James Yeager

Semantics.  People are likely saying “self taught” because they were put on the spot in front of his whole damn class.  What did he expect them to say?  I’m assuming by his arrogance he wanted to hear “I have not taken any formal training”. *smh* whatever get over yourself and cash the checks bro.

James-Yeager-Quite-Formidable-ArmyI found this video VERY entertaining… like Ernest P. Worrell level entertaining.  The idea that to become the best (or better even) you need a teacher, is laughable.

Remember though James Yeager is NOT here to entertain you.



IQ of 300, which apparently makes him the world’s smartest man.


According to multiple sources [2,3], James Yeager broke the ceiling on the Cattell Culture Fair III, Leiter scale, OLSAT, Raven’s Progressive Matrices, Stanford–Binet, the Test for Genius and the WAIS. After astounding scientists from Princeton University and Stanford University, only extrapolations on experimental tests, developed by geniuses could conclude Yeager’s IQ is around 300.

Full Story on CNN iReport.

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James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedLOL sounds like another attempt at viral marketing.  I doubt this one is going to gain as much traction as when he said he is going to start killing people who try to take his guns.  He really should stick to more controversial stuff like that… damn that was an entertaining time for the gun community.

Proving to others how smart they are according to tests seems to be a big part of some people’s lives.  I’ve heard James boast about how smart he is multiple times on video before.  I have no idea what my IQ is, and frankly I don’t care because it’s completely irrelevant to what’s important to me.

Thoughts?  I find this really hard to believe for so many reasons.  I had to look up the IQ scale, and now I’m even more convinced someone is really try-hard viral trolling on this one.  You won’t be surprised that the first comment on the CNN article is shots fired at Yeager for that gunfight incident from his past people always bring up.

Gat tip: Matthew


Yeager talks to a Yoga instructor:

I wasn’t even going to watch the video; I’m glad I did though because it was pretty funny.  Yeager is definitely taking the YouTube channel in a way different direction than I thought he would.  The controversial Yeager made for some great blog posts and a funny comments section, but these videos are more interesting for sure.

James-Yeager-Angel-Approved6:39 – LOL I’d love to be a fly on the wall when someone asks the yoga instructor if they can show up to class in their full operator kit…. and then be there again when they actually do it, rifle and all.

8:17 – hahah she called them “shooting poses”.  Damn that’s cute.

Thoughts? Do any of you guys do yoga?


Say James and his sidekick:

I kind of see what they are getting at in certain cases they mention, but the premise of the video was of course to troll and get views as usual.

James-Yeager-Angel-Approved2:50 – “I’ve seen a lot of fads.” …. oh like standing downrange and taking pictures?  Yea you might not think that’s a fad, but trust me you won’t be doing that forever for one reason or another.  Hopefully it’s a less serious reason though like your insurance company threatens to pull the plug on your coverage.

<— Brought it back for old times’ sake.



A cool story from a couple bros, if I’ve ever seen one:

“a friend of ours” say Yeager and Jay… and then don’t mention his name.  Who is this?  It’s not Shoothouse Puzikas again as we find out later… and it’s not Cory 11B because he’s in Indiana.

FXhummel1-Tactical-Response-Photographer-DownrangeOh man I really want to see whatever video(s) they are likely talking about that are “unsafe” according to my fellow keyboard commandos.  Keep mind Jay is the downrange photographer at Tactical Response, so obviously his definition of safety is very loose compared to a lot of ours.

4:41 – Jay addresses the Shoothouse Puzikas negligence.  LOL LOL LOL so funny guys so funny, so hilarious Shoothouse shot a student and he’s still operating his school.  LOL amazing.  Uh for real… this is a joke we laugh at now? *smh*

I agree it’s not even going to happen that the anti-gun people are going to be like “Oh ok, we like that type of training but we don’t like this type of training”.  Videos like this are going to continue to be made over at Tactical Response though because then I throw a fit over it, and ARFCOM throws a fit, and ______ throws a fit and then on and on and Yeager adds another few million dollars to the bottom line because people find out about him this way and the “not giving a shit” legend he’s been cultivating for years keeps growing.  Honestly I’m ok with that… if guys want to train at Tactical Response and shoot 2 ft to the left of Jay’s head and get a cool 8×10″, or go train with Shoothouse Puzikas, it makes no difference to me either.  Your time and money.



LOL this is definitely one of the funniest ENDO related things I’ve heard / seen in a while:


When I saw the email title “James Yeager was at my gun show today and signed my ENDO photo” pop up on my phone’s notification I knew it was going to be good.

Here is the full story from Benjamin:

He showed up at the Gunslingers show in Elkhart, IN to self-promote and give away cheap stuff to people who took photos with him. A large number of attendees and vendors were fawning over him but the vendor next to my table got into an argument with him over the merits of the 1911. So I used the printer at my law office table to print the image, explained who it really was, and suggested that he fanboy, and get Yeager’s signature. I don’t know what was said, but the guy did get his (and now mine) signed photo before Yeager started threatening him.

hahah amazing right?  I’m assuming the “before Yeager started threatening him” part was jokingly, or else he obviously wouldn’t have signed the pics.  I had made that pic caption several years back and was using it on a lot of posts back when Yeager was a lot more turnt up than he is now.  I used it so much it was getting indexed really high for “James Yeager” searches in Google.  James definitely seems to have cooled out a lot since those “Pack your bags I’m going to start killing people” days.  He also has a full beard now, further distinguishing him from Buck Angel.  I’m glad to see he has a good sense of humor.  Now someone needs to get Buck Angel to sign or pose with a vintage pre-beard James Yeager pic.

Thanks Benjamin, this is going in the history books. haha