How To Get Shot In The Crotch – The Pistol Disarm

I wonder how many people get shot every year attempting something this stupid:

LOL the attackers gun might be booby trapped?

Note to self: Pack the slide, and rack the action if I decide I want to used the gun against the attacker.

I really wish they would start using airsoft guns (at the very least) to show how the attacker is likely going to be able to get multiple shots off, and not just easily have the gun twisted from his hand.



Josh October 8, 2010 at 03:58 pm

Looks to me like (as he shows it in slow motion) the action of rotating the pistol like that is almost certainly to cause his finger to pull the trigger, whether the gunman means to or not! Looks like he’s likely to get shot in the leg or the foot. Shouldn’t a Taekwondo instructor be showing people how to chop boards in half with their hands or something, not dealing with stuff like this?


Marcus October 8, 2010 at 04:45 pm

That is the first thing I thought. If the man’s finger was on the trigger, he would be twisting the pistol into his trigger finger.

Breaking boards and bricks is a cheap parlor trick. Turn the boards so the grain goes a different way, or take the spacers out, and all that results is an injured hand.

It amazes me how a dark belt with some golden embroidery can make both the wearer and the observers more confident of the wearer’s ability. Take the belt away, take the video out of context, and he looks just like any other idiot.

The problem is, sometimes some people take assholes like this seriously, and end up getting hurt or killed.

While eugenics and social Darwinism (to be GREATLY distinguished from modern evolutionary synthesis) are bullshit, things like this sometimes make you wonder. But not too much.

Be skeptical.


Paladin October 8, 2010 at 04:23 pm

No..No…NO….., Master Jeff. You have to dodge the bullets coming out in slow motion while running up the wall and looping around your attacker to get behind him. How am I suppose to respect your video-fu if there’s not those cool vapor trails from the slow motion bullets as they zoom harmlessly through the air?

That, and you should be wearing a long leather trench coat like Neo.


El Duderino October 8, 2010 at 04:47 pm

Does Rex of Rex Kwon Do fame know about this?

brb need to go buy some Old Glory Zubaz…


Caleb October 8, 2010 at 05:11 pm

I just facepalmed myself right out of my chair.


Fiftycal October 8, 2010 at 06:22 pm

Since I’m over 3 feet tall, why would I be aiming at his dick? Why would I aim an uncocked 1911 at a do-bad? Why would I get within 2 feet of a do-bad? Why would I have only 1 hand on the weapon? If the idiot were faced with a gangsta holding his gun gangsta style sideways, what is the oing to do? This guy better not consider a life of crime. He wouldn’t last long.


Josh October 8, 2010 at 06:26 pm

That’s easy. You’d do it because the “expert” martial artist said, “come do this, so I can demonstrate my superior self defense skills.”


Newman October 9, 2010 at 10:49 am

Kind of reminds me of a blond Steven Seagal only not so well choreographed. If for some reason I came face to face with a super cool martial artsy kind of guy I wouldn’t extend my arm and point it at his crotch. I would draw and shoot from the hip never placing the firearm within reach. Or I might shoot him in the face gangsta style so his little grab disarm move wouldn’t work.


Cameron October 9, 2010 at 11:48 am

Think that’s bad? Go look at his other videos for pistol disarming. Each one involves situations where you’d be dead before anything could happen.

In his “Pistol aimed at the face” clip, he does a disarm with the same problem as the one at the groin: the trigger finger is forced to tense up, and in the pistol aimed at the face, it would clip him in the jaw. Also, he has a video of a gun pointed at the back, and that’s just as bad. By the time the average person would turn around, they’d be shot. And if they did complete the manoeuvrer, they would again force the trigger finger to tense up.

Coming from a man who’s first advice when confronted with a gun is not to comply, but to run, I think this guy has no idea what a gun can really do.


Paranoid in Montana October 10, 2010 at 09:44 pm

I used to do a bunch of martial arts stuff. We practiced gun and knife disarms all the time. All of them were one hand on the gun. Now that I shoot more, I can’t imagine how any of them would work against a two handed pistol hold.


dustydog October 11, 2010 at 02:51 pm

The best part is that the poster tagged this “armed, attack, crotch, disarm, groin, pistol, robbery”.
I’m holding my breath waiting for my anti-crotch shot videos.


MasterJeff October 13, 2010 at 01:40 pm

Hello Gentlemen, this is Master Jeff.

I’m not sure why only one of you thought to contact me directly (and thank you for contacting me so I could defend myself). I am not hiding behind anonymity. My website is on the video. My address is on the website, as are my hours of operation (see “schedule” link). I invite any and/or all of you to visit. Bring an Air Soft pistol you don’t mind being destroyed. I actually HAVE done all the moves on the videos using Air Soft pistols. I’m betting none of you has. Anyway, they’re only good for one or two disarms, so you might want to bring several. I have a camera here and it will be running, but you may also bring your own. Regardless of what happens, I think we’ll all have some interesting footage to study and publish on our websites. If you can debunk any of the claims I make, I’ll reimburse you for your air travel. If not, then you pay your own. Either way, we’ll all learn something. Also, in the spirit of honest, objective combat training, I’ll also agree to serve dinner to everyone who participates. I’ll also put you up in my own house, where concealed carry is definitely allowed. We can debate combat tactics while we grill out or something.

Just be sure you understand:

* I said “Pack the slide?”… crap. You already got me on that one. I just misspoke. I had one shot at making each video, no editing, no review. Serves me right for agreeing to those conditions.

* You’ll have an inherent advantage because you’ll know I’m going to try something. A gang banger would not expect that, or at least he wouldn’t think it was likely in most cases. I’m fine with your having that advantage. The deal still stands.

* I never claimed to be able to disarm someone standing 10 feet away, so don’t waste your time on that point. We already agree. That’s the reason my assistant stands so close, Josh and FiftyCal – it would be foolish to demonstrate the impossible, so I don’t. Gun disarms are only useful at certain ranges, just like pistols are only useful at certain ranges – and assault rifles and tanks and long range missles. Combat can start or end up anywhere, so I think it’s good to be prepared for as many scenarios as you can.

* If you shoot me in the crotch or face as I’m going for my wallet or meeting your demands, you lose. That’s because you will have debunked your own advice to “comply” and will have supported my advice that the best bet is to run for it. If the bad guy’s going to shoot anyway, I think we can all agree that he’s more likely to miss a moving target. If he’s NOT going to shoot anyway, then why not run? I will concede that I should have said “give them what they want (unless it’s rape) and THEN run for it.” I did say, however (paraphrased), “do this only if you have no other choice.”

* I won’t play unless we’re all wearing safety goggles. That’s because if I take your weapon, I will be shooting back at you without hesitation – even if your gun is “booby trapped”. I’ll take my chances. Your best bet will be to increase distance or try to get your weapon back from me. Regardless, you’ll support my advice to run for it – or try for a disarm if you have no other choice. You will debunk your own “comply” advice.

* Posted on this site is a picture of a staple gun made into a .22 Have any of you toured a police station and seen the zip guns and modified pieces of crap that gang-bangers sometimes use? If “booby trap” is not the best term, somebody suggest a better one and I’ll replace it next time.

* I demonstrated with the “bad guy” using a one-handed grip because, again, I wanted to demonstrate what is possible – or at least MOST possible. In the spirit of education and friendly competition, I’ll let you choose any grip you like – gang banger, two handed, whatever – as long as the pistol is within reach. Most bad guys are not going to be in a Weaver stance telling you to get on the ground with your hands behind your head. That would be a cop or one of you guys – or me. Still, I’ll give you whatever grip you like as long as it’s within the range I’m addressing in the videos.

* I carry, and I shoot about 1000 rounds per month. I do understand what a gun can do and how useful it is to have on you. My only point in making these videos was to offer some ideas on what you could do if you’re caught without your weapon – like if you’re hit in the back of the head and your gun taken from you. Or if you’re stepping out of the shower. Or if you’re on public school property where concealed carry is a felony. Or if the guy got the drop on you and you couldn’t get to your own gun fast enough. I’m curious: What WOULD you guys do if you knew you were about to be shot point blank?

* I know a boy who was shot in the crotch. Gang bangers do that, you know. The shooter was much taller than 3 feet, FiftyCal.

* Someone trying these disarms without extensive training is like buying a gun for protection having never fired it. Inevitably, people will do that sort of thing. I never recommended that on the videos. Although my heart goes out to them, when they end up dead it will at least strengthen the gene pool.

What I’m proposing, gentlemen, is action – put up or shut up for everyone including me – instead of more anonymous pie-hole flapping. With the most sincere intentions of good combat education for all of us, please consider yourselves “Called Out.”

Master Jeff Wade


MasterJeff October 19, 2010 at 03:34 pm

Today, October 19, 2010, I heard a piece on the news on CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO (go vote!). A man walked into a Subway waving a gun, hopped over the counter, took the money from the register and then was directing the employees to the back, ostensibly to “get into the safe.” The employees got the distinct feeling they were about to be executed, so one of them went for the gun and, after a struggle, managed to wrestle it out of his hand. The guy tried to escape, but the employees managed to contain him until the cops got there “with minimal injuries.”

The employees were not carrying, perhaps because Subway will not allow it, perhaps because they’re not 21 yet, perhaps because they just don’t want to carry. Also, maybe they were wrong about the robber’s intent to kill them, but in my humble opinion, instinct is usually correct about assessing human intent. Whatever the case, a disarm became the only tactical choice, at least according to them. Understanding the leverage behind disarming a firearm would have been an edge, decreasing the necessity of a “struggle” or “wrestling” with the firearm.

Maybe you think my videos suck, and I’m fine with folks having opposing opinions. If that’s the case, I’d say at least give the techniques a try, then find some others if you don’t like mine. But surely we can agree that knowledge is never a bad thing. Better to learn a disarm or two and practice them a little – then not need them, than to one day need the knowledge and have to do your best struggling or, if you will, “shooting from the hip.” Ok, that was an obviously bad pun. Forgive me.

God bless and stay safe.


PS: Go vote! Vote Conservative!

Or, if you’re a liberal, vote Democrat… then go check yourself into a mental institution!


Matt October 25, 2010 at 12:54 pm

Did they take your super duper spec ops training? How did they survive without your infinate wisdom, oh Master Jeff?


MasterJeff October 25, 2010 at 02:35 pm

Hey Matt. Are you serious? I mean, I can’t tell from just typed words. You may just be breaking my balls, in which case my response is “YOU GOT ME! Yeah, those sons of dogs SHOULD have taken my super duper spec ops training, then they may have survived… oh wait a minute, they DID survive…. Hmmm. How’d they do that?”

But seriously though, in case you are serious… or sarcastically serious, whatever that means.

My neighbor shot a man dead in her place of business. She’d never been to the gun range, first time she’s fired the weapon. Does that mean the gun range is useless? Or knowing your weapon is useless?

I never claimed to be wise, but thank you very much for the compliment. Really, I am not though. Just ask anybody at Fox’s, the bar in which we hang out after martial arts classes. I have the number for taxi service tatooed on my eyelids. Definitely not wise.

Also, I never entitled any program I teach “Super Duper Spec Ops Training.” But I’ll consider your idea….

Ok I’ve considered it. Nah, I think I’ll just stick with “How To Get Shot In The Crotch.” That attracts more hits.

I do, however, think I’ll start referring to myself as “Oh” Master Jeff. Has a nice ring to it. “OMJ.” Yeah…

Seriously though, I’m just a regular guy who loves guns and martial arts, trying to spread around a little knowledge. I acknowledged lobbing somewhat of a terd with the video, and I hereby acknowledge it again. So it goes. I try not to take myself too seriously – that way I continue to learn – as I have on this blog. Knowledge is everywhere, even if it comes with horse crap – even if it is encased in horse crap. Sometimes you have to dig a little for it. Ok, sometimes you have to dig DEEP for it. In horse crap.

There I said it.

So start digging, or throw it out with the horse crap. I’m good either way.

I welcome you in my house and on my mat if you want to come down to Miami and play a little Air Soft tag. It really is fun – and a little disillusioning when you see how often you get shot when someone is actually shooting back. I’ve “died” enough to know I never want to be faced with mortal combat of any kind.

Have a great day and God bless.

mj… I mean “OMJ.”

PS: There is no “a” in “Infinite.” Not claiming to be wise, just using spell check.



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