The picture is a joke in reference to the How To Get Shot In The Crotch – The Pistol Disarm post.



CJ Chivers really goes in depth with this one. I always enjoy his posts on the NYtime At War blog.

You can buy the book on Amazon – HERE

It’s also available on the Kindle (for the same price though surprisingly.. not cheaper) – HERE

I think University ruined my interest in books.  I keep thinking that if I get a tablet, such as an iPad or the Google one that is supposed to come out soon… i’ll start reading books again.



haha Conan is pretty awesome. It will be interesting to see how his new show turns out.



A new shirt from The Oatmeal:

Hoppers gonna Hoperate.

You can buy the shirt for $14 – HERE

The Oatmeal is a damn funny site if you haven’t ever checked it out.



From his comment on the previous post, Master Jeff Wade makes a generous offer to those who don’t believe his claims:

Hello Gentlemen, this is Master Jeff.

I’m not sure why only one of you thought to contact me directly (and thank you for contacting me so I could defend myself). I am not hiding behind anonymity. My website is on the video. My address is on the website, as are my hours of operation (see “schedule” link). I invite any and/or all of you to visit. Bring an Air Soft pistol you don’t mind being destroyed. I actually HAVE done all the moves on the videos using Air Soft pistols. I’m betting none of you has. Anyway, they’re only good for one or two disarms, so you might want to bring several. I have a camera here and it will be running, but you may also bring your own. Regardless of what happens, I think we’ll all have some interesting footage to study and publish on our websites. If you can debunk any of the claims I make, I’ll reimburse you for your air travel. If not, then you pay your own. Either way, we’ll all learn something. Also, in the spirit of honest, objective combat training, I’ll also agree to serve dinner to everyone who participates. I’ll also put you up in my own house, where concealed carry is definitely allowed. We can debate combat tactics while we grill out or something.

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Endorsed by Kyle Woods? Interesting…  I think that falls under ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’