

15-Year-Old-Girl-Pro-Gun-SpeechHer and her parents probably read ENDO… I picture them being that awesome.




Good message, annoying music:

BET-Hates-MrColionNoirI really hope anti-gun people are watching these videos.  Like I said before, it’s all fun and games if people like us watch them, but that doesn’t really make much of a difference because we already know what’s up.




Quieter than a rifle, but more of a pain in the ass:

Federal-XM193-Bunnies-Rabbits-Ammo-AmmunitionThere is no reason an individual could possibly need a high capacity assault ferret.


Hat tip: Ali



FXhummel1 goes into the wild:

Play structures are no longer safe once they have been sullied by grown men in assault shirts.  I liked this vid a lot.  I don’t know if I miss the subtitles, or if I’m just finding it confusing to see him sing along to his own vocals. (UPDATE: He uploaded this new vid version embedded above with subs!)

Standard Capacity 30 RoundsYou can grab the Standard Capacity 30 Rounds t-shirt over at ENDO.  I might have to run some more shirts with back prints on them… people really seem to be liking the extra touch.




If you have to ask what that is, you’re not operator enough:

One handed press checks are also really handy for those who dual wield.  You can’t look like a newb fumbling with your guns… setting one down looking at it… setting other one down.  That shit is embarassing.

Owen-Martin-SnakehoundThe operator you see in the video is Owen Martin from Snakehound Machine.  Owen is also known by his moniker “AK-Jesus” for good reason… the guy builds a mean AK.  Now that he has risen (yea Easter joke Hyuk huyk) I’m sure he has crazy backorders, but give him a call if you need an AK.

Thoughts?  Anyone want to one up this one handed press check somehow?  I’m always interested in reducing my drag coefficient (which is already incredibly low for someone that just talks about operating on a website, and doesn’t actually operate).