James Yeager

LOL this is definitely one of the funniest ENDO related things I’ve heard / seen in a while:


When I saw the email title “James Yeager was at my gun show today and signed my ENDO photo” pop up on my phone’s notification I knew it was going to be good.

Here is the full story from Benjamin:

He showed up at the Gunslingers show in Elkhart, IN to self-promote and give away cheap stuff to people who took photos with him. A large number of attendees and vendors were fawning over him but the vendor next to my table got into an argument with him over the merits of the 1911. So I used the printer at my law office table to print the image, explained who it really was, and suggested that he fanboy, and get Yeager’s signature. I don’t know what was said, but the guy did get his (and now mine) signed photo before Yeager started threatening him.

hahah amazing right?  I’m assuming the “before Yeager started threatening him” part was jokingly, or else he obviously wouldn’t have signed the pics.  I had made that pic caption several years back and was using it on a lot of posts back when Yeager was a lot more turnt up than he is now.  I used it so much it was getting indexed really high for “James Yeager” searches in Google.  James definitely seems to have cooled out a lot since those “Pack your bags I’m going to start killing people” days.  He also has a full beard now, further distinguishing him from Buck Angel.  I’m glad to see he has a good sense of humor.  Now someone needs to get Buck Angel to sign or pose with a vintage pre-beard James Yeager pic.

Thanks Benjamin, this is going in the history books. haha


Yeager with a short preview interview this movie weapons coordinator / armorer/ weapons specialist:

Platoon!  Ya right?! This guy seems pretty badass (and he wears a no-date Rolex Submariner, so naturally thumbs up for that too).  I’m looking forward to the full Ammonation interview.

sad_keanuI have a long list of movie gripes that extend beyond the couple he mentioned.  People are going wild in the video comments outlining those others, and even pointing out errors in movies Rock worked on. :P

Keanu Reeves sounds like a good guy for sure.  That “buying the stunt guys Harleys + jacket & helmet + insurance for many years” move IS classy.  Good for him for not being a stuck up douchebag.

You can check out Rock’s IMDB page for the list of movies he has been involved in.



This goes exactly as expected:

homer-jump-sharkHonestly like I’ve said before.. “Do you Costa”.   That shit was lame as hell though, and a shark jump of the highest order.  Get those paychecks though.  At least we got some laughs out of it.  Costa obviously doesn’t give a shit either… still has his sense of humor and self-confidence and is no worse for wear, so whatever it’s a win win.

5:31 – Sup girl? … damn there’s that ENDO thirst again, sorry guys.

10:38 – Panerai watch flex?  Japan MONaaaaaaY!  I really like the simplicity of the base model. His looks like a Luminor Marina from what I can see.




James-Yeager-Quite-Formidable-ArmyNow he’s just making shit up.  Sure, a couple people have probably said the “longer sight radius makes the gun more accurate”… but I’m sure they don’t actually believe it somehow makes the gun itself better through magic.  They just don’t realize what they are saying… and mean that it’s easier to BE accurate with the gun if you have a longer sight radius.

What’s next?  Black colored guns shoot better than white colored guns due to the amount of light absorbed v.s. reflected?  GTFO.



Carry “system” *snicker*:

James-Yeager-Angel-Approved*puts out video saying how calling the AR-15 a weapons system sickens him… does video with Galco and lets it slide without so much as even a comment*.  Weak.

I realize this was advertising… but a 7 minute video on Galco was pretty much a waste of time over reading a list with like 6 points on it.



Yeager is back shittin on stuff:

James-Yeager-Quite-Formidable-ArmyI don’t have much experience with revolvers but it sounds like the points he made were valid. *shrug*

Did he get that XXX-Smedium shirt design body painted on by someone at Tactical Response, or do they call a person in to do that?

All guns should be Glocks all Glocks should be 9mm?