James Yeager

haha right out of the gate “Press checks. I don’t teach them I think they’re retarded.”:

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedI was feeling nostalgic so I used the “Buck Yeager” pic on the left.  James grew the beard out now so his resemblance to Buck is no long that strong.  That said, I didn’t start googling Buck pictures to see if maybe he picked up a beard now too. *shrug* I’m not even sure what side of the gender spectrum Buck falls on right now, and I definitely don’t have enough journalistic (blogalistic?) drive nor the stomach to hit up google images and find that out too.

I wish James did more of these types of videos where he gets up in people’s faces with a strong opinion.  It’s what makes people the most mad, and got him a lot of his subscribers.

I don’t press check.  I sniff check, I’m THAT operator.  Thoughts?


Reid and Jay from Tactical Response:

TapcoThe best part of the whole video is starting at 1:17 when Jay talks about how one type of failure they see is when the trigger parts fail and the gun shoots just while the student is holding it.  I love how the irony is totally lost on him, that he still thinks it’s PERFECTLY SAFE TO STAND DOWN RANGE and take pictures. Cool story Jay… I hope your insurance policy will at least feed your wife and kids forever.

Even when Reid mentions the double and triple shots, to me that’s just another reason to add to the list of why I will never take pics in front of people shooting.



FXhummel trolls around Tactical Response and asks people:

FXhummel-Deaglehahah these off the cuff vids are funny.

Like Calvin says at the end – “Anything worth shooting once, is worth shooting more than once”.  *testify Calvin OhhhhHHHHHHhhhhHHhHHhHhh Lawwwwwwwwwwwd*

FX is wearing the Deagle shirt from ENDO Apparel.


Yeager takes us to school:

No “Acquire Haters” step?!  See I knew he wasn’t going to give away the whole secret recipe.  The game is to be sold not told, I know that too.

I am not planning on making regular YouTube videos, but it was still good to watch just to see his insight.

FXHummel has an epic song about YouTube gun stars:



0:32 – “If you hate on people it gives them power. That’s why I have so much.” – LOL soooooooo much power. The only thing I love more than I’m gonna start killing people and come at me bro duel Yeager is delusions of grandeur Yeager.

1:10 – That hate’s gonna burn you up kid.

Whatever works for motivation i suppose. I love how he thinks people literally spend hours a day talking about how much they hate him, when in fact what likely happens is they are like “Yeager’s a dick, I hate that guy *click dislike button*” and done.

james-yeager-photographer-down-range-shootingI had someone comment to me on Instagram that they love my ENDO shirts but wouldn’t ever buy any because I make fun of Yeager’s vids. Haha cool story bro.



James Yeager’s new show Ammonation just released episode 1:

First off I didn’t like it… this episode that is (and I’ll get into why).  I have confidence when the remaining episodes aren’t about the Bundy Ranch they will be a lot more entertaining.

I really thought the production value would be higher.  Subtle tweaks would make all the difference… Nicer background when James was talking, better fonts, better transitions, and for the love of god 1080p not 720p.  720p makes my eyes bleed.

3:50 – Cliven Bundy is well spoken?  Haha if you say so… I’ll just leave this here.

6:00 – Pfffffffft OD gear in the desert?  Do you guys even operate?

7:20 – Why would there be security at a private party unless they wanted it there?  No one even got shitfaced?  Well that’s boring.

HOLY the Cliven Bundy interview is boring.  I should have watched it closer to when I planned on going to bed just to offset the caffeine in my system.  I like Reid though… He’s a good guy and is like a walking US history book (he was a history teacher if I remember correctly).

Cliven-Bundy-Deal-With-ItHold up, is Cliven Bundy’s western button-up 2013 collection RRL?  Wealth!  haha jk.