Tinfoil Glock Trollture Test

hahah Mattv2099 doing his thang:

Mattv2099-ENDOThis vid is crucial.  Matt knows that the NSA can’t get signals from the Glock’s internal GPS and round count transmitter if he does this.  Gotta stay woke.  The transmitter thing was a joke, cool it.  I know that Glock people follow this blog and I don’t want to start any rumors.  Shit would be on the cover of the New York Times Monday morning, citing me as the source.  I’d get a request for a photo and I’d just send them a pic of me with a Mattv2099-esque tinfoil hat, sitting in my underwear pouring cheetos into my mouth out of the Glock’s magwell.  There would be a whole scandal after that where they’d have to redact the story (like they have to do often) and they would look like idiots.




Thatguyfromthattime April 12, 2015 at 02:22 am

Hey MattV cool to see you in the classic spot, love that spot. I was up that way the other day and there was totally a stater patrolin’ looking for people who didn’t have their “play pass” or what ever. Not a game warden a state cop like is normally by the side of the freeway. So they make us get a pass so they can supposedly fund those crap gravel roads that people like us keep clear anyway, then they send a stater up there to patrol it? I really hope they were really like on a drug bust or something cool; as opposed to wasting that officers day, and using the money from like 1000 passes to pay for him to be up there. I mean nice day for him and all. Any way not sure why I’m ranting about this on ENDO. Stay frosty!

P.S. Still rockin the earpro you signed, thanks for that, super cool.


Mattv2099 April 12, 2015 at 10:11 pm

maybe he watches my vids! that’ why he was up there! lol. good to hear from u dood. I conducting operations south east approximately 50 miles today. SNOWED OUT. holy shit.


Thatguyfromthattime April 13, 2015 at 05:18 pm

WAT! No, but it was super cold. Tried to get out and shoot some shit, but i pussed out and just did a little pistol work.


overkill556x45 April 12, 2015 at 03:24 pm

That looks like how most Gen 4 9mm Glocks eject.



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