Wow.  Appendix carry New York reload huh?  Sure why not:

I’m still convinced that a “MaRkeTinG sTrAtEgy” some of these companies have, is to dream up the absolute most bizarre shit possible, then create it under the guise of being serious in order to get posted all over and drive other business to them.  I fall for it every time 😆.

If you want this monstrosity, it’s $115 on the NSR Tactical website.

Gat tip: Matthew


Damn, this is creepy:

“Family fire”… I see what you did there.  Holy they did a nice job on their fancy website, I’ll say that.

The website advocates safe storage and education, however they also advocate storing your ammo and gun separately.  They also have a lot of “facts” in their campaign tool kit which I’m not 100% sure are accurate and not meant to mislead. I find it hard to believe that guns are the #2 cause of death among children. Why don’t these places cite the actual source? Also, why are they lumping injured in with killed? Seems like an effort to inflate the issue. If you pulled a stat of all kids that were “injured or killed” by vehicles, swimming pools, knives etc… the number would be incredibly massive due to the “injury” part of it.

I don’t know the back story of this organization (anti-gun? sort of pro-gun? I lose track of all these “safety” efforts), but part of their message seems to be OK. It’s like that will all these places though. They basically advocate for some of the same things us pro-gun people stand for, but then the end result is “ya basically you should have your ammo in one safe, and your gun in the other, and let your family doctor set the code and only let you get the codes on request once your deemed in a good mental state and absolutely in need of the gun for a valid self defense or recreational reason.” Cool story bro. Make sure you tell the guy breaking into your home RIGHT NOW that.



This guy is a character:

1:13 – HE RAISES MOTHS?  I’m not a fan of moths.  I don’t get freaked out by them, but I just don’t like them.  My girlfriend, mom, and sister absolutely lose their minds if a moth gets in mix.  It’s entertaining.

Lasers are so damn cool.  If I had a workshop and more time, I’d definitely like to build some cool laser stuff like this guy.

6:17 – It’s illegal to sell these laser guns?  Something FDA related I guess :(  Sounds like a sweet untapped market if he could get into it.  Companies seem to be able to sell the lasers no problem, I don’t know why selling them assembled in a nice little package would be illegal.

8:12 – Yaassssssss sick Las-AR.  That beam is hella THICC.

The kid goes by Styropyro on YouTube if you’re looking to watch his vids.

Do you guys hate Motherboard too since it’s under the VICE umbrella?  Or just VICE itself?  Holy I’ve had to watch 3 ads so far in the video… that’s annoying.


I’ve always said CarBYNE, but I also apparently say a ton of other things wrong:

haha this video is just under 12 minutes.  Taofledermaus doing the lord’s work.

If you pronounce Carbine “CarBEAN” then I’m sorry but you have to pronounce the following words the same way:

Combine = ComBEAN
Turbine = TurBEAN
Columbine = ColumBEAN
Concubine = ConcuBEAN

Gotta throw the hard “BEAN” at the end of all those words to keep consistency.  I don’t make the rules, but that’s just the way it is.



We knew this was going to happen… still sad tho.

No mention of the mass deletion on his fake-woke shitpost blog “ThE GuNfiGhTeR’s ThiNk TanK”.  The title of the only video that remains (embedded above): “Film Choreography Directors Cut”.  Naturally there s a lot of bad advice in this (take headshots etc..).  Oh and contrary to his usual “I DON’T USE BLUE GUNS” mantra, he’s using fake guns (SIRT laser) in this.  So off brand bro, ugh… like do you even train like you fight?  Apparently not  🙄🙄🙄.

7:23 – Man man’s rocking the drop leg like a tru operator.  Respect…. oh wait at 9:11 you can see he’s rocking TWO drop leg holsters.  I just lost my damn mind.

Thoughts?  I’m hoping he just temporarily hid his videos.  If not, I’m sure some of you have them all saved for posterity.  I know I have a few in the old VODA folder to get me through times like this.


Kicks knowledge then greases some things up:

Good stuff.  I just love the look of that gun… so utilitarian.  Nowadays we have to throw rails and useless beauty enhancements on everything.  This grease gun looks like a big pipe connected to a small pipe with some squares coming off of it.  Real talk.  Way before prettyboy Solidworks was around.

1:08 – “a deadass reliable magazine”  LOL deadass… Larry is from NYC?  That’s some slang right there.  There were some good deadass NY memes going around a while back.

Good slow motion in this video as usual.  Larry is the SLOMO GOAT.

3:24 – Hold up, is that a green bezel submariner?  I need to keep a list of Larrys watch flexes better.  I think this makes three rolexes (a black submariner, a pepsi GMT, and this green submariner) I’ve seen him wear.  Glad to see him thriving and staying slim.  Get that money Larry.

Maybe this grease gun is from Larry’s personal collection?  Or a buddy’s collection?  He “turned off” some stuff with it in the past.