Leet Haxors Hack The Tracking Point Rifle


Well I don’t know if they are exactly “Leet Haxors” but they are definitely hackers.

You can read the full article on Wired.

leet-haxorAs a company, Tracking Point dropped the mic and quit accepting new orders in May.  There are obviously rifles out there right now which could be targeted by this hack, and are almost definitely not going to see software updates from Tracking Point to patch this.  I imagine due to their relative rarity, it’s not a huge concern unless Law Enforcement or the military are using them somewhere.  It’s interesting though to note that it looks like business as usual on the Tracking Point site currently *shrug*.

I think a funny additional hack would be to flash goatse on the screen for a split second every time the red button or trigger was pressed.  Then you’d be like “Whaaaa?  Oh nm.. must be my imagination, I think I’m losing it.” haha

I still think the idea of Tracking Point is really damn cool.  Sure it turns shooting into an expensive video game rather than one of skill… but it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun just to fool around with to see how far firearms have come.  There’s something comforting about knowing your Mosin Nagant will never be subject to a goatse hack though right?  After the infamous AimPoint CompM4 lemonparty hack scare of 2010, one can’t be too cautious.

Oh and just to put it out there… this hack now officially ruins my plans of ever doing this with a pack of cigarettes (joking :P):


Gat tip: David




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