Connotations Of The Word Assault In The Term Assault Rifle

MrColionNoir schools weak ass politicians and the bullshit mainstream media:

hahah President Obama as the “Gang Banger of the United States”… that was gold. Well played.

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Anthracis January 29, 2013 at 02:48 am

Very true CN. But as long as we the people keep voting these fuckheads into office, they feel they represent our best interests. And not enough educated, well read people hell bent on protecting their/our constitutional rights let these elected officials know that they are not representing us or our best interests…only their political agendas.

The lame ducks…all they’re worried about is their so called “legacy.” Fuck your legacy.

I would love to see someone do a video on WWPD? What would a politician do? Lol where a politician is sitting in a theater and….lets see what weapon they pull out to defend themselves with. I bet they would wish there was a legally armed citizen in the audience that night. They’re the biggest hypocrites or the dumbest idiots around. I don’t get these ppl.

How can you willingly give up your constitutional rights? Screw hunting and sporting. I love my country…but I fear my government! Doesn’t mean I’m a nut job. I’m well educated and have served in the military over 22 years and counting.

Be an intelligent free thinker. Think for yourself. Don’t allow these overpaid circus elephants feed themselves your nuts!

Keep America free! Keep our constitution sound!


Spencer Wade January 29, 2013 at 10:49 pm

the ladies always tell me I have a assault COCK!!! lol



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