Bolt Action Rifle Door Lock


Serious bathroom business calls for serious privacy.

Hat tip: Anders R


8 responses to “Bolt Action Rifle Door Lock”

  1. PFULMTL Avatar

    haha, that shit is hilarious

  2. niceee

  3. Bima86 Avatar

    ok.. I’m doing this to my doors :D *nice*

  4. Robert Sherrill’s book “The Saturday Night Special” talks about “zip” guns that took .22 rimfire cartridges. They were fired by slamming home a door bolt very much like that one.

  5. This only makes me think of one thing: Why hasn’t someone made a rifle bolt-action into a door lock?

  6. @ Jake
    The door bolt wouldn’t be able to withstand even 1 bullet firing – the gases would screw up the bolt, and typical door bolts only retract about 1 cm, rifle bolts have to be pulled back at least 3 cm.

  7. Ed,
    Please read Jakes post again….


    I plan to steal your idea. Brilliant(unlike my grammar)!!!1

    Thank you kindly,
    -Roberto Conchito Salazar Ramirez.

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      DO IT! Patent it and market it so i can buy one allready lol.