Chris Kyle – American Gun Book (Bonus Giveaway Results)

In reference to the 3 bonus books I put up for grabs


Here are the 3 randomly chosen winners and their favorite derp post:


I thought this guys video was hilarious. It was really put together like an infomercial. SHAMWOW


I can’t believe I’m the guy to post this one, seriously. This is THE DERP of all DERPS. (I wish the vid was still up)

you know it’s bad when the guy pulls his own video over all the ENDO flack he got. And this was the follow up to the first post…


My favorite derp is

partially because i tipped it to endo, and partially because its hilarious how much it has failed with the horrible reviews, tons of fake entries (police departments, the white house, the list goes on) this app was trolled hard as it derserved.

I want this book!

Winners will be contacted via email.

Thanks for participating everyone!  More giveaways coming soon.



7 responses to “Chris Kyle – American Gun Book (Bonus Giveaway Results)”

  1. bandroidx Avatar

    Holy Shit! I never win anything!

    Thanks endo!

    1. bandroidx Avatar

      Email Replied To.

      1. bandroidx Avatar

        ENDO Mike, if you got a sec, let me know you got my email, I wouldnt want to lose out on my book to a re-drawing if the mail got deleted as spam! Thanks again!

  2. I bought the book anyway! :)

  3. Damn! Good job HouHef45, enjoy the read.

  4. bandroidx Avatar

    Already got my book! Damn that was fast, thanks Endo, so far its amazing!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      You’re welcome! Glad you like it.