The Gun Collective

A new YouTube firearm industry news-type channel from a familiar face:

Yes that’s the boy Jon Patton A.K.A. Chaos311Clarity. He’s going to be putting all his effort into TheGunCollective now, and it looks promising so click the link and subscribe if it interests you.

You guys know my attention span calls for this type of quick news in video format, so I’m fully on board. A strong first two episodes:

Jon-Patton-Gun-CollectiveGood stuff. Strong production value right out of the gate.. that’s always a plus. Sure there’s some obvious sponsorship / ads, but you gotta pay the bills somehow. You know damn well I’m going to sweet talk Jon to try and get ENDO Apparel on the show sooner or later! :P

I have to say, If I could make one change or improvement it would be that he needs a flirty hot tacti-girl co-host ASAP. Agree? Any thoughts?



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